Thursday, May 5, 2016


 Ella was giving mummaw and pap-pap stickers on a hangout.

 How I decided to display Chrsitmas cards.

 leftovers. Topless is easier to deal with than a bib!
 Cute Ella has a "phone call"

T-shirt painting at my house. Ella wanted to help!

I caved and let her help.

She painted 4 shirts.
Then there was dinner. Which became super super messy yogurt time.
I saw her yawn and thought oh boy.

Ella painted I woke up like this... It's all wet at the bottom because she got some paint where she shouldn't have. (The shirts that aren't for Ella were for Julie's baby!)


 Some time at the park!
 Apparently I let Ella walk at the store!

Then she decided to climb!
We bought bagels for snack time at preschool. Ella just had to carry them. Also when you tell them a variety they give you the worst kinds. At least I specified at least 4 plain.  They gave me 4 jalopeno!
 Ella had to buckle her doll into the high chair.


 Spaghetti for dinner.

Just a picture of the mess! It's never good to have the room where people enter your house be the junk room. That is what we had though!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sick Again

I didn't even get over the cough from my last sickness. It was over 3 weeks of being sick.  Last night I got a cold. My nose is already raw from my nose running so much. I'm sneezing constantly too.  My cough is worse.

Dave got the cold Sunday and slept more than 20 hours.  He stayed home from work a few days resting up. Today he's home but working from bed.

I can't catch a break.
This is how you will see me walking around the house. 

I'm still hosting a meetup at 4 PM today. We will be outside and I already rescheduled this once for being sick. Hope all goes well. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Ella played with playdough.   We were talking to my mom on the phone for awhile. It started talking about door knobs but then we talked well over an hour.   We wanted to go to lunch but kept not getting ready.

Dave came out and did a dance party with Ella for awhile. She loved it.  Then next thing I knew, it was 45 minutes later and they were tired.  Then they were sitting on the chair together and Dave was singing to Ella. She loved it. But man we never left.

Then on our way to lunch, Ella fell asleep. Dave tried to wake her up. She screamed no and went back to sleep. I went in and got Five Guys even though we weren't going to eat there.  She still didn't wake up so we headed home and never got our groceries.

I thought of going to the store while she napped and Dave was home with her but that's what I did last week and I was sick of not getting a break. She woke up so soon after we got home though.

Around 5, we went to the grocery store. It's so hard to shop with Ella. Stores are too crowded and she wants to push a cart at Trader Joe's. Awful.  We also went to some gaming store. Ella was trying to pick out dice. She had so much fun.

We also went to Target after Trader Joe's to get a few other things.

We went out to dinner too. We went to some place with fancy ramen and sushi. Dave's coworkers recommended it. Ella was not good and made my life difficult.

Ella was tired and clingy. She sat with me or lied with me or jumped all over me after we got home. And we started bedtime routine at our old normal time even though lately we had been doing it an hour later or so.  She went right to sleep.

Dave and I watched a movie. Dave picked a romantic comedy for me but it was pretty dumb. It's called Timer. I couldn't even remember the name and tried to go in Netflix and failed at finding what you recently watched. Then I went to IMDB and searched "Tell Me You Love Me" because I remembered Dave said the one girl was in that show. Then I found her and then I found the show. I was looking this up not even 24 hours after watching it.