Thursday, April 30, 2009

i just got home. the earliest all week. i didn't go to the gym today so i have to exercise at home. i have way too much to do. today i think i spent about 8 hours in meetings and on the phone. maybe longer because the na-ygn meeting was at lunch. oh and i skipped a 2 hour meeting

i was told today that i can meet my deadline; i just can't sleep until may 6.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


ann taylor... i had a coupon that i forgot to use last time. 20% off. so i went tonight. the lady even remembered me from last time and remembered what i bought. was talking to me while i was checking out and i didn't pay attention to the total. even when i signed the thing on the screen i thought that it was probably wrong since i didn't pay attention and then i thought how i'm always pessimistic so it probably was ok. well i did not get the 20% off. i didn't get any discount. ugh.

Monday, April 27, 2009

today i jogged for 10 minutes
it really feels like an eternity. then you get so high and the amount left is liek nothing compared to what you ran and then it's easy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


i finished scoring all the letters of recommendation for the WIN scholarship. I just need to put them in the master file
then get to the rest of my stuff on my to do list
i have 4 of 9 done so far.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


today i changed out of my jeans and into shorts to finish mowing
then i went to put back on the jeans, and the belt was broken. it broken at the point of contact with the belt look directly above my butt. poor belt. now i need a new brown belt.
boy am i tired
timmy just left
it's too hot
i mowed the lawn today

Friday, April 24, 2009

i jogged on a treadmill today
i jogged for 8 min. well less since it takes a few seconds to set it up.
i went straight for 8 min
i impressed myself. i didn't think i was in enough shape and also didn't think my knee could handle it.
the first half mile i did in about 6:30.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

we went to mad mex tonight (7 of us) i about died from my nacho cheese being hot. but some people got "insane" for their buffalo wing level of hotness and they turned all red from those.

it's so late. i didn't get to exercise yet.
I have so much to do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my craft room is soo messy that it's not workable. my laptop is under a bunch of crap so I havne't used it in a few weeks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my allergies are so bad. i can't breathe. i could barely drive home. i was sneezing entirely too much.

update: Kelly's Wedding, Dresses

i danced to 1 song on because they forced all married couples. then about halfway through my knee did not like the pounding/movement in the heels i wore. so my knee hurt the rest of the night

dave was willing to stay at that wedding longer than any wedding it seems. i actually was the one that said to leave (at 10something) because i wanted to get home and ice my knee. but i got home and never iced it.

the mother of the bride was trying to get everyone to dance to this sq dance. i said i had knee surgery 2 months ago and she left me alone. i would be dead if i did that.

today is orthodox easter. we call it russian easter. to help with my super busyness. i canceled my one plans today with coworkers even though i've been waiting for the start of people to hang out outside of work.

so my dress was too big yesterday and i was mad. after i got home i tried on all my dresses. the one that fits (the only one that fits right) is from 10th grade. all the rest are way too big around the waist. i have a wedding to go to in a month so i may be wearing an old dress instead of the new one. unless i can talk my mom into altering a dress or 2 for me. she did comment that they'll fit later. i don't know how my waist got small since it was before i really started working out. i was just doing different knee exercises. i keep running out of time so i don't do them ALL and i'm not sure which exercise even helps make my waist small.
maybe i should buy a sewing machine myself. i sewed in 8th grade and then that summer, i sewed some of my own stuff. but i forget how to do stuff now since it's been so long

some creepy guy sat next to me at the wedding. we had 2 empty seats and this guy was a helper to the DJ. he kept talking and what he said was creepy. a coworker was also the photographer for the wedding. i wish i would have known him when we had ours because he's good and cheap (cheap because he doesn't advertise much or anything so he doesn't have those costs.

yesterday morning we also surprised my mom for her birthday. timmy came home for a week. then we went to lunch right at 11 to texas roadhouse.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

oh i ate 17 cookies at the wedding

and i normally exercise between an hour and 2 hours a day but today i only did 10 min on the bike and it's the slowest i ever pedaled.
i bought a dress 1.5 months ago
it's now too big
i wore it to the wedding tonight anyway

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some kid is walkin to the school bus from across the screet. he's wearing shorts.

we still haven't moved all the stuff from pb's office into his new office.

Monday, April 13, 2009

i spent an hour and 50 minutes at the gym today
i spent 2 hours at the beginning of work today not getting any work done because i was mad

now i stayed up too late
and i forgot to post that post earlier. and i forgot to finish typing it.

i spent 2 hours making a wedding card for a coworker from our entire group. i couldn't come up with a design that didn't suck.
the first card i made opened backwards. oops. i had to disassmble it and fix it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i just made 2 scrapbook pages of my different weight graphs.
with lots of journaling

not all graphs. only 5 of them.
1 of which is my monthly weight average starting December 2001 (some months only had 1 weight early on).

i had to print them small. i have some in a book so that one is under the other so i could print them bigger. i should take pictures. i cant think of anyone else who would ever scrapbook a weight graph.
i do know a few people who keep weight graphs.
we painted dave's office today
we'll put the 2nd coat on later tonight

i have to do a ton of stuff in between

Saturday, April 11, 2009


we just moved all the furniture out of our spare room
we're going to paint
then move dave's office into the room
and put the spare bedroom furniture into his office.
the lighting is better in the spare room.

i'm mad that his office didn't have a ceiling light though. now we need some form of a lamp in the spare room.

i still have to get junk out of the spare room closet.

my craft room is a death trap. i've been scrapbooking and it's awful.

Friday, April 10, 2009


i stayed up too late.
i'm still scrapbooking
i didn't even do that many pages tonight. i did sort through some pictures and look up certain dates.

previously i had said that typed journaling is better. but then it's so hard to print it all at the right size. so i have been hand writing all my journaling. so at least it's done.

i still have 2 scrapbooks that i gave dave for gifts and all the journaling in them isn't done... oops.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

weird dreams

i seem to have weird dreams every night

last night in my dream i went to the doctors as follow up to my 1 knee and then he sees my good knee and says i need surgery.

lots of stuff

today was a busy day at work.

i got invited to some training. 500 people in all of westinghouse (counting in europe) got invited. i have to go april 22 so now my dinner plans won't work.

we bought paint tonight to paint dave's office. i have a feeling that he wants to paint this weekend even though there is a lot of other stuff that should be done first.

i went to the gym today and only worked out for an hour and 20 min because i had to hurry. very few people were there because it's like a fake friday since no work tomorrow.

i have to do so much work this weekend.

i've been getting comments from numerous people (who aren't my manager) that i'm working too much.

yesterday i made the coolest graph ever. i'll upload it later when i'm on my laptop and then link it. timmy refuses to look at it.

i did tae bo yesterday. it was hard work. my knee couldn't keep up and some of the jumping things i wouldn't do. it's too much pounding.

i still have to do more cardio tonight since i had to cut my workout short.

i didn't like my chicken tacos at on the border. they were too blah. i asked for the spicy sauce on the side. that's probably why. i put some on but it wasn't the same. i would dip my fork into the sauce and then scoop rice though.
i was mad i asked for a side of queso and the side cup i got was less than half full and it cost me a buck.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sunday Dave and I built steps. I forgot to post about it. I don't want to change the date on the entry because you might not go down as far.
I'll have pictures posted soon and include a link.

We bought the wood a few weeks ago at Lowes. We didn't stain or seal the main wood. We talked to the people at the store and we have 5 years worth out of them w/o stain based on the finish on these premade things. we only need 1 year. we have 2 2x4s and we put stuff on them so the weather won't ruin them.

so we were doing such a good job. pb decides he'd like to call his dad and tell him. just as his dad answers, i broke a drill bit.
then a few minutes later i broke the other drill bit. these drill bits are the cheapest ones that walmart sales because we bought the drill in college and we didn't have money then.

I got the bit out of one of the holes but couldn't out of the other. it doesn't stick out though. but perhaps if a bare foot went on it just wrong, your foot could feel part of the bit.

we tested it out and if pb stands in the middle and i also stand in the middle of a step, it doesn't break so i think we're in good shape.

so i did all this fine, but then after we were done, i went to pick up the chair and broke a nail. it's a folding chair (for inside) and it had sunk into the ground a few inches. pb got tuckered out so i brought him a chair while I put the steps (horizontal slats) on the rest of it.

i'm mad the 2nd board is off center by a quarter of an inch. i must have bumped it before putting it on. i then put the 3rd step off by an 1/8 to try to make it blend.

it took us roughly 2.5 hours to make the steps.

we had some trouble getting in all the screws because the drill would end up stripping the head. we couldn't find a good bit. tried about 3. the screws were labeled with which bit # to use but our bits are too cheap to be labeled.


every single day i've had weird dreams in the past week.

Last night Dave and I bought a house. Well it was like a townhouse but all on one floor. and I kept getting mad that there wasn't a basement, then we discovered the basement entrance in the kitchen floor. All of the townhomes shared the same basement so you could spy on your neighbors areas. Then there was an underground tunnel to the other sets of townhouses.

The layout of the house was weird. Also right before we bought a house we had rented 1 for a few months. The layout was the same but in the one we bought there were additional walls up instead of things being open. I remember commenting that now you need more TVs because you can't watch your 1 TV from multiple rooms.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


i had a weird and crazy dream again.
it involved work and having to be downtown and not remembering until i happened to get a phone call from someone at work asking if they could meet me during dinner.

and then it took me all day to get downtown. for some reason i couldn't drive and others had to give me a ride. then dave was there and was getting mad at me because i was walking too fast to get to all these classes/seminars that i was missing.

there were all these "assignments" that i missed because i missed everything for the day.
i've been sitting here for over 2 hours in my robe. my feet and legs are freezing now.


I had an awful dream last night. i was working at Pizza Hut. I had to train 2 people how to do the dough in the morning. They were awful also the nice step by step sign was no longer up so i couldn't point them to that. Nothing was working out right. I woke up a few times and tried to get out of the dream but then i'd go back to sleep and i'd be back at Pizza Hut.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

can't win

recently i've been wondering why i havent' run and stuff for about 5 years instead of only 2. since my knee has only been hurting me for 2
well yesterday and today i realized. it's because of my plantar fasciitis. it's back in full swing again now that my knee isn't bad i've been trying to do more.
i can't win.
my foot is all swollen.
i can suck up the pain a lot more than i could with the knee pain.
my gmail broke

Friday, April 3, 2009

worked out at the gym for an hour and 45 min today

did 10 min elliptical. then the trainer showed me stuff
then i did 5 min treadmill (just got cleared to do that)
then i did a bunch of weights
then i did 15 min elliptical.
i was so dead in the arms after.
i didnt' even do 3 sets like i wanted to.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

oh i got an awful parking spot at the hospital. my foot and knee hurt so bad by the time i got back to work.
gram is in the hospital again
i visted her today for about an hour. then i went downstairs and visited mr hunter. his wife was my 5th grade teacher. i visited them for about an hour. went back up to visit gram but she was on her way out.
i took a long lunch i didn't make up all the time at work. i figure my OT the last few weeks more than made up for it.
i went to the gym after work. didn't do much. went to meet dave at the car place, then went to giant eagle. i just got home. i still have to eat dinner.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

we need to go grocery shopping.

i'm mad we didn't have tuna. i could have sworn we had tuna. ugh.