Monday, May 20, 2019

Liam's 5th Week (5.19.19)

Well we were all hit with being sick this week. Liam held off the first 2 days but then he got sick. I had to use the bulb syringe so many times.  His breathing still wasn't clear but it would help some. He hated it and would cry though. For 2 nights he basically only slept if I held him at the exact angle and he still would whine or wake often.  In the middle of the week we propped the one side of the mattress so he could sleep at angle.  That helped.

I feel like this week once his growth spurt was over, he would sleep for longer stretches during the day than he would at night. Granted sometimes it probably isn't like that but when I try to sleep and fail. Near the end of the week, I did a better job not falling asleep in the chair but still sometimes I'd put him in and he'd wake up just as I was getting into bed.
One night I typed when I went in and when I went back to bed. but not even the entire night. I think I was with Liam at 11 or 12 and still with Ella and Miles until 10 but I didn't go back and look it up.

Part of my night
1:10 awake with Liam
1:30 back to bed
3 Miles awake
3:25 back to bed
4:40 Liam awake
5:10 to crib
5:13 awake
5:56 back to crib

Liam's head control has improved so much. He holds his head up so much.   
Dave put Liam down for tummy time while I put away laundry and he rolled over. He wouldn't do it again when I came back to watch.

When Liam wakes back up right away, I can't seem to rock him back to sleep but have to nurse again. But then sometimes he's back to sleep in 1 minute of nursing but he won't sleep without the nursing. 
I cannot get over how much Liam spits up. There are many of times it's a little amount but then more often than I'd like it's all of his milk he drank. I've had to change my clothes a few times. I've had to change his clothes more than that. One time it hit both boppies, burp cloth, blanket, his clothes, swaddle sack, my shirt, my 2 hoodies, my pants, and the chair.  It is not fun. One time he was eating and stopped to pull his mouth off to spit up and it all bounced off of me and hit his face and then bounced in all directions.  I feel so bad for him. 

I think Liam smiled this week but I didn't get a picture. Then Dave said he thought Liam smiled at him too. 
I used the bulb syringe for the first time this week. 

When we go to school, he ends up falling asleep with all the noise. At home that doesn't tend to happen. 

This week was not as busy because I had to cancel PT on Tuesday and Thursday and cancel a dentist appointment on Tuesday. We also missed a going away party. All because we were sick. We left the house the least this week because of being sick. He still went to preschool a couple times.  Dave was so sick I did drop off and pick-up a couple times. 

This should have been Dave's first week back to work but he was so sick he didn't go in the entire week. But at the beginning of the week, he was so sick he was in bed the entire time so not only was I sick but I was doing everything. It was awful.   I can't wait until we are healthy. 

2019 Week 17/52 Photo

I could have chosen a photo shoot photo but I will include those in another post so I wanted to capture this.  I was taking a picture at school and Miles said to take his picture then 2 friends joined then Ella ran over!  Ella's classmates are Miles's friends!

Photo Taken April 25, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019

2019 Week 16/52 Photo

Liam was born but I will include those in Liam specific posts so here are 2 pictures from the first week Liam was born.  Dave made a delicious apple cake.   The other picture I really wanted a nap. I lied down and within a minute they found me and Miles jumped on top of me. Then Ella jumped on shortly after.

Photo Taken April 21, 2019

The kids liked the apple cake when it was just cake without the icing and caramel sauce. 

Photo Taken April 19, 2019

Friday, May 17, 2019

Liam's 4th Week (5.12.19)

Well I wrote an entire post on the 12th and apparently it never saved. When I rebooted my computer I lost it. I only had to add photos. I even added some photos but not all of them. I remember falling asleep writing it.

Now Liam is almost 5 weeks old and I have to think about this again since they change so much.

Liam had a growth spurt the last few days. Nursing for 20 minutes then a 30 minute break then nursing again on repeat all day long. At least he didn't do this over night. But for 3 days straight I was purely exhausted from all of this. By the way in that 30 minute break, I would spend time trying to burp him.
Liam was 9 lb 10 oz at his doctor appointment at 18 days and then eh was 10 lb at 25 days old. At his doctor appointment at 18 days old, he was 22 inches long and at 27 days he was 22.75 (or 23) inches long. Clearly having a growth spurt.

There are times I have to change my clothes multiple times in a day because he spits up all over us.  He spits up often. If I don't get him to burp then he will wake up after 30 minutes sometimes having spit up in his crib. Burping him is so hard. Sometimes I spend 10 minutes and can't get him to burp. You may think if you spend that long getting him to burp and he doesn't burp you are in the clear but you are wrong.
Liam's face broke out a little bit. I wondered if it's because I got 3 new shirts and wore them without pre-washing them. Oops.

On Monday we went to preschool to hand out framed gifts. I was there with Ella and Miles while handing out the frames to all the teachers. We were there about 2 hours.  In the afternoon we went for a ride to pick up something I bought on facebook marketplace.
On Tuesday, we didn't leave the house (that I can remember).
On Wednesday, we dropped the kids off at preschool, picked up something I bought on facebook marketplace, went to lunch, and went to PT.
On Thursday, we went to preschool to deliver food Dave cooked. In the evening, we went to a farewell dinner.
On Friday we went to preschool for Mother's Day brunch then to the other preschool with Miles and then to the first preschool to hand out the cards to all the teachers. We picked up Ella from preschool and then went to a park for a birthday party.
I can't remember if we left the house on the weekend.  We had an extremely busy week!
Since he doesn't sleep as much, if he wasn't already asleep or wants to eat, he will cry more in the car. For the most part we have been lucky though.

Twice this week, people commented about what is he "4 months old by now?" so maybe he looks big.
We got our newborn photos back this week. 102 photos!
At the park on Friday while nursing, I was moving around trying to deal with the kids making slime and he spit up all over us. Now it was not just a normal spit up but seemed like it was all the milk he drank. It was everywhere. His blankets and onesie were soaked. Luckily I had more.

Dave gave Liam a bottle this week. It was a little over an oz in the bottle and I went to take a picture and Liam was already done. He was so quick. I asked Dave to recreate feeding him for a picture.   I fed him a bottle this week too since I heated it up and then nobody else wanted to give it to him.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Newborn Photos - Liam (4.24.19)

We had Amy Ward take our newborn photos. So this was our 4th photo shoot with her.  We got over 100 photos from her in our gallery. I decided to do just a post of only Liam and then later more family ones.
The majority of the photo shoot was in the master bedroom with a little bit in the loft upstairs. 
It took me so long to make this I feel like Liam is huge now compared to this. 
Photos taken April 24, 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019

More Necklace Links

I've spent many hours here and there looking for various charms. They are hard to find. There are so many out there and also so many that are the same exact charm but cost a lot more money.

Since my last post I bought some running charms on Etsy. They were hard to find. Most were not in bulk and you could find one charm for $20 but that is just too expensive for me.

I bought a variety pack, cameras, ice cream cones, unicorns, sports, traveling (bikes, cars, airplanes) and letters since the last post. The variety packs always are cheaper per charm but I feel like about half of those won't be used even with a group choosing charms. I also bought a bigger chain for charm bracelets and more solid bracelets. The pictures below are all links.

The unicorn charms are pretty large but the kids loved them and used them with best friends forever charms.
This necklace shows 2 of the 3 running type ones I got on Etsy. I got the shoe on amazon.
I have had this tab open on Etsy with infinity charms just to give myself ideas when I plan to use mine!
This one is the link to the camera one I used but it has many other choices too.

Apparently the last 4 pictures don't work. I've tried multiple ways. But if you click on them it takes you to the charms. Maybe I'll fix it another time.  ETA the last 4 don't even show up at all now. I will try to add pictures later!
Have you done any jewelry making? What type of charms would you like? I like the lifting and running ones but then had to get the cameras. Those seem to be my hobbies. I want to start running again!