Tuesday, August 20, 2019

First Day of Kindergarten (8.19.19)

Ella had her first day of kindergarten. She was a bit nervous. She had a few weeks off after preschool and before kindergarten. We had a few kinder playdates in the past month to get to know a few other people from school.  There are 4 classrooms of kindergarteners. We know a few people at the school. She happens to be in class with 1 kid we met at a playdate and with 1 we knew from preschool.

Class postings were on the 16th.  Then orientation was on the 18th. The first day was on the 19th. It was all so late and last minute.  We didn't even know that the first day was a minimum day until the 18th. It was crazy.

Ella was a bit nervous.  We dropped her off at 8 am.  The first day was a minimum day so it was 8:00-11:55.
Walking over to coffee for the parents, Miles saw Aurelia. He asked if we could go say hi. He ran over and they hugged. I could barely get the camera on my phone for a picture.
Ella is on the far side of room sitting on a purple square.
Ella had a good day. She said it was fun. She drew pictures, sang, played, ate snack, and did a scavenger hunt. Maybe they did more but that was all she listed or at least all I remember from what she listed.
Ella biked to school. The rest of us walked with her.

After school we went out for pizza and then ice cream.  We ended up going to Target after to buy some black out curtains and Ella got a few things.

At Icicles, someone left a backpack full fo school supplies. I opened it to try to find some identifying information. Ella was yelling at me not to go into someone else's bag.  There was not enough to get it back to the kid but I was able to get it to the school and they said they would get it to him.

So many moms I know were very emotional about their kid's first day. I wasn't like that at all.
I printed a sign for Ella to hold up but she wouldn't hold it up. Here's the best I got of a pic of Ella with the sign I made. She wanted no parts of my sign.

Monday, August 19, 2019

2019 Week 30/52 Photo

Liam is just being cute in his little chair.

Photo Taken July 27, 2019.
Miles loves his baby brother and often tells me this. Look how huge Liam looks compared to Miles. Liam is getting so big too.  Miles is always giving Liam gentle hugs. 

Photo Taken July 27, 2019.

I put Liam in his car seat but then ran to the back of the van. I came back and he had sat himself up. He was so proud of himself. I guess it's time to be more carful and buckle him right away. He's getting too mobile.

Photo Taken July 28, 2019.

Well I included 4 pictures from 3 occasions.  Maybe I just need a photo of the day.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 Week 32/52 Photo

I had trouble deciding again. I narrowed it down to two pictures. I was cleaning up and walking around. I had Liam on the play mat.  Ella lied down next to him. He rolled over to see her and was so happy smiling at her. I might not have believed he did that but as I was walking into the room I saw him rolling over.  Sometimes the kids are just so cute. Ella loves him so much. Sometimes too much and she smothers him a little so I loved seeing her just a little bit away from him and he moved to get close to her.

Photo Taken August 9, 2019.
Miles didn't nap. He tried. He lied in bed over an hour.  Then a little before 6:30 PM he fell asleep in his chair watching TV. 

Photo Taken August 10, 2019.

 can never seem to narrow down these photos of the week. Maybe I should just narrow it down to allow each kid to be included.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

8.6.19 Instastories

My dad's last day visiting us and then we went to Happy Hollow.

Liam was so cute playing with his new toy. We took my dad to the airport and then went to Happy Hollow. It was so hot.  I was miserable. Miles was bright red.  The employees were even encouraging people waiting in line to stand in the shade.   We left a little after 2:30 PM.  We were so hot and I got Liam to sleep.  Then we went to the very end of a Kinder play date but I didn't take any pictures or videos of that.   Late at night I worked out.

I'm unsure why saving the compilation some of them are smaller in the corner.

The first little clip is from a year ago but I left it on just to see a year ago.

Anyone else just use instastories to compile videos for them?  Do you ever save your compiled stories?

Friday, August 9, 2019

2019 Week 31/52 Photo

Well I had about 100 pictures I wanted to pick so I guess I should do a few more blog posts from the week.   Liam was starting to teeth and I was talking about getting teeth. So Miles said that meant he had to start brushing his teeth and went and got his tooth brush. It was so cute how caring he was.

Photo Taken August 1, 2019

Liam liked my dad to hold him like this. He liked to look at him. He did look at me when I went around to the back to get a picture.  So I don't have a picture of him looking at Pap-Pap but I know how it was. Even when he was given a bottle, he liked to sit like this.
 These photos were also taken on August 1.

Cleaning Video (7.28.19)

Late at night, after I was really tired, I had to clean up. I needed to do because the cleaning ladies were coming at 9 am and if you don't have to pre-clean for the cleaning lady you are lucky.   I spent 70 minutes cleaning on this video. I cleaned some first but didn't think to start recording. I ended after midnight.  I was so tired that my pace slowed.

I spend longer pre-cleaning than they take to clean. Then after they leave I spend forever fixing things and finding things they put away. I spent at least 3.5 hours this last time trying to find 3 missing things and also checking every kitchen cabinet to put stuff in it's rightful place.  Our kitchen is huge and it's easy to just throw containers in a cupboard even though that is not where I keep them. I really wanted to have everything put away first but I just cannot get to it all with dealing with 3 kids and especially with all the delays while I nurse.

Does your kitchen island just accumulate stuff like mine does?

Thursday, August 8, 2019

7.27.19 video

Google often makes videos of my day. Here's a video it made. Liam rolled over back to front and was so close many more times so I started recording. He never did it on his own but you can see the fun he had. Then he got so tired.

Miles was running in the kitchen. He was dancing and I went to record and he started running around. You can see the messy kitchen too.

Miles likes to hold Liam (when he's not crying) and Liam likes it when Miles holds him because he doesn't move him all around and just holds him so nicely.

The clips at the end on the blanket doing tummy time that is the first time Liam rolled over front to back. I didn't get his first roll on camera but did his second but google didn't grab that video of him actually rolling and I didn't edit the video at all.

I thought wow who does this rolls over front to back and back to front on the same day for the first time.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Happy Hollow Video (8.2.19)

 We went to Happy Hollow. My dad was in town and we coordinated and went with friends too. It was a good time until it was too late and too tired and then it all went to horribleness.  I like to try to upload to instastories while I'm there so I don't spend time later trying to compile videos. I take horizontal videos and then do nothing with them because who has time to compile.  I also never end up making blog posts for most things.  I took lots of pictures that probably won't get used for anything. I wish I was made of time.

Google made a compilation of some pictures and videos so I added that too.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

2019 Week 29/52 Photo

After preschool on Friday, VBS had their closing party. Preschool could attend. We never have before. The kids loved the bounce houses. Then we had food. They actually liked it.  Ella asked why we didn't have a blanket but I didn't even know they had food since we never went. We made it work and we still had fun.  I was able to put Liam down on his ring sling and we sat in the grass. We had some food and played and then went home.

Photo Taken July 19, 2019

Monday, July 29, 2019

Fun Run 7.21.19

Ella and Miles both had a fun run.  This is Ella's third time and Miles's second for a race I organized. It was at the same location as last year but different than 2016.  But the older kids were separated out this year with running 2 loops.  Ella got upset and ended up not running her loop and ran with Miles's group.

Ella told me days in advance she was going to tantrum and not do it. She always gets overwhelmed when I'm in charge.

Miles woke up the morning up at 5 am coughing so hard he couldn't stop. He kept asking why and how to fix it. He didn't know how to cough of phlegm.   He ran his race but wishes he was not sick.

Both kids did the bonus 30 meter race at the end. Miles did that himself and didn't need to be held. Dave took Miles home after so he could rest while Ella stuck around with me while I had to clean up.

Ella's age (ages 5-7) was to run .4 miles but she didn't run that.  Then Miles's age (ages 1-4) ran .2 miles.
the junk i took to organize the race
The photobooth, snacks, and water were a hit after. Ella seemed to feel better once she was playing and getting balloons.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Miles and Liam

Almost every morning Liam and Miles lie next to each other in bed to hang out. It gives me time to get dressed and they both like cuddling with each other. I don't take pictures of it every day.

One time while doing this, Miles tells me "I like my baby brother. Can we keep him?"
Sometimes they are just lying there and other times Miles is holding an iPad.
making sure he's covered
All photos here were just taken in July.  It started in June I believe.  I also don't take pictures everyday.