Sunday, January 19, 2020

Tummy Time (8.28.19)

Miles always likes to show Liam tummy time. He likes to teach him how to do it. Liam likes to watch Miles and copy him.

Photo Taken August 28, 2019
Just look at Liam looking at Miles. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Liam and Miles 8.29.19

Just another Miles/Liam cuddle session in the morning.  I love they have some time together and that Miles is so gentle with Liam. I made a post before about some of the pictures I have of them together.

Photo Taken August 29, 2019

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Family Photos (11.10.19)

This photo shoot was horrible. Miles was good for about 5 minutes and then he was so difficult. Near the very end, I realized he was hungry and gave him some snacks and he became more willing.  It was rough. Randomly for the next 3 weeks, he would apologize for not being good during the photo shoot.

Here Miles only cooperated because he got to hold the "rock" 
Ella had a cardigan that would match my shirt and Miles's pants but she never ended up putting it on.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kids Say ... (September and October 2019)

These quotes are so fun to read later. Some of them I remember and some I already forgot so I'm glad I document them.

Talking to waiter at Outback
Waiter:and again my name is Charlie if you need anything
Miles: hi Charlie 

There was a kiddie pool at the party. I told the kids in the car on the way there. Miles thought I said "kitty pool" so then at the party Miles kept asking where the cat pool was.


Talking about how I don’t work
Ella: mommy doesn’t work because she didn’t sign up for it
(Like how she signs up for gymnastics )


I told Miles we would go to the park. I was nursing.  I got an appointment reminder. I forgot about doctor 
I go downstairs to tell Miles 

He says “yay I love the doctors”
This could have gone so much differently!

Trying to get Miles down. Liam wakes up. Get Liam back down. Go back to Miles’s room.  Sit down. Liam is crying 
Miles says “not again “
“Why doesn’t he want you to leave “

9/15 10:35 pm 

Miles: I can’t wait much longer.
Miles for everything with cough, doctor, and breathing treatment. He was quite sick and wheezing a lot.


Talking to miles about dinner. He asked “Is there enough for my friend Chloe?”
We were having Kielbasa 

I walk out from nursing Liam
Miles: Mommy, I have an important job for you.
Me: What?
Miles: Change my diaper


for some comedy: Dave asked Ella if she thought I was older or Miss Montgomery. Ella said Miss Montgomery because she is 22 (I think she's older than 22 because she's taught for 3 years but still she's younger)  SO I ask Miles "Who is older me or Ms. Dana?" he said "you" then I said who is older me or ms Sylvia. again he says me.  I think Ms Dana is close to 60 and Ms Sylvia has been teaching at LACP for 29 years so she's got to be older than me :)


I’m going to nurse then do you have to go potty before we go to school?
Miles: silly mommy. They have a potty at school. 

I asked Miles how he liked the Halloween party. he said "You were super super late. Why were you late?" I got there at 3:31 because i had to run back home and get something for a teacher.... but they were done. They said they'd start at 3:30


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2019 Week 36/52 Photo

Ella got invited to Lottie's for a sleepover. Miles was invited. I thought I'd have to pick Miles up before bedtime but all went well and Miles had his first sleepover when Ella did. He did have a little bit of trouble falling asleep. He fell asleep watching TV. 

Miles doesn't have a sleeping bag but they made it work.

Photo Taken September 6, 2019

Card Making (8.28.19)

I was making and planning cards. I was trying to figure out which colors to use for a butterfly. I had to hold Liam at the same time.

People wonder why I don't do card classes anymore.  If only I had time to prep and time to host them, I'd do it.

Photo Taken August 28, 2019

Monday, January 13, 2020

Liam 6 month photos

We got professional photos taken closer to 7 months than 6 but for Liam's 6 month photos. He was quite clingy so we didn't get many of just him.

I used a bunch in our Christmas cards so I waited to post but then I forgot.  Photos by Amy Ward. 

Walking to School (8.26.19)

I caught a picture of Dave and Ella walking to school.  I don't know if they always hold hands but they sure were here.

Photo Taken August 26, 2019

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Firefighter (8.27.19)

Costco had costumes so I let Miles pick one. He picked the firefighter. He was so excited he had to put it on when we got home. He even took it to school for sharing day later that week.

Photo Taken August 27, 2019

Saturday, January 11, 2020

2019 Week 35/52 Photo

When Dave takes Ella to see a movie, I take Miles for donuts and then to the Dollar Tree to pick stuff out.  We sit and eat a donut outside before going to the Dollar Tree. I let Miles pick 3 things at the dollar store. If he wants a 4th thing, then he puts something back. But I do get to pick and add stuff too.  Liam is with us when we do all this. At least he's good.  Miles enjoys hanging out.

Photo Taken August 31, 2019

I took so many cute pictures of Miles that google even made a collage. 
 Miles likes to carry about the bag of everything we buy.

Hiding (12.31.19)

Miles was hiding on the couch and when I walked out he asked if I could see him. If he didn't talk, I wouldn't have noticed him. 

Photo Taken December 31, 2019

Friday, January 10, 2020

2020 Week 1/52 photo

Miles loves cooking. He does more and more each time. He's learning to spoon the batter onto the pan here.

Photo taken December 30, 2019

There was an unused diaper on the bed and Ella started putting it on Liam's head.  Dave and Ella helped put it on to make it look like a little bonnet. He seemed to rather enjoy it.

Photo Taken December 30, 2019

Miles is trying out his knew knives to cut up this pepper. He sliced it. Then he chopped up some and gave it to Liam. The knives cut way better than his old kid knife.  They may be more likely to cut his own fingers but he's pretty careful so far.

Photo Taken January 1, 2019

2020 Random Goals

I always make exercise goals but in 2018 and 2019, I made some random goals which is more like non exercise related goals. I'm going to do that again this year. I hope I do better than I did in 2018 and 2019 though.

In 2020:
  1. 183 blog posts with a reach goal of 240. 
    • I would hope for 2 posts every 3 days but I know that will not happen. So I'll go back to my 218 goal of a post every other day.  That's 15 a month. My reach goal is 2 posts every 3 days. This is close to 2 posts every 3 days. I met my 2018 goal with 205 and I missed my 2019 goal with 216 but missed posting about so many things. I also started making shorter posts with videos so I should be able to hit this. 
  2. 2020 Photo of the week blog posts
    • These can be late but continue with it. 
    • Also do the 12 missing 2019 posts
  3. Monthly blog posts Liam for months 9-12 then 15 and 18 months. 
  4. Complete 4 photo books!
    • I'm working on road trip 2018 photo books... it will end up being 4 books. Then I'm also in the middle of or just starting pregnancy with Liam book, Miles's 1st year book, Miles's 3rd birthday book, Miles's 1st year book, LACP yearbook. 
  5. Read a book
    • I bought one 2 years ago and only ready 1 chapter. I also bought a few other books and I just never read.
  6. Use to-do list notebook.
    • I used it in 2018 and 2019 but am using it less since I tend to make a checklist on cleaning day on my phone
  7. Finish watching 2b Mindset videos.
    • I didn't watch any in 2019!
  8. Do productivity bootcamp that I bought and never started!
I'll keep my same reach goals in 2020 that I had in 2019. I didn't make either of them.
Reach goals
  1. Clean the kitchen 2x week
  2. Make bed 2x week

Thursday, January 9, 2020

2019 Random Goals - How I did

In addition to exercise goals I made some other goals for the year. I posted my progress in a few times this year but it's been quite a few months because I'm so far behind on everything.

In 2019:
  1. 240 blog posts with a reach goal of 280.  = 216 total (When I initially posted I said 183 was my minimum and I did hit that.)
    • January - 30 posts ✅
    • February - 29 posts ✅
    • March - 23 posts ✅
    • April - 20 posts ✅
    • May - 20 posts (even though I would have rather had 21) ✅
    • June - 18 ❌
    • July - 14 ❌
    • August - 11 ❌
    • September - 7 ❌
    • October - 11 ❌
    • November -16 ❌
    • December - 16 ❌
  2. 2019 Photo of the week blog posts  = 40 of 52 completed
    • January - got all backlog posted and caught up! ✅
    • February -  ✅
    • March -  ✅
    • April -  ✅
    • May -  ✅
    • June -  ❌
    • July - ✅
    • August -  ❌
    • September - ❌
    • October - December ❌
    • 12 posts behind!! 
  3. Weekly new baby blog posts for 6 weeks  ✅
  4. Monthly blog posts for new baby
    1. 1 month  ✅
    2. 2 month  ✅
    3. 3 month  ✅
    4. 4 month  ✅
    5. 5 month  ✅
    6. 6 month  ✅
    7. 7 month ✅
    8. 8 month ✅
  5. Complete 2 photo books!
    • January - ✅  2 books ordered already. They were mostly finished in 2018
    • February - didn't work on any
    • March - Spent more time than I'd care to admit doing the preschool yearbook (not complete yet)
    • April - worked on LACP yearbook
    • May - completed LACP yearbook (3rd book for the year finished)
    • June - September - completed Ella's 5.5 book and updated the yearbook to make a special one for Beth (2 more completed to make 5) 
  6. Read a personal development book
    • January - I didn't even find it or figure out which one. 
    • February - oops
    • March - oops
    • April - oops
    • May - oops
    • June - September - oops
  7. Use to-do list notebook.
    • January ✅
    • February  ✅
    • March  ✅ 
    • April ✅ 
    • May ✅ 
    • June -  ✅
    • July - ✅
    • August -  ✅
    • September - ✅ but definitely don't use it daily.
    • October - ✅
    • November -✅
    • December - ✅
  8. Finish watching 2b Mindset videos.
    • January - Oops. 
    • February - Oops
    • March - Oops
    • April - Oops
    • May - Oops
    • June - September - Oops (I still haven't watched a single one)
    • October - December - oops
Reach goals
  1. Clean the kitchen 2x week
    • January - ✅ I have not kept track week but I've cleaned it at least once the first few weeks then I cleaned it EVERYDAY the last week which averages to cleaning it twice a week. 
    • February - Oh oh oh definitely not. My back was so bad.
    • March - I did at least once a week even though my back was so bad
    • April - Nope
    • May - Closer to 1x
    • June - September Closer to 2x/month 
    • October - December - closer to 3x/month
  2. Make bed 2x week 
    • January - ✅ I have made the med at least twice every week. It helps that I make the bed every time I fold laundry and I only have 5 pairs of pants I wear so I do laundry at least twice a week.
    • February -  ✅ I make it when laundry happens or when people will see it.
    • March -  ✅
    • April - Nope
    • May - Nope  I even just did laundry on the unmade bed. 
    • June - No
    • July - September - I've made it 12 times since July 1 (so 4x/mo so that's about 1x/week) 
    • July - December I made it 28 times.  -- a little over 4x/ mo  so not there 
I didn't do so well. Having a third kid was much more difficult than anticipated. Also the end of pregnancy was much more difficult than anticipated.  I still plan to do the photos of the week!  I can't believe I didn't do those.