Thursday, September 18, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:30.

We woke Dave up at 7:10 but he was mostly asleep for the first half hour. He'd even turn over to snooze his alarm.

Poor Ella is teething. At 8:30, I gave her Tylenol and she finally fell asleep for her nap at 9:30.  I napped at the same time.

Ella was so happy when she woke up. She's always trying to pull herself up when playing now. This leads to her face planting a lot. She got 2 different red marks on her face from this.

At one point when I was trying to nurse her and she wasn't having any parts of it, I decided to tickle her back. It's more of a super nice rub with finger tips. She was arching her back like it tickled. I asked her if it ticked and she said "uh huh" so cute-like.  A few seconds later I just did that same tickling on her upper back and she loved it. She'd just stop squirming and stare and drool would start coming out of her mouth. I stopped and restarted a few times and she would just stop and stare off. She loved it. It reminded me of me. To this day, you can rub my back and I'd start staring and I may drool too!

I fed Ella banana, cheerios, and lil crunchies while I ate my lunch. She sure eats fast. Or maybe I sure eat slow. I think she was halfway done with the banana before I even sat down with my lunch. I gave her lil crunchies and more cheerios just so she had something to eat while I was still eating.

I got Ella to take a second nap! That should be the norm but lately it has not been.
Since I got Ella to take a second nap, I knew she would be pleasant at dinner time so I told Dave we should go out. We went and got cheesesteaks. Ella was in fact pleasant. The high chair didn't have any straps but Ella still stayed put.    

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 1-10 Outfits

I branched out and wore shorts that weren't my favorite jean shorts!
Dave asked me if these were my mom jeans. I have had them for years. I don't like how they are torn look or whatever but they were the only ones I could find that fit and were the correct length.
This collage has a white border between the pictures on my computer. The fan is also white. I don't know how it got messed up when it was uploaded.

I thought I looked awesome in this shirt at the beginning of the day. Then with lifting it up to nurse it got all stretched out by the end of the day.

 It was chilly!!! I loved being able to wear a sweater.
I had Ella pick out my clothes. She picked this top. I took it out of the closet and tried to have her pick something else. She reluctantly picked another shirt. Then I held both up for her to pick and she picked this one.  This is a favorite of hers. Then I got compliments on it when I was out. I gave Ella credit.
I had Ella pick out my clothes again and she picked this. I didn't want to wear it since it's maternity. I tried to hide it but left it on the hanger in the closet and asked her to pick again. She used her hand to go along the clothes and dug this out and picked it again. So I wore it.

I can't wait until it's warm so I can wear pants more. I wore jeans twice above but actually changed out of them before the day was half over.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9.16 Videos

Ella was so happy in the morning.
Then it became awful. After about an hour of awful, I gave Ella Tylenol.


Ella was awake again for awhile before I heard. I feel bad for her.
Dave reads the newspaper in the living room now and Ella plays. Sometimes he's quite distracted with her.  She kept putting her rubber ducky in his mouth. She loved doing that. Then she'd take it back and do it again.

I organized a run at 9 AM specifically because someone asked me to. Well that someone didn't show. I waited around for 10 minutes. Well more than 10 minutes since I was early. Then I was going to run alone. I couldn't get my garmin to pick up satellites so at 9:15 I was going to leave. I was even back at the car and they worked. I figured since I drove all the way there I should just run. Since the Steelers started at 10, I decided to just run 2 miles FAST. My goal was 10 min pace but when I kept being better, I kept wanting to keep that speed up.  I ended with a 9:29 pace. Ella's nap was short though!

Since it was chilly when we were outside, I decided to try out Ella's new hoodie. I put it on after we were home then I put on the matching pants. I said she was practicing for our Pennsylvania trip. Then Dave gave her a terrible towel to really make her be practicing. She wasn't that interested in the towel.  She looked so cute all bundled up.
I made it home just in time for the game. Dave was cooking some snacks to eat during the game when I got home.  Then when he was eating, he said Ella needed her football snacks too. I gave her some cheerios and put her high chair right next to Dave.  He was explaining the game to her. He tried to give her a Terrible Towel too. She would look at the game and then she'd look at Dave when he was explaining things to her. It was so cute.   During half time, I got her down for a nap. Then the Steelers sucked!

I actually took a lot more "pictures" of them bonding but realized halfway through that I was taking a ton of 1 second videos.

These are the videos I took when I thought I was taking a picture.

After Ella's nap, we finished hooking together the bike trailer. We had to find the missing third piece from in the house first.  Ella just crawled outside when Dave left the door open. I thought it was cute. Then Ella got filthy hands, feet, and knees from the porch.

Then we went on our first bike ride with Ella.

I snacked with Ella after. We shared a banana. I was still hungry so I had cheez itz. Well Ella really wanted them and even though I tried to keep her away she spilled some. Before I got a chance to clean them up, she tried to pick up and eat the crumbs. When that didn't work she just stuck her mouth directly on the couch.
We played a bit. She found my headphones so I put them on her. She looked so cute that I tried to get a picture. It's hard work because she was constantly moving.

Ella went to sleep early because she had 1 nap + 10 minutes in the stroller. She fell right to sleep on me. I was shocked.