Saturday, February 29, 2020

Liam 10 Month Update

I took his pictures late and then I took his stats even later. Poor third kid. At least I still do it, I guess. I actually took photos on February 15 and then again on February 17. I only did a 2nd time because Miles was sad he missed them the first time. But then I also forgot to do the blanket the first time too. Dave is only in pictures because Ella begged him to.

  • Weight: 21 lb 3 oz - 66th percentile
  • Height: 31.5" - 99.8th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 45.8 cm - 61st percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 15%
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Clothing: 12 -18 month clothing. 
  • Shoe Size: I haven't tried shoes on him in awhile but maybe still size 5
  • Teeth: 6
(stats using WHO)

Sleep is less awful. He will sleep 3-4 hours at night for his firth stretch. Sometimes I have issues getting him in the crib and other times I just fall asleep.  Lately I'm sleeping holding him half the time. There are times he also is awake 1-2 hours.  I was unsuccessful getting him into the crib for a nap for awhile then I'd get him in 1 or 2 in a week.

Liam nurses before and after naps, in the morning, before bed, and many times throughout the night. He will eat 2-3 times in the high chair everyday.  I wish I had more things to feed him. He's actually pretty picky with his food.

Sample Schedule:
It's still insane to have a sample schedule.  He nurses every time before he falls asleep and when he wakes up unless we are out. He will have food when I eat lunch and when I eat dinner.  He maybe takes 2 naps a day but only one is a decent nap.

He starts bedtime near 7:30 and wakes up 3-6 times in a night. He wakes up near 7 am for good.  He will nap after we drop Miles off at school or after an errand. But sometimes he's miserable wanting a nap before we even leave and sometimes he doesn't start until 11am.  Sometimes I take 90 min to get him to nap.  He will nap 45-90 min.  Then he nurses, eats lunch, gets Ella, plays, and then nurses to nap again. He will nap about 90 minutes if I get him to sleep. Then we play and get kids and eat dinner and stuff. That brings us to bedtime.

Special Moments:
On January 19, Liam woke up at 2:30 AM and was so upset on his belly in the crib. The baby monitor didn’t work.
On January 21 at 3:39 AM, Liam was awake at least 2.5 hours. I was so tired.
On January 24 at 1:16 AM, Miles woke coughing and came in and woke Liam. That started the being away for a long time.
On January 25, Liam was crawling a little.
On January 26, I noticed Liam had a 4th tooth. His second on bottom definitely came up.  It was probably a couple days but I hadn't looked to notice. At 11:23 PM, Liam cried and put himself back to sleep!
On January 27, Liam is crawling a bit. Liam's first time in his new car seat.
On January 28, Liam got his 5th tooth. Upper right.  Liam learned to open drawers.
On February 1, Liam got another top tooth. So 4 top and 2 bottom.
On February 2, Liam crawled for real.
On February 4 at 11:51 PM, Liam just would't stop crying after he woke up. He was not having a good time.
On February 8, Liam became quite the crawler. He is still slow, but gets anywhere.
On February 12, Liam dropped something and said "uh oh."
On February 14 at 2:13 AM, there is so much crying and thrashing.   Liam is asleep but not.  Nothing works.  Patting. Or works for 2 minutes and then doesn’t.  It was a rough night. 

Liam can play for awhile. He gets around. He crawls to what he wants to. He pulls himself up to kneeling a lot. But kneeling seems to be as high as he needs. Maybe if he was shorter he'd pull himself up to standing. Liam gives high five more consistently but still doesn't do it all the time that he's prompted. He figured out how to put his hand in the snack cup to get out the snacks. He is good at tilting up the sippy cup to give himself water but only with the sippy cup with the handles. He can sometimes drink from a straw but only with some lessons immediately before.

He has said a few words here or there that we have understood. Hi, yeah, Ella, Dada, Mama he has said a bit. He will babble as a response. He will seem to babble on cue but I have no idea what he's trying to say.

Other Tidbits:
He loves to take a bath.
He likes to smile and watch other people. 
He likes to meet new people and will try to lean with open arms to get them to hold him. 
He likes to swing.
He likes it when people make him laugh.
He likes to touch and feel Daddy's hair.
He likes to eat butternut squash soup.
He likes to sit on the floor and play.
He likes his cube activity thing.
He likes to grab for wipes and medicine bottles.
He likes to take kleenexes and rip them apart.
He likes to crawl down the hall and take shoes off the shoe rack.
He likes to crawl and get to Poly's food and dump it out.
He likes to grab the door stopper things and pull off the white part and put it in his mouth.
He likes when Daddy gets home from work and greets him.

He especially doesn't like to nurse if I'm talking.
He doesn't like to be put in his car seat if he wants to go to sleep.
He doesn't want to be held by anyone but me if he's tired. You also better not put him down.
He doesn't like to nurse with distractions (a distraction is a lamp on the nightstand or a fan on the nightstand aka anything is a distraction)
He doesn't like to nap besides in his crib or on me.
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 8 hours 35 minutes
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 15  These are a little deceiving because they are actually worse. If he was asleep on me sometimes I'd nurse in the middle and not really mark that he woke up.
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 9
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 1
Diapers used (from February 1-17): 5 per day
Time spent nursing (from February 1-17): 5 hours 19 minutes per day
Time spent sleeping (from February 1-17): 13 hours 6 minutes per day
Doctor Visits: 1 (9 month doctor visit)
Illnesses: 0

Favorite Toys
Toy house
Cube activity thing
Just random toys he can grab and hold
Things that are not toys!
hair brush
ipod music thing

Favorite Songs
This is the song that doesn't end

Favorite Books
none yet (He's liked books but doesn't seem to have a favorite)
Liam was not happy

Other Tidbits
He is on 2 naps a day but will miss a nap here or there. Just guessing I'd say he sleeps 2-4 hours a day in his crib and the rest is on me. He drools so much. I didn't know babies could soak and go through so many bibs. I thought I had so many but when you soak 3+ a day, you go through them quickly.
My Recovery
My back got worse as the month went on. I started to get leg numbness too. I gained the weight back I lost when I had the flu. Besides the flu, I've been this weight for months. 

Sleep (1.28.20)

It must really suck being the youngest and having siblings that have places to be. I am always having to wake up Liam. I hate when I go in and opening the door doesn't even wake him. Then I feel so bad for having to wake him up.  I have tried to get him out of the sleep sack and into the car still asleep but once we are in the hallway he is awake. This photo was when I had to wake him to go to gymnastics. But I have this type of thing happen at least once a week but sometimes a half dozen times!

Photo Taken January 28, 2020.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Friends Hugging (1.27.20)

When I went to pick up Miles from school, I had Ella with me. Felix was so excited to see her. He ran over and she picked him up and they hugged.  I didn't have my phone out then. This was 2 hugs later.  Felix's older sister used to do similar things with Miles.  These kids have so much fun together.

Photo Taken January 27, 2020.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Baby Sprinkle (10.16.19)

We had a baby sprinkle for a mom in our mom group. Another mom there was past due. I took this picture with them and it sure made me look thinner. Ha.  Erika was about a week past due and Farah was due in about 2 weeks.

Photo Taken October 16, 2019.
Three babies were in attendance. Liam was the youngest. The oldest, Paul, was 13 months old. (Liam was 6 months old and Richard was a couple weeks older than Liam.)
I coordinated the sprinkle. It was super hard to pick a date and then we figured it out with the time we had.  We were going to have it at a restaurant but then Gayle offered to host it at her house. It was easier with the babies. It was a super nice low key sprinkle.
Richard likes to plank and Liam likes to watch him.

We took some group pictures. Liam would not take his eyes of Erika. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Toy (1.29.20)

When Miles was little, he had this toy at my parents house. It vibrates when you push it. He would put it on his cheek when it was vibrating. My parents got the same toy for Liam. Here Miles is showing Liam how to put it on his face.

Photo Taken January 29, 2020. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Target (9.2.19)

Liam was not happy in his stroller. Miles tried to cheer him up for a bit.  Miles tries to be such a good big brother.

Photo Taken September 2, 2019

Saturday, February 22, 2020

1 SE January 2020

I finally did the 1 Second Everyday for January.  I was sick in the middle so didn't have a lot of good videos or pictures.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Gymnastics 2-18-20

Ella had off school and since Miles is in class by himself, they let her join.  Miles was a little wilder than normal. Ella was so excited, she'd go through all the stations so fast and catch up to Miles again. I think they did way more gymnastics than he normally does.  I didn't take a lot of pics or videos but compiled some. I put Liam in a stroller so I didn't have to carry him in and it was so much nicer to contain him. He loves to watch gymnastics class.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Happy Liam (9.4.19)

Sometimes, but rarely, Liam is happy in his stroller.

Photo Taken September 4, 2019

Playdate (1.10.20)

Emma came over for a play date. Sometimes Ella doesn't feel like walking and sits on the front of the stroller. It's difficult to push. Then she had Emma sit on her lap. It was really hard to push.  Liam is such a trooper. She has learned to make sure his legs are up before she sits down.

Photo Taken January 10, 2020.
Emma and Ella made hair bows.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Cooking (10.13.19)

We made the Raddish Kids chili. They enjoyed making it but not eating it. Oh it appears I already did a post about this.
Photo Taken October 13, 2019.

Afghan Cape (1.17.20)

Dave got hit with the flu so even though I was still sick, I walked Ella to school.  Miles also joined us. We could not find his hoodie so he wore an afghan. He could have stayed home but he likes to go.

Photo Taken January 17, 2020.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Exersaucer (10.16.19)

Liam likes the exersaucer. Miles and Ella did too. I bought this one used so I have one upstairs and downstairs. Here I tried to use portrait mode on my phone. I swear I hate all the portrait mode pictures I take. They never have the clarity I want. But still you can tell Liam is cute. 

Photo Taken October 16, 2019.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Pancakes 1.20 and 1.21.20

Miles loves making pancakes. I'm not sure if it's just one of his favorite foods or just one of the foods he knows he can ask and we can quickly make using the mix. 

Photo Taken January 20, 2020.
I let him do more and more each time. But as you can see the pancakes aren't perfectly round. We don't care.  He loves it.

Photo Taken January 20, 2020.

Would you look at that. We made pancakes again.  But now Miles decided to lick the batter off the counter. He spilt some and this was his way of cleaning it up.

Photo Taken January 21, 2020.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Taco Sadness 1.9.20

I bought the Taco kit from Costco. It's delicious. I know the lid never stays on good so I tried to pack it in the laundry basket.  Well when I opened the back gate the laundry basket fell out as did other things. The blasket flipped over and my delicious taco kit became compost.

Photo Taken January 9, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Giant Lollipop (9.8.19)

We went to the mall to go to the candy store to get some giant lollipops.  We got 4 so Lottie and Liam got one too in addition to Ella and Miles.  They barely had any of their lollipops and then the cleaning ladies threw them out. They were fun while they lasted and I don't even think the kids noticed that they disappeared the next day.

Photo Taken September 8, 2019

Monday, February 10, 2020

Liam 1.21.20

I had a board meeting for preschool. Liam attends them with me. He took it to a new level by taking over my notebook, pen, and laptop. He's getting so big and isn't as disruptive because he's not dying to go to sleep or nurse the entire meeting.
This second picture without me is even better but I also wanted to show I was there so I had myself in frame in the first one. 

Photo Taken January 21, 2020. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

2020 Exercise Goals Progress (January)

Here's my goals so far. Even with having the flu for over a week, I'm doing pretty well.

For 2020, here are my exercise goals:
  1. Run 100 miles (with a reach goal of 200 miles)
    • January = 10.01 mi  (8.33-16.66/ mo goal)
  2. Run 52 times (With a reach goal of 100 times)
    • January = 9 runs (or 7 if to and from school count as 1) (4.3 - 8.33 x a month goal) 
  3. Complete 2 Beachbody programs
    • January = didn't start a program
  4. Exercise in some form 156 times (that's 3x/week) (Reach goal of 312)
    • January = 20 (on app)  (13 - 26 x month goal)  This is probably higher since sometimes I forget to use the app.
For inspiriting others, I plan to
  1. Run 6 free challenges
  2. Run 3 month long challenge groups
I didn't do anything for inspiring others in January.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Liam Eating (10.10.19)

Here I am just feeding Liam in the one baby food spoon that Miles used to love. Liam thought it was OK. He didn't love it as much as Miles. Miles loved that he could keep sucking and just keep getting food without taking breaks to get new spoonfuls of food.

Photo Taken October 10, 2019

Friday, February 7, 2020

Workouts with Miles (10.13.19)

Miles always wants to workout with me. He likes when I put on workout videos versus us just making up our own workout. He had to line up all his weights just like Joel did in the video. (He didn't have enough weights so he took mine too. He needed as many as Joel had.)

Photo Taken October 13, 2019

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Falloween Social 10.20.19

MVPA had their Falloween Social. This is the third or 4th one we've attended. The kids put the police man costume on Liam. It would fit Miles so it was quite big.

Photo Taken October 20, 2019

 At the end I tried to get a picture with all 3 kids. We did a few tries but they aren't the best.  You can see Miles didn't last in his costume either.

There were 5 families there. There were 2 Liams. But at their Spring one there were 3 Liams out of 11 kids! I have some group pictures but I forget if all the parents allow pictures of their kids online so I will just avoid posting any.

Would You Rather: Running Edition 2

In 2014 I made a post like this. Then I started a draft post to do a 2nd one. I never did that. I was just looking at my 152 draft posts and decided to see if I wanted to do any old ones.  I got these questions from Hungry Runner Girl.

1. Would you rather come across a snake or a rat while out for a run?
Rat. I have seen a rat and never seen a snake so I guess a snake is scarier.

2. Would you rather have to run for the next 6 months without a GPS watch or without your music?
I have never run with music so I'd go without music. If I don't run with my GPS did it even happen?!

3. Would you rather have the first half of your run be uphill or the second half of your run be uphill?
I'd rather run the first half uphill while I'm fresh.

4. Would you rather run your next 5 miler without shoes or without a sports bra?
This is horrible. I would never run ever without shoes. I don't even walk across my house without shoes. But I'm currently nursing and I couldn't run without a bra. But I would suck it up and run without a bra.

5. Would you rather explore a new area that you have never been to before for your next run or stick to your normal favorite running loop?
I run faster when I know the route so I'd rather stick to a favorite running loop.

7. Would you rather never have to stretch again after a run or never have to do core work again in order to stay injury free?
I'd rather never do core work again. It sucks.  I barely stretch but core work is more challenging and I notice lots of issues with lack of core strength.

8. Would you rather run with a blister on your foot or run with a side cramp?
These seem awful. I have run with a blister and have run with a side cramp. I guess if I had to go far I'd choose the side cramp.

9. Would you rather get a brand new pair of running shoes for free or get a brand new running outfit for free?
I would rather get shoes for free.

10. Would you rather do a huge race with spectators all along the course or do a small race without all of the extra stress of a big race?
I like small races. You don't have to get there as early. It doesn't waste as much time. It doesn't feel as stressful either. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Perler Beads (9.2.19)

Miles was working on his perler beads. He thought it was hard. He didn't even turn 3 yet and they are for like 5 year olds so I'm impressed. He doesn't try for a pattern or anything just tries to fill the shape.

Photo Taken September 2, 2019

100th Day of school (1.26.20)

Ella was working on her 100 days project homework so Miles was crafting too. 
January 28th was the 100th day of school but we did the project a few days early.

Photo Taken January 26, 2020.
Ella needed 100 of something for her 100th day of school project. She hot glued beads down.  She didn't just glue it to paper but glued the paper to cardboard so then it was enough to hold all the beads. 

I put Liam on the ground to help Ella and he got into the shelf. I guess I have to stop storing junk on them.