Wednesday, August 29, 2018

5.1.18 Roadtrip Day 1

It took 6 hours to pack and load the car. Dave went to the supercharger during this time so we didn’t have to go with everyone right away.

 2:36: We finally left and were on our way!

Went from 1500 to Leuhm’s to turnpike in Irwin.   Dave wanted beef jerky so that’s why we drove a few minutes out of the way to go to the candy store. Oh we also stopped and got some food at Arby’s.

 3:30 Miles called for Pap-Pap
5:30 Super charger

7:03 Beach.

Miles loves it.  Miles loves finding the rocks to give to Dave for him to skip them.

Ella made angels in the sand.

The kids did not want to leave the beach but we had to eat dinner and get to a hotel. 
 7:50 driving away and Miles loves it and crying for it.

We went to Sara’s, a busy place near the beach. Jen met us there. We got curly fries and hot dogs.
Miles was so cute but then you could tell he was so tired.

At the hotel there was crying. Miles was just too tired. We had to wait for pack n play before he could go to sleep.

Miles asleep at 10:34. Ella is eating. My computer won’t work. I'm rusty at road trip stuff. I forgot to bring in water bottles to be able to fill up.
Ella slept in the closet instead of sleeping on the sleeper couch.
When we were parked in the lot and booking the hotel Ella asked us to hurry and then said she was peeing in her carseat a little or starting to pee or something like that. I hurried and got the travel potty. She kept saying to hurry so I knew she could not wait for us to walk halfway around the building into it and then to the bathroom wherever that was. We were parked at the Tesla charger by a side door but since we hadn’t checked in yet we did not have a room key to get in that door. The travel potty to the rescue.