Sunday, February 28, 2010

A day's worth of Twitter....

07:23:11 — I'm supposed to go to North Park but the roads aren't touched so I don't know how bad they are.
07:41:19 — I have to leave in 7 minutes if I"m going to run before the walk. the roads don't look so good though.
08:33:28 — This snow caused me to not get my run in this morning prior to my walk. stupid snow. now i have to run later.
13:43:49 — I'm strong. I just carried an old 19" TV downstairs w/o any trouble at all.
15:08:03 — At north park for the second time today. Last time was to walk. This time to run.
16:08:28 — 1:14 slower than last time.
16:10:11 — My shins hurt earlier than last time. Shin exercise time again I guess.
16:39:44 — icing my knee now. 10 miles total of planned exercise is probably too much for one day.
16:40:38 — @briecs 5 miles not 5k. (5k is 3.1 miles. don't short change yourself)
18:33:10 — Waiting for a table at outback. So thirsty. Want water.
19:58:51 — I just learned why I eat so slow. It is because I don't know how to chew. I chew each bite way too long.
22:54:12 — I was cold. Then @polahbea informs me the window is open. He brought me an afghan.
23:31:53 — I fell asleep with 1 minute left in the movie. I'm good at this game. I wonder what this movie was called.

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exercising too much?

Sunday was too busy. I don't know how it got so late.

I woke up shortly after 7 with the help of 3 alarms. I had plans to meet Brie () at 9.
I wanted to run 5 miles prior to meeting her but our road wasn't touched and had a few inches of snow on it.
So i thought if I waited a little longer maybe the plow would come.
I did spend 20 minutes shoveling. Still no plow. I wore my new jacket but to walk I wore it under my red coat.

All the roads were clear except my street.

North Park was so pretty when I arrived.

Then partway into our walk, we saw a snowman.

I took my camera on the walk to get pictures of the branches that were down. I remembered them from last time

5 miles walked

After walking, Brie came over so I could show her different exercises for a workout routine.

This was me after the walk and showing exercises but before lunch.

I ate 25 small round raviolis for lunch and then chips with dip.

Then I went to North Park to get my run in.
It was snowing.

It was harder to run this time. I think because I already walked 5 miles and did a little other exercising.

(last time
I got warm while running so the last 2 miles I didn't wear my gloves.

My car needs an oil change.

Dave's car has a burnt out brake light/turn signal. Looks like some appointments need to be made.

I came home and iced my knee and did my shin exercises. My shins hurt earlier in the run this time.

Then I showered and we went to Outback for dinner.
The bandaid came off my finger in the shower. That was painful.

At Outback there was a wait. We decided to wait in the car. Later we learned their buzzers don't work from outside.

We ordered cheese fries for an appetizer.
Then we both got the outback special. I got the 6 oz and Dave got the 12 oz. He got a baked potato and ceaser salad for his sides. I got a baked potato and the vegetable medley for my sides.

I only ate about 2 oz of my steak though. Dave ate all but maybe 2 oz of his steak so now I have leftovers.

We came home. I did emails. I had a ton of other crap to do but I did emails.

Then we watched a movie. I fell asleep with 1 minute to go.

I hit a new max for steps today. The day isn't over and I've had 23402 so far. My old max was 18535 and that was last Sunday. My physical activity was almost 2 hours greater last Sunday though.

Another busy day - yesterday

I'm always a day late on here but I guess at least I get my info in.

Yesterday morning I had to wake up early so that I could clean up and finish preparing for my Stampin' Up Class by 10:AM (not 10:30 like I got tricked last time).

I also had to get the cinnamon rolls made.
Someone actually showed up early. That's rare. Only 8 minutes early.
The other 4 were late. Late is the norm around here.
There were 2 new people at the party. They liked it. So maybe I'll have new customers. I ran out of catalogs though. I was very upset. I needed at least 2 new ones and I only had 1. The catalogs last until June. I don't think I will go through another box of 8 so I'm not sure what to do about this.

The table after class was over.

The cinnamon rolls were a hit.

At the beginning of class, i noticed missing skin on my finger. I don't know how it happened.

It sure hurt if anything touched it. After class, I put neosporin and a bandaid on it.

Then it was time for lunch. I scratched my leg. I made it bleed in many places.

We had bacon and toast for lunch. It was good.

My parents then visited. I gave them lots of leftover fruits and vegetables from the Skate Party on Friday. I kept a lot too though. Timmy raided our cupboards. Then I realized we had a lot of Oreos/cookies (mostly oreos but then Nutter Butter).

We watched CNN while my parents were here. Waiting for the news coverage when Hawaii would be hit by the tsunami. Hawaii dodged a bullet though. My mom gave me an afghan while I was sitting there and I fell asleep. I slept for 30 minutes sitting there.
Then shortly after I woke up, my parents left.

I was going to walk with Haley at North Park but there was a race so we couldn't do that. Since we didn't do that I needed to do cross training and thus had to use the exercise bike at home. I had to keep up with my training plan. It's week 3 of training. Week 1 I was sick all week. I used the bike for 45 minutes while watching lost. Lost wasn't over so I did 2 more minutes of cooldown. I had to use headphones. I couldn't hear the laptop w/o them. It sure was nice to watch TV while using the bike. And it was nice to not have commercials. Made the workout so much easier. I may have to do that more often. I didn't even work out hardcore but I got sweat on the back of my shirt and the front of my shirt.
It's hard to tell but it's near the gut

The back is more visible.

Then it was dinner time. But we didn't really have much food for me. So i had vegetables, cheese, and cookies. The vegetables had too much cauliflower.

One of the carrots was a "C"

That bowl was the entire bag of steamfresh veggies and I ate it all.

I stayed in my gross workout clothes more to watch a movie. I got comfy and then fell asleep. I fell asleep around 10. I knew I would. Now I have to find time to finish watching that movie. I think it was called Resolution Road or something like that.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A day's worth of Twitter....

02:09:24 — i stayed up so late that it is freezing in here. I hope i can get warm in bed. My hands are quite cold.
13:42:47 — SU class was good today. Now we are cooking.
15:06:26 — I have been slacking at reading tweets, buzz, and facebook this week. I feel like I'm behind the times.
19:11:00 — Exercise bike time.
19:14:21 — @iamoddd yes. Google buzz
19:16:21 — Watching lost while on the bike.
21:19:21 — My 3xl hoodie is upstairs. But then I found the 4xl here. In that now.
21:22:21 — Forgot the pic

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Yesterday continuation

When I got to the Skate party, nobody was at the check in table so I didn't do it. Then later I went over and did it w/o anyone there. Then I took the raffle ticket. I didn't know where to put the ticket so I put it in this bag. Later I realized that bag was not the place. I went and talked to the guy in charge. He tore up my ticket not knowing why it was in there so he told me I had to get another one. So I did. I said to him "it doesn't matter, I don't win anyway.

Right when they were about to do the prizes, the guy in charge asked if anyone hadn't gotten a ticket. 1 person had to go get a ticket.

Well the first ticket pulled was mine. Then I pulled the 2nd ticket. It was the girl above who had to go get one. She's a former officer. Then the 3rd ticket was a current officer too. Weird.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday ...

I'm sick of snow ruining things.

This morning I have to shovel 4 inches or so of snow. The roads are the worst they have been so far. On my way to work I learn Mars School District is closed for today. That means I'm not presenting there today but will Monday now.
It took 38 minutes to get to work instead of 15-20.
I was super busy all day at work. Swamped like crazy. And then it was the first time like ever that I got a million emails on my gmail during work and they were interesting and long and boy was it rough to do that and my work. I still feel like I read the emails too quickly and I might have missed something. Perhaps I should reread them.

Then I had to leave work at 5 to go to the NA-YGN Skate Party. I didn't get to my car until 5:15 though.
This is what the parking lot looked like when leaving work.

Google maps says it will take 39 minutes to get there from work. It took an hour and 20. stupid snow.
The roads were awful once I got close to Schenley Park. I missed my turn twice and had to turn around. Stopping at red lights was hard. I used both feet on the break to get it to stop. Stupid snow. Scary. I don't want to ever drive in the snow again. I wish I had snow tires.

I got to the picnic at 6:40. It started at 6. There were no plates or napkins. I planned ahead and had backup in my car so I went and got them.
I called Brie when I got there to warn her that the roads were bad.
There were 19 people there when I got there. I was concerned it wouldn't be a good turnout. But i think over 40 showed up and 51 said they were coming with 15 tentative. So considering the insane roads, it was an awesome turnout.
At one point I was trying to give Brie directions. I just sent her a screen shot at one point.

I didn't skate at all. I took some pictures which i will post later.
I was 1 of 3 people to win a giftcard.

I got to take fruit and vegetables home. They will work nicely for my Stampin' Up Party tomorrow.
I left there at 11:15 and got home around 12:15

but I had to shovel before i could get up the driveway.

I changed from my work clothes for the skate party (even though I knew I wasn't skating).

Then I played on the computer, uploaded my numbers, sent lots of emails. I should be in bed. People will be here in less than 8 hours. I wish I wasn't hungry.

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:11:06 — Roads are awful
08:26:28 — the roads were the worst they have been all winter.
10:02:36 — the cafeteria raised their prices but all the signs still have the old prices. my french fries were 14 cents more yesterday.
16:51:00 — so busy. nuts busy. so many unread emails. have to get to Schenley park. hope the traffic isnt' bad
19:22:26 — The roads are awful
21:03:11 — I won 1 of 3 prizes

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day's worth of Twitter....

09:09:43 — i got a compliment on my outfit today
14:44:00 — Tired
19:57:53 — - I got 3 compliments on my outfit today
20:00:31 — my legs are so dry that they are scaley

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Even though I kept thinking it was Friday.

I got to work early because I had so much work to do. I got there around 7:30.
I wore a new skirt today. I even curled my hair.

here is a picture from the back to show some skirt detail. It also shows the side detail a little that my arm covered in the picture above.

Then I get to work to find out I have a meeting I didn't know about from 9-10:30.
At least my all day meeting changed to a half day meeting and then changed to a 90 minute meeting. That was from 10:30-12. It did run 10 minutes over though.
Then I had another meeting from 1-3.
Then i had to process issues and get out a report before leaving.

I wanted to leave my desk at 4 to go to the gym to run 3.5 miles and then go to body pump.
I wanted to have enough time to catch my breath after running since last time it did not work and last time I had to cut my run .25 short.
Well I left my desk 5 minutes late. I ran faster than I planned on and then I had a few minutes to catch my breath before body pump. I did wish I had 2 more minutes at least, but I survived.
I ran 3.5 miles in 32:30. Then Body Pump was an hour long. There was maybe 5 minutes between running and pump. I used to that set up my weights for pump. I maybe only had 30 seconds to spare and I drank water during that time.
Throughout all of working out, I drank a full 20 oz cup except a little ice. Then I refilled it and drank it all except maybe 2 oz.
When I got to the gym, my feet hurt.
This is what my new shoes did to them.

The bandaid is from the shoes on Tuesday.

I was able to leave all the weights the same and even increased the amount I use for back.

On the way home I went to target to buy skirt hangers at Target. I bought a few other things.
I did not buy thigh highs because Target thigh highs are the worst. I've gone through 3 pairs. The first time I made it to the 2nd time I wore them. The 2nd and third pair got huge runners on the first time I wore them. I still have 2 got thigh highs left but am too afraid to wear them.
This is what happened on Tuesday. I felt my leg brush the table. I look down a few seconds later and see this. I slid my skirt up a little to show how it went up more than just a little

I got McD's on the way home. I only got me a large Fry because I had food at home. I ate the soup Dave bought Monday instead of the leftover raviolis. I knew Dave wouldn't appreciate the reheated sauce. Then I had some Dibella's cookies that Nicole brought last night

By this time it's been awhile since I worked out.

Then I loaded my numbers a little and got a shower.
We watched Desperate Housewives and American Idol while I did a little work and while I read some of facebook. I'm still way behind on facebook though.

It's about bedtime but I still have a few things that I want to do on my computer upstairs.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing to work tomorrow. I go to Mars Middle School to present. Then right after work I go to the NA-YGN Skate Party. I guess I should take jeans to change into. I also have to be at work by about 8:15 tomorrow.
At least tomorrow is Rest Day for my training plan. I never planned to skate at the skate party. 2 years ago we went and just hung out in the party room the entire time. That was good enough.
Dave won't even go.

Today at work I got three compliments on my outfit. One was by email and 2 in person. The one by email was based on a picture of me. Then I posted my Tuesday skirt and Today skirt pictures on facebook after someone asked where I got all my skirts from that I noted about earlier. I got quite a few compliments on there about my outfits. I think 1 got 3 and the other got 2. I'm not used to so many compliments but I like it.

Dave was sick today. Upset stomach. Poor guy.

I need another muscle picture for my icon. I probably won't get around to taking any pictures for months but still I'd like to have one.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A day's worth of Twitter....

07:08:22 — don't have time to run tonight or go to spinning. should run now. but i wanted to sleep in since I was up so late.
09:10:27 — oh yesterday all the treadmills were full so i was at one in the front. i could see me in a big mirror. i run weird. my right leg goes weird
09:16:44 — today there were 3 total people i saw at the gym. i know all 3. one was my old SVP. he's the only one that didn't say hi to me.
13:33:44 — I feel productive and also extremely unproductive today. I don't get how I can feel both ways.
15:26:46 — just sent an email with this title "run today and some details you probably don't care about" and it makes me wonder why i even wrote it.
17:32:50 — My red pants came and they sen the wrong length
17:45:18 — @mikecherepko if i left out what people don't care about i'd send probably 1/10 of the emails I send in a day. well maybe not that bad
22:59:02 — i just scratched my face. i probably have a mark.

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The week is half over

I was up late last night prepping so then I slept in a little. I still went to the gym this morning.

I ran 2 miles. Then I got to my desk at 8:55. At 10 it felt like I hadn't accomplished anything yet.
Most of the day seemed to go that way.
I ate at my desk while working.

I hvaen't read facebook in days. I feel so behind.

I left work at 4:40. I wanted to leave at 3:30 or so because of cooking and cleaning for tonight.
Then I got home and realized there was much more to clean than I expected.

I had to take my daily picture after I got home today.

I wore 2 new things today. But the necklace I already wore on Monday.
I got my VS order. The red pants that I was super excited about arrived. And the inseam was wrong. 4 inches too short. The brown pants were nice though. The new shirt is nice. the sleeves are a little short on the shirt though.

I cooked raviolis. I reheated yesterdays cheese fondu. I eat WAY too slow.

Then after we finally finished eating, we started the Stampin' Up class.

I was very disorganized.

Roughly 2:15 of the 2:45 class was physical activity according to my gowear fit.

The class lasted a bit long but we did some talking and things and didn't get started right away.

Post class picture:

Then I watched American Idol.
I brought work home but I did not look at it. I should quit carrying it home.

I want to swap purses but I keep getting lazy. I need a smaller/thinner wallet I think.

I keep coughing. I have the worst cough. During my party and during my run today, I barely coughed. While exercising I don't cough. While sitting here, I cought like crazy. By the worst cough I don't mean it is bad, I mean it is not a good cough. It isn't deep enough so I keep coughing. I think there is more that I need to get out but I can't get at it. Dave keeps yelling at me to cough better and to quit constantly coughing. I just have such trouble.

Tomorrow I have to run 3.5 miles and then I"m going to body Pump. I have to see if I can get that in. I do not think I can leave my desk by 4 to make sure I have enough time to change and run and then have a few second breather before pump.
Friday is the NA-YGN skate party.
Saturday is another stampin' up party at 10am. then at 3 I'm going to North Park to walk with Haley
Then on Sunday (unsure of time), I will be going to North Park to walk with Brianna. My parents may visit Sunday, but I'm not sure.