Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I woke up so tired.  I had 6 straight hours of sleep and was still so exhausted. It's all the days earlier that keep building up.  At least Miles went back to sleep so I could sort of rest. I managed to get a shower before Ella even woke up.

I took Ella to the park for a meetup.   We were on our way and Ella started crying. She wanted to go home and get her bouncy ball. I turned around for her.  (Sadly we lost the ball leaving the park later.)

Ella had so much fun at the park. I pushed her on the swing for awhile next to her 2 friends. Miles fell asleep in his stroller at this point.   Leaving the car, I asked her if she wanted a single stroller for Miles or the double stroller. She picked a double stroller. So they got to ride together.

We were there for about 2 hours.

We got home and played a bit. Ella is always playing with playdough. I tried to get her to eat. She didn't really. 

Then I tried to get her to nap. It's tough work when Miles also keeps breaking out of his swaddle so he wakes up every time I put him in his crib.

She was in her room and I was in with Miles. She came out once and talked to me and then she went back to her room. I was proud. She played in there. She talked. She never sang. After an hour and a half, she came out.   I actually only got Miles to sleep because he was in the swing so it helped him stay swaddled.
One of the times I was nursing Miles, Ella was in the bathroom. Then she comes out with playdough all in her teeth telling me she tried to eat her playdough.  It's a fun time over here.

I finally got to eat lunch around 3:45 when Ella was trying to nap.

Ella and I hung out in her bed for a bit.  She had hair bows everywhere.

I thought Ella would go to sleep early since she didn't nap but she didn't stay in her room until about 10.

Miles woke up at 10:40. I can't believe he keeps waking in the evenings now.