Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i can't decide if i'm healthy enough to go into work for half day or not. i'm kind of lightheaded and when i move then it's no good. but my stomach doesnt hurt anymore. but group meetings are so interesting. i dont want to miss it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


man i just got so distracted looking at old pictures of me (from 2005) on my calendar site. my clothes were much prettier and i had a better variety back before i started working. they make me want to not work for awhile just to wear the not so dressy clothes anymore. but back when i wore that everyday i thought i looked nice all dressed up.


Journal entries:2,875
Comments: Posted: 1,780 - Received: 1,616

it's weird i've posted more comments than i've received. at least my comments posted vs journal entries isn't so bad. there used to be a much greater difference

Monday, February 26, 2007


i brought work home to do but i can't connect to the work computer. it makes me mad. well i can't connect to the westinghouse network. i am really tired. perhaps it is bedtime and i'll just work extra hard tomorrow. it's so late for a shower. but i hate getting my shower in the morning because it takes forever to dry my hair.

in the middle of this post i tried to connect to westinghouse and it worked. therefore i couldn't post the post. i logged in and did about a half hours worth of work. actualy about 10 minutes of that was just sorting through e-mails.

i have no idea why i'm so tired lately. i hope i'm not getting sick.

new icon

but it may look similiar to my normal one.


my mom made stuffed shells tonight. she even had to make the sauce from scratch. then while she was taking it out of the oven i noticed the dish was cracked. her 13x9 is now in 3 pieces and they only ate the shells from one side of the dish (the side w/o cracks). she wasn't sure if i would stay for dinner. pb doesnt like stuffed shells. but when the pan broke i def decided not to stay since they couldn't eat some of them cuz of how there could be glass and all.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


i'm a posting slacker.

last night i pb and i made peanut butter pie. then i went out to dessert with laura and betsy.

today i went to the bridal show at the expomart. we dropped dave's car off at kennyross. isntead of my dad just dropping us off at home, he had us take the cavalier. wow that car seems so weak and crappy. it's only a 2003.

then we came home at watched tv and now it's now. o well i did laundry in there too.

i'm tired. i brought work home to do. perhaps i'll do it in bed so i fall asleep quicker.

Friday, February 23, 2007


i forgot that i wanted to go to the gym and/or lift weights tonight. o well.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

dieting is hard work if i dont have anythign healthy here or buy anythign healthy or exercise. i think i'm missing the point


i turned on veronica mars episode 1 (from season 3) tonight. we watfched the whole episode and it felt like ti was only a few minutes long. now i want to rewatch the next 13 episodes just for kicks.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i slept like a log and now i'm still really tired.


that was the hardest workout ever. i did 15 min on the elliptial (~1.25 mi and about 115 calories). then i went ot the bike. after 10 minutes that was super rough. i was watching deal or no deal and i wanted to find out how it ended. i also wanted to do 30 minutes. well it was getting so hard for me that the thing kept thinking i was pausing it and i had to petal to rework it. i made it to 28 minutes and the girl took the deal. i think it was only about 100 calories on the thing. i forget the milage but it wasn't that much at all. i can't believe how hard that was. my knee only started to feel bad aroudn 20 min. but it sure hurts now. i ended up taking off the knee brace after i drove there with it on. it just hurt too much. now i need to shower but i'm still listening to howard.

update: the workout was hard not from breathing too heavy but that my legs just didn't want to go anymore.

veronica mars

today jill asked a few of us if we watched heroes. none of us had. but then i mentioned veronica mars and that i watched that. then i said how i dont like how it's goign now. and jill said "oooohhh that logan" so i'm not the only one. i can't handle this. each weeek i hope goes by so quickly so that i get another episode


i spent 84 bucks last week at express and today i get a 15% coupon from them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


it's like nothing even happens on veronica mars. it seems like more should happen. what i want to happen never does. now i have ot wait a week and see if it happens. i bet it won't. things are going in the opposite direction
5 minutes until veronica mars

Monday, February 19, 2007


i had crazy dreams about veronica mars. in my dreams, i dreamt Duncan returned. I wonder if that will ever happen. Veronica Mars is on TV tonight at 9. i might watch it on TV instead of waiting for it to download.
my abs hurt from sneezing so much


if boy cheats on girl and girl breaks up with boy. then girl doesnt eat for 2 weeks or she throws up and loses lots of weight should girl get back w/ boy 2 weeks later. i think not. but i guess i'm not girl. oi.

i dont hve more details. i want them.


i added 2 new galleries today. they aren't very interesting but i lead a boring life. i need to do something/go somewhere that will have nice non-boring kodak moments. any ideas?

food so far today

if i have time i'll put the calories beside these
PB sandwich (Jiff PB on white bread) -400?
Twinkie - 150
Carmel cookie bar (Little Debbie) - can't seem to find online. i have the box at work guess of 150 just so i can do the math
30-50 cheez itz - 320-480
BK: kind size fri - 400
BK: fri that comes with a meal - 590 (pb ate some tho so probably 500 here)
BK: tendercrisp sandwich plain (only ate half so far because PB made me leave BK since it was scary in there) - 780 for whole (390 for half)
some of PB's diet coke - 0
all day:
water - 0

rough total so far today is 2400.

if anyone can find or tell me an actual pb sandwich or little debbie caramel cookie bar i'd appreciate it. then i can do more exact math.

update: caramel cookie bar is 170 calories.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


i'm wearing brown today. the first time since early January (or before that) *just checked calendar site and there are no pictures of me in brown pants for months.. but i have worn khaki pants and a brown shirt. too bad these brown pants are too big. too bad my other brown pants are too big and too short. too bad 2 of my pairs of khaki pants are too tight and the other pair is too short. perhaps i will have to buy a new pair of khakis or brown dress pants.
my scrapbooking room is too messy with scrapbooking supplies. i swear that by the tiem i figure something out with organization, it will be time to move and start over.

Russ gave me the idea

i updated my weight graph a little. there are some "guesses" from my missing data in there. i'll add more as i keep going but i thought i'd get my new one up there.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

exercise program

i'm going to get back on to the exercise program callie made up. i'll forget about my knee. maybe it will get better that way. i did week 1 and 2 stuff good except i never did the pantyhose/theraband things. i should be onweek 6 or 7 by now. I bought little 5 lb dumbells today so now i can put my 4s back on my bigger barbell to use that for other things.


i have 5 more stamps to cut out to put on the blocks but i can't do it becuase my thumb joint is so bruised that it can't handle touching the scissors. also my middle finger is bruised (well feels like a bruise but you can't see it) so that impacts the other scissor handle. i shouldn't have saved the nerdy stamps for the end.

Friday, February 16, 2007


i just organized some of my paper. i still have a little to go. i'm going to sleep now though.


i bruised my hand from cutting rubber w/ scissors. you know how when you use scissors for an extended period of time it hurts your thumb. well normally you stop. well i didnt' stop right away and bruised my hadn. it barely moves now. i still have one more stamp set to cut out too. if my camera wasn't downstairs i'd take a picture of it.


i saw felicia's apartment tonight. i forgot to ask her when the girls scout cookies will be in.
i dont think the westinghouse booth was very good. it's too hard to explain nuclear energy to little kids. there were no hs kids there during my shift. pb ditched me to check out all the other booths. he was gone forever.
instead of paying for LJ i'm doing the plus member where they do ads. in firefox you can block said ads and you don't even notice.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i'm tired. yet i'm not tired. i want to read but the books i want to read are in the garage. i did bring a boring read from work home just in case i had trouble falling asleep tonight.
i bought 3 new shirts tonight.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


i've realized that every time i watch veronica mars it impacts my sleep that night. the last few times i've watched veronica mars then at night when i want to fall asleep all i think about is the show. i keep thinking about the show and how i feel bad for logan. then i'm up too late. it's no good. i need liek 10 episodes in a row to get it overwith but alas i only have 1 a week and i keep going through this lack of sleep.


it took over an hour for pb and me to shovel. my back hurts. both my knees hurt.

gift time

i gave PB his unfinished scrapbook today. it still needs 19 of the pages to have the stories on them. that means i only did 11. he said the stories are the best part.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


the plow came through our plan. apparently our driveway isn't important so he was going to stop plowing in the middle of that (insteadd of going the 10 ft past the driveway that he could go to)


ok i know it's tomorrow but PB gave me the gift today so i could wear it tomorrow.

Well his first gift to me was scrapbookign supplies that i picked out but felt guilty so i told him that was my gift. well apparently he forgot and the other day thought "oh no v-day is coming" so he had to get me something. so then he ordered me earrings. white gold. heart shaped. purple stone in the center (Amethyst) now i got 2 gifts. :)

I am making PB something. i didn't quite finish. he didnt want it early. i should have been doing it tonight but we had a wedding planning meeting (me and pb...nobody else) and it takes years to talk him into that.

knee brace

i took off the knee brace after less than an hour. it hurt so bad

I believe this is how it got the "J Brace" name. or at least that's the name the dr called it. i haven't looked it up online yet.

my new diet

i discovered that i should go on a diet Friday. well early friday i tried to put on my one pair of khaki pants and they were too tight. this was not what caused me to go on a diet. what caused me to was goign to rick's sport bar and seeing all the waitresses*. then i said (as i was eating fries w/ cheese and nachos and cheese) that i would go on a diet starting tomorrow so i looked nice again.

the new diet hasn't actually started. i also haven't worked out any. it will be nice once i start. i think i actually ate extra unhealthy this past weekend compared to normal.

*the one hostess pb was watchign wipe off a table. he was signng his receipt at this time. it got so squiggly that i made him sign the other copy.
i didn't think this knee brace should make my knee hurt worse.
argh. stupid doctors.

silly weather

Sunday, February 11, 2007

i'm 19 posts behind on my friends page. if i was 20 i would fear more and have to go to previous. 19 is still a lot though.


my car is supposed to get good milage. i forgot the exact numbers but they weren't 15.6 mpg. that's what i just ended up with. last time it was liek 19.8. i might have broken 20 once.

you know as i typed that i kept thinking in my head how i'd have a comment back to me about my lack of units the last 2 times i mentioned my exact mpg. work drills units into my head.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

instead of plugging in 2 cable wires and setting up the vcr to tape the soap, pb is setting up his computer to tape tv and then setting it up to tape the soap.
i scrapbooked 31 pages today.

2 to finish off timmy's graduation party. the rest for june 9 an 10 (or was it 10th and 11th) . i still have aviary the following day and eat n park the last day for the nice vacation of kate and gravester visiting.

Lori did 5 but had to leave early to go watch the pitt game. Lisa did 13 or so (i forget the exact number).

Friday, February 9, 2007

i'd like to mention that my knee hurts really bad today. and that i think it's because i drove yesterday.
i'm so glad i posted when i did. i almost missed making a post on the 8th. (i made that at 12:13 last night. apparently i forgot to hit post)

i can't stop thinknig about veronica mars. i feel bad for logan. i should read up and see if other people feel the same way.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


i watched tv all evening. first i watched House with PB. then i watched Veronica Mars, Friday night lights, and 2 episodes of Criminal Minds. boy was i glad i had 2 episodes. the first one i watched was the first part of a 2 parter.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

i finished the book.
instead of shopping at big lots i sat in the car and read while waiting for krinin. last night i stayed up an extra 2 hours reading. these stupid books with such good cliff hanger chapter endings. i'm about to go read now. i have liek 90 pages left in the book.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i read last night. i couldn't put the book down. next thing i know it was 1:30 am. so i finally stop reading. well then i'm laying there having crazy thoughts about the book that i can't go to sleep. oi. i read over 100 pages.


who here knows what a LAN party is? Who has been to one?

Someone at work today didn't know what one was. That's what he gets for going to a partying school. he taught me about differnet kinds of parties today.


i feel like i should be happy but i'm not. pb got his acceptance to univeristy of michigan today.

Monday, February 5, 2007

look at that trendline

weight graph for those of you dying ot see it. i didn't update the weekly one yet.


myspace makes me angry.

LJ never gives me

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.

everytime i try to view something.


my lunch was nothing but trouble today
so i leave for work. i get about 3 minutes out. realize i forgot my lunch. now it was a good lunch not just a sandwich or anything. so i got back
then i have it and am driving to work thinking about how awful it would be to forget to take my lunch in to work after all that since it's so cold. then i get to work and have to park super far away. i'm 5 steps from my cube and realize i only have my purse and tote bag and no lunch. boy was i mad. i tried to get pb to go get it. it was so dang cold i didn't want to walk all that way again. (this was at liek 8:40)

aroudn 10 i finally nagged pb into going to get it. i had to open it up to thaw out the cheese.

then at lunch we had a meeting that provided snacks. after said snacks i was full. i forced myself to eat the lunch since it caused me so much trouble. i actually only ate about half of it.

lunch was more like a snack but that makes it a good lunch. it was pepperoni cheese and crackers.


they were too busy today. i couldnt' really describe my pain or anything.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


the team w/ the horse shoes won the game. i think manning was mvp. i did remember which team when i saw the score. 29-16 maybe. i updated russ. i told him the final score and all but i forget now.

ok i just looked it up. 19-17. i was close. but they don't have pictures of their helmets with the team name so i don't know.

i watched about half the game on my 13 inch tv. (watched = it was on 3 feet to the left of my computer monitor so sometimes i looked over and saw it) i only saw about half because pb turned it off around halftime. then i realized it was off so i turned it back on and there was 6:40 left in the 4th quarter.

oh and i remember that the team who called for the coin toss lost.. i dont know which team that was.

My summaries as comments in Russ's LJ are better.


oh earlier today i was heating my soup in the micrwoave. i put one of those microwave lids on the bowl. well you know how those lids have holes in them. normally i dont pay attention. but today i didnt' put the lid off center so the holes were not over the bowl. that pressure fused the lid to the bowl. i even called pb to see becuase it was funny. you couldnt separate it. pb had to stab the lid with a knife. then i got ot eat my soup. i had to heat it longer.

before puncturing the hole he turned it upsdie down and you could see the soup boiling.

if my camera wasn't upstairs, i would have taken a picture. the lid was dipped way down into the bowl.
my computer is so slow as of lately. it's really annoying. it's hard to use photoshop.


my getting dressed involved me changing out of what i slept in last night into clean pjs that i will sleep in tonight
pb is making me breakfast.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


the federal wasn't so bad. that's what i remember from last year. then you get to the state. ny is the worst.

Friday, February 2, 2007

i stayed up too late again. i also didn't get to read Russ's yahoo news link either. i'm behind.

knee update

i dont think i posted this yet

wednesday night my knee started really hurting (i woudl say again but it was a different part of the knee) then the same sharp pain ahppened just walking on the level on thursday. thursday evening from running (walking) up and down our steps greeting people it was really hurting...this time more constant hurty not the sharp like a knife pain.. i told hte physical therapist today. she was unsure about it. my knee is killing me now and i've been taking it easy.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


not only did i stay up too late because of stamps but i kept dreaming an dwaking up thinking about my new stamps or my potential new stamps. i barely got any sleep


oh these stamps. i just stayed up an extra 45 min looking through the catalog. i can't decide what to get.
i had fun at my stampin' up party