Friday, April 18, 2014


The morning started off normally but then we went out around 11:30.
Ella said to try this on. I got it
We headed to the mall to go to JCP. We went to other stores too. Then we got lunch on the way home.   We were gone around 4 hours. Ella napped about 20 minutes of that time. She didn't nap in the car. She cried a lot on the car ride home.   We got home and I fed her, then she fell right to sleep. She slept for 2 full hours! She woke up, ate for 10 minutes then went back to sleep for an hour!  Then she ate for 10 minutes again and fell back to sleep. An hour into that nap we woke her up. I thought for sure if she slept anymore, I'd be up all night with her.
We woke her at 8:20.  She played and had fun (and ate) until she went to sleep at 11 PM.  (She didn't wake up until 4 am so that was nice to me)

Photo of the Day 11.18.10

I had a pampered chef party and the order came in. I had to separate out the order for each person. Poly tried to package herself up.

I mainly blogged about my outfit back when this happened.

November 18, 2010

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I put her in a 6-12 month Leveret onesie. She's almost too long for it even though it is too wide for her.

The day started off like normal but Ella wouldn't play on the floor. She just cried. I couldn't get anything done. She'd also only nap a few minutes at a time. It was a very very tiring day. Then when she fell asleep at 3:15 I decided to let her nap on me. She napped until 6 PM. It was great.

I put her in the bumbo while I cooked dinner.   When I finished dinner, she wanted to eat even though I fed her while some stuff was cooking. I made her suffer and held her while I ate about half my dinner. I wanted some things hot and she was too demanding.  While holding her she learned to grab the table. Then she started to grab my plate. I had to keep my plate back.

She went to sleep at 8:30. She woke up at 12:30 though.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We installed a bar in the jogging stroller so the infant carrier can sit in it. Then I tested it out. I mainly walked at first to see how she moved around in it.
Poly has learned I pay attention to Ella on the play mat so she goes on the mat to get attention too.

Ella played on her play mat beside Dave while he played his video game and I vacuumed her room.  He wasn't playing World of Warcraft so if she got unhappy he could just stop and pick her up. She was a little angel though.
When I got back we played.  I showed Dave how she stood. Then I checked out if she would rest her hand on the thing that holds the toys she hits at. She did. It was cute. Dave asked if she could support her own weight. I said that yellow thing wasn't sturdy so I'd have to hold that. Well with both hands on it, she supported her own weight standing. There are no pictures of this because I was using both hands to make sure the yellow thing could support her. It wouldn't have been able to if I wasn't supporting it. Maybe some day we'll get a picture.
We went to the Shoreline to walk.  On our way home we stopped at Jack in the Box for the first time ever. It was better than I expected.
Ella sat on my lap the entire time I ate. She was such an angel that I didn't even get up to attempt to put her in a bouncer.

I tried to have Ella roll over for Dave but she wouldn't budge.
Dave and Ella were hanging out so I took a million pictures.  I keep wanting to get stuff done when Dave is around but every time he has her they are so cute together that I don't leave the room. Sigh.
There are many more pictures.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March Outfits




 This yellow shirt is maternity.
Look how cute Ella is. That's why I took  so many pictures.

 This shirt is maternity.  Dave took these pictures.
These are my new Target jeans and are not maternity jeans. From here on out those are the jeans I am wearing. I bought a size 8. Back a year ago I needed a size 6 in skinny jeans but mainly for the calf.
The nursing tank is actually under that blue shirt too. They get a lot of use. When I leave the house, I throw on a shirt over my nursing tanks or camis.  That blue shirt is a maternity shirt.

 Yes I am wearing the same exact clothes 2 days in a row. I probably didn't wear them all day either day though.
 This is a maternity shirt.
 Now I have to wear a belt with my jeans. Maybe a size 8 was too big.
 I bought this sweater the same day as another sweater. They are 2 different sizes. The other is still too tight.
 We went to Google for breakfast. Since it was early it was somewhat chilly so I could wear a sweater.
I changed into gray to coordinate with Ella!
I think this might be the only day all month I wore a real bra and that didn't last long. Ella was nothing but trouble eating so I took it off and she was better.
These skinny jeans are still too tight on my legs. Well not "too tight" but maybe just tighter than I'd like.  This red shirt is maternity. I have other red shirts but they are tighter or sweaters so I decided to wear the maternity shirt.

Above I labeled each shirt that is a maternity shirt. I did that because I feel like I look bigger in them. I'm not sure if it's all in my head or not.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 1-10 Outfits

I got some new shirts at Target and they can go right over my nursing tanks without seeing the color underneath. I have on earrings in this picture but I ended up thinking it was a little much to go for a walk so I took them off.
This s another one of those new tanks from Target.  I like my hair down but it gets difficult with so much leaning and nursing so I like it pulled back. I'm trying to find new ways to do that. Well rediscover old ways I've used over the years and start doing them. 
Look it's the same gray shirt from Target. I threw on a necklace this time. I'm wearing my shooties. I had on a heel. I wore them as we went shopping. After we were home I asked Dave if he noticed I was wearing nicer shoes and he hadn't. He didn't notice I was taller either.
I had on my new gray Target shirt again. I also had on my running shorts from 7th grade. I forgot to take a real outfit photo. I not only left the house but I socialized with other people.  I realized I wore the same shirt as the last time I went to a mom meetup. There was only 1 mom that was the same.
Ella and I went to walk. Ella hated it. I took her out of her stroller and wore her but she mostly hated that too. We borrowed this hat. It was actually blue and way too big.  I draped her blanket over my shoulders so her arms and legs weren't in the sun but did that after this picture.  I was also wearing running shorts from 7th grade.
So in the evening I had Dave take my picture saying I had been missing too many daily pictures on days I got dressed but then didn't realize that I wasn't actually wearing those clothes when I was out in public.  I have 5 or so tanks like this. I even have 2 pink ones because the 2nd one I bought was on major clearance. This is a size small and the other one is size medium. I bought these gray pants when I was pregnant so I would quit stretching out my yoga pants. I like them that they aren't years old and stretched out too so they don't drag on the ground. I kind of want to get a third pair since I don't do laundry often enough. I also want to get a new pair of capri athletic pants since the ones I have now are all still too small.

So I always thought the tank above was fuschia but it's label is haywire purple Well the one time with the flash it looks purple. I wish it looked like that all the time.

You can sort of tell that my stomach isn't as big anymore. It is still far from my old normal.

Photo of the Day 11.28.10

For some reason I thought it'd be cool to kick in a daily picture. I'm not sure why. It looks awful.
November 28, 2010