Thursday, July 2, 2015


 I already made a post about reading to Ella.

We went to Tomatina for lunch.

Then we got Jamba Juice.   I didn't like it! You believe that!  Mine wasn't blended enough but I just assumed that was normal.  Months later I finally had it again and always wanted it.

Ella liked the jamba juice!

She fell asleep in the car so we put her carrier like this.



I went to go for a run and didn't have my running stroller. I was already dressed and go out to get it and realize it was in the car that Dave took to work. I went for a walk instead.  But I just was bummed about it. So I texted Gio and asked if I could borrow her jogger. I walked there and did a swap.  Then I got to run!

Well then we get home after our run!
And the front door is locked! 
And my keys are in my stroller that I left at Gio's.  And she is not home!
 I check the other doors and they are all locked.

I found a way in and climbed in a window!!! It wasn't pretty.

We made it inside!!!
After I got in, I told Gio what I did and she says she could have just told me the code to get in her garage!  I didn't even think of that. We don't have a keypad for our garage here so I didn't think about it.

I just read my fb update about this when it happened. We discussed how don't you love it when you realize how easy it was to break into your own house. I also noted that Dave said my mom would have a field day with this when she heard about this. I don't think she ever did hear about it. Now she will though!

Ella learned to pull the basket over to get things in the basket.
Poly wants tuna noodle casserole.