Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apparently people talk about me

I'm not sure what all they say though. I want to know.

Yesterday I already posted about how I got lectured about skipping the gym and getting fat.

Well today I told that story to a different coworker and then he shouted over the cube wall to someone else saying something like "I don't know about you [coworker's name] but i'd find it more likely that someone would lecture her about skipping meals than skipping the gym"

So I'm not sure why he'd say this since I maybe skip lunch twice a year because of crazy things. Even last week when that coworker was in a meeting with me at 1, I took my lunch to it since I didn't have time to get it in.
Other people never eat lunch ever.

Someone else thought maybe they all know about my weight graph on the internet but I think only like 2 people know about that. I don't know if they told people or not.

But I'm more curious what is said about me when I'm not around.  I don't even talk to people to gossip about others.

PS yesterday I "skipped" running after work but I already worked out for an hour in the morning. Maybe I should be getting lectured that I shouldn't workout twice a week.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yet another tired Tuesday

It was more tired than normal because I woke up early to go to Body Pump since I couldn't go yesterday. Early morning came way too early.  But going in early I save 2-4 minutes walking into the building and I save about 8 minutes on my drive in.  It is nice to save that time, but it sure is awful to wake up so early and get ready in the dark.

Today was the first week the intern taught Body Pump. She taught the 2nd half. She messed up quite a few times.

I increased my squat weight. I added 2 more kg than before so I'm up to 22kg.  Then I increased chest  by 1 kg. Therefore I'm up to 15. Then back I left the same (15 kg) and it was so hard. I think because it was after chest.
Then I increased triceps to 12 from 10. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it'd be. I could almost go up more. Biceps I kept the same (10 kg) and it was extremely hard. Lunges I kept the same (15 kg). Shoulders is always the same since you hold a 2.5 kg plate in each hand.

I had a coworker take my picture today.

 I was going to run after work. That's why I had a coworker take my picture. But it got late. Also my Sirius radio came and Dave wanted to set that up still in the daylight. I also wanted more Jimmy Wan's General Tso's chicken. I decided to order dinner and then pick it up.  I ordered and was still at my desk 30 min later at least. They said it would take 15-20 minutes.

Then on my way out I told the lady in the cube across from me about how I was going to run but didn't have the time and how my food was ready. Then she spent a little while talking but one thing she said was how she heard I lost a lot of weight and to watch I'm not gaining it all again.  The way she said it, it didn't seem polite. I told her I didn't lose any weight. Then she said all the talk was good.  I want to know what people are saying. I also want to know if I'm looking fatter or something.  She told me to watch to not stop exercising.
 I was going to run at home if time permitted but it did not.
We installed Sirius in my car. It is staticy kind of.
Then Dave wanted to go for a ride to test out the radio. The car wouldn't start. It needed jumped. He killed my battery taking well over an hour to install the radio.  Howard had a typo. Dave took a picture and emailed it to them so I figured I better take my own picture.
 It was rough work jumping the car, but we did it.  Then we had to drive around anyway to charge up the battery but we also had to test out the radio so it kind of worked out.

 I had to drive a little extra  to see my car get to exactly 26,000.  I missed my car getting to 25,000 because that was the day I spun around in my car because of the ice.

I watched 2 episodes of 90210. I have 2 more to watch too.

I'm tired so I probably won't get them watched today.  Also I should get out my work laptop and send the reminder email about my SU class. I was going to postpone it, but maybe I'll end up getting a few people.  Right no about 8 people said they can't make it and 0 said that they could.


Monday was the same old stuff.  Except there was a meeting from 4-5 about the new organizations.  Body Pump started at 5.  I planned to go in a few minutes late. I even talked to the trainer to set up a spot for me. But then the meeting ended at 5:15 so I didn't get to go. I ran outside instead.  I was going to run 3 loops but stopped after 2.  I thought of going to pump at lunch but had a meeting 12-1 so I couldn't.

I got home to Taco Bell. I also made vegetables and then ate Nutter Butter cookies.

My new shoes came. Brooks Adrenaline 10.  My old ones were the same but 9.

I actually didn't think my old shoes were old but then if you compare the white on both shoes the old shoes were dirty looking.

We watched Fast Forward. It ended up being a 2 hour episode so then the night was almost all taken up.


delayed as always

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early because it was so bright where I was sleeping. I was sleeping in my Aunt's family room on their green couch. The couch used to be Mike's couch in his bedroom so I already had experience sleeping on it since I slept on it for a month in 2006 before I moved out and after Timmy moved in and while Dave was living there so he slept in my room.   It was a cold couch. I had to wrap the entire blanket around me. I knew I would have to do this so it was ok.  In the morning it was so bright in there because of the huge windows and it was so bright outside. The iPhone picture does not do it justice.  I was the first one up.  I went back to sleep. Well i tried to numerous times. I finally got back to sleep. That was when Uncle Ron woke up.  As you can see I had some rough times sleeping.

 Everyone was up by about 10. Aunt Elaine started cooking breakfast. Bacon, sausage, and eggs. I didn't have any. Max was the last one up, but he was also asleep the furthest from the noise.    I stuck around a little bit to hear the stories of the night before and hear the complaints.  I couldn't stay that long though. I wished I could have stayed later.   Aunt Nancy wanted to leave at 9 but I hear they didn't leave until after 12. Aunt Nancy and Max had about a 6 hour drive back to Michigan.   I think I left around 10:30. Then I headed home. It is about an hour drive back home from my aunt's. 

Then I got home and entered in my cash donations for Bowl for Kids' Sake, showered, and then was out the door again.

Bowl for Kid's Sake was at Fun Fest in Harmarville. At least it wasn't that far away. It is just 1 turnpike exit down. It started at 1.  My hair was still wet when I got there.  I got there about 15 minutes early. I immediately checked in, got my shirt, and then headed to the room with food.  I was starving since I had only eaten junk food for almost the past day. They had these little mini hoagies, pretzels, chips, and Eat 'n Park cookies.  It wasn't very "real" food but it was ok. The cookies were good.  My team was Lane 1. Haley's was Lane 2.  The 4 other Westinghouse teams were Lanes 3-6.  I kind of liked Lane 1 but then I didn't like how we weren't part of the crowd and team spirit.  My team was supposed to have 5 people.  We had 3 for awhile then over halfway through the 4th showed up.  Haley's team had 6 and all ended up showing up.

The score's on Haley's screen at one point.
 The first game I bowled 112, John bowled 112 and Brie bowled 33. I actually would have gotten higher but didn't realize I was in my 10th frame and Brie bowled my 3rd ball in my 10th frame and got me a gutter ball. I hadn't had a single gutter ball which is why I think I would have won.  I wasn't paying attention at all. I didn't even notice until after Brie bowled 2 balls worth and it still said she had 1 to go.
Game 2 - I won.

My team
A more interesting picture of my team.

Jay after he got a strike
I fell apart for Game 3.

Jay won
A group shot of both of our teams minus Tim, who took the picture.
Bowling was tiring after being tired all week and being too busy all week.  I came home and had to nap. I napped in my jeans. I realized I was super glad I had on dress pants on Saturday night to sleep in because jeans are much more difficult to sleep in. The dress pants were just like PJs.  Dave woke me up to go to dinner. See the white part around 5:30. I wouldn't have any of that. We walked upstairs and I napped on his shoulder while he did something.  Then around 6 I actually got out of bed.  He had to uncover me to get me to move.
Gowear data - 2 hour nap then I stayed up too late.
 Somehow I was so tired that I let Dave talk me into going to Jimmy Wan's. But then I got General Tso's chicken with white meat instead of dark meat.  Dave got black pepper chicken.  He got what I got last time.
Black pepper chicken on Dave's plate.
General Tso's Chicken on my plate.
My serving plate
Dave's serving plate.
Dave's dessert
I loved what I got this time. Last time I hated it. Now I'll be more willing to go back.

I have no idea what I did the rest of Sunday besides make my previous day's posts and watch TV.  I guess if I don't have pictures of it, I forget it happened.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday evening

I could only take pictures on my iphone. I took some even though there is no focus or zoom or flash.

 Around 10:30, Timmy want Mike were going to go to Frank and Tucci's. Max and Jared were debating. I talked them into it.  Jared thought that he was too tired. Max wasn't going if Jared didn't. I believe I played a key role in getting them to go saying everyone wouldn't be in town together again.  Aunt Nancy said they weren't going anywhere.  She was wrong.  Timmy called Art on the way to the "Bank" and said how the cousins were in the car. Judy actually answered. She went to wake Art up to see if he wanted to come. He did show up. It was crazy.  I actually only went into the bar because Art might show up. Boy am I glad I did.

 The guy in the electric wheel chair was there. He parks his wheelchair outside and then uses his cane to go inside. He was pretty drunk that I couldn't understand what he was saying.  We all got carded there except Timmy since the owner knew him. Timmy and I had Diet Pepsi. I was driving so I figured no booze for me.  Jared thought they would leave the bar around midnight.  We ended up leaving around 1.  The bar area was not big but then we went to the room with the pool table. The drinks were super cheap. Everyone liked it. They had to pay money to play music though. Silly.  At one point Jared got a phone call from Monica. The Paneks were at the Polish Club. Mike has always wanted to go there.

Art said he was going home after the first bar. Then in the car we were debating and then he said "I might see you over there" and I knew he would definitely show up.  I went and got Timmy's car and he drove separately to the Polish Club. (Aunt Elaine and Uncle Ron call it the P&A. I don't know what it stands for.)

Aunt Elaine was out and she normally goes to sleep at 9pm so I definitely couldn't miss it.

 They got some shots. I didn't have one. Monica was about to pay but then Art paid. What a nice guy.

 I requested Groove is in the Heart so Mike would dance.

Monica joined him.  But then she thought Jason would get mad so she stopped.

I had Timmy take my picture as proof I was there.

Around 2:30 the DJ stopped.  Then we left.  Aunt Elaine drove Monica home and then came back.  We went to Aunt Elaine's to sleep. Except Timmy went home. He thought I was going to drop off the cousins and come to my parents house. I couldn't miss out on the fun time at Aunt Elaine's so I decided to stay there. Plus Dave told me I shouldn't come home smelling like smoke so I just didn't come home :)
We stayed up another 1:30 at least and they ate and drank more beer (that wasn't Iron City).  Aunt Elaine was worried there weren't enough blankets.  She said she'd never stayed up that late in her life.

Uncle Ron got home and fell asleep with in 30 seconds.

Aunt Nancy slept in her clothes because she thought I would drop off everyone at the first bar and they would need a ride home.   She claimed she was enrolling Max in AA when he gets home.   He wishes he was staying longer.  It was a good time.  She saw me when I first got there and said I was supposed to be the responsible one.  I said I was and that I drove people.

Aunt Nancy said that Mike and Max can't be in the same town again. She said Kyle isn't coming next year.  Kyle will turn 21 in January 2011.

There was more but just minor details. I already typed enough minor details.

I'd have to say I think that Saturday was the most fun I had with all my relatives.