Monday, October 20, 2014


First day I was below pre-pregnancy weight. It was only by .1 lb.  Now I have the 12 to lose back to my "normal" before I gained weight when I was lazy all the time last fall.

We went to the mall. I didn't even go in a single dressing room. There are too many choices and nothing even looks that good.

We went to BJ's for lunch. Ella has never been so happy at a restaurant. She got the boy behind us in trouble a lot. He wouldn't stay seated and eating. He kept leaning over the back to talk to Ella. When we were about to leave, I turned her sideways in her booster seat so I could reach some stuff that fell on the floor. She kept trying to hug him. He kept talking to her and getting yelled at. Poor kid.  There were 2 kids at the table. The dad was flipping out at the waiter that his salad was delivered before the macaroni and cheese for the sons.

We got home and I nursed Ella then we went to sleep. She fell asleep and I half fell asleep in the rocker. I put her in the crib, then went to bed myself. I woke up when Dave told me we had an awake baby. She wasn't crying but was awake. I was in the wrong part of my sleep cycle and did not want to wake up. It was rough.

We played a bit.  I fed Ella peas. She was back to being the good eater that she was. She was letting me feed her without grabbing every spoonful. I'd just ask her if she wanted peas and she's laugh and open her mouth for me. We ate leftovers for dinner.

We watched Big Brother and The Blacklist. We are still about 5 episodes behind on The Blacklist.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I showered in the morning and got dressed in people clothes but then never left the house.

Each morning I read Ella 2-4 books.

Ella likes to pull things closer to her. She loves pulling the diaper station to her. I let her to see what she'd do then she pulled the wipes off and pulled out the bulb syringe.

Ella sure loves to drink from a straw but she gets so much on her shirt. This is better than at first whens he would choke on the water though.

Ella was so pleasant all day. Well until she decided she needed food right then and there. I tried to nurse her before I cooked dinner and she wouldn't have any parts of it but then once it was done then she needed to eat!

She went to sleep at 7:30 for the night.

I ended up watching some TV with Dave then I watched 2 shows without him. I was not tired at all and stayed up until 12:30.


Ella was up at 6. After she ate, we played for about 45 minutes. We didn't wake Dave up. I got her back to sleep. I slept in her glider holding her instead of going back to sleep. I figured I'd sleep longer that way. I might have been right but it ended up not very comfortable. I needed another little pillow behind my head. I used to have it, but now I have to use the pillow to prop up the boppy. She's so big, she's flattening it and now she's not high enough with the boppy alone. She slept until 8:30. I probably shouldn't count that as a nap since it started so early but who knows.

My app says she had a 20 minute nap at 10 but I don't even remember this nap at all. (I'm typing this at 5:46 PM) Oh now I remember. This was during my run.

At noon she took another nap.  This one was actually in her crib.

We played a bit and did this or that. We headed to Safeway at 3:45. I wore her in the bjorn. Luckily I have long arms. She reached for everything. When I was grabbing something off a shelf, she was trying to grab something too.

At 5, she fell asleep for another nap.  I ate some cereal for a snack because I'm so sick of my dinner being cut short because Dave gets home so late and then I have to start her bedtime routine. I'm sick of being starving and then eating at 10 pm or something.

Ella did a hangout!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ella Says...

I stole this idea from Julie and I just read her latest one so decided to do it.

Ella doesn't say much but it's a start.

Greets people with "hi" especially Dave. She may wave hi too. She has even said "hi" into the phone.
Her first word was hi. She mumbled other words but this was the first word she said with meaning. At first I kept wondering if she really was saying hi but she said it to Siri and Siri said hi back.
We taught Ella how to high five and twice so far she has put up her own hand and said "high five."  Once a friend was there and said it so I know this is not all in my head!
We tried to teach Ella sign language for more. We would sign and say more every time. Well Ella started to say "mah" instead of signing. Now we know if she wants more because she says "mah."
Ella seems to say "dada" or "daddy" when she wants Dave and when she sees him. But we talked to him on google hangouts (video once and just typing a few times) and I told her we were talking to "daddy" so now she grabs my phone and says "daddy" right to it.
Ella says "mom" with a very long o when she wants milk. I guess I'm the milk machine.
Ella goes into the cupboard and pulls out the chopper and has said "I got it!" a few times. She has also reached up and gotten her sippy cup off the nightstand in her room and said "I got it!" as she was pulling it off. (Picture at the top is right after she said "I got it.")

I can't think of anything else right now but she might have said 1 or 2 other things.


Ella woke up after I woke up. I had to pump. I just couldn't take it. My body was getting used to her waking up in the middle of the night. I attempted to go back to sleep but it didn't work.

Ella woke up, ate, then fell back to sleep. I decided to go back to sleep in the chair too. We almost missed seeing Dave before he went to work.

We mostly had a fun day. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  During Ella's first nap, I ate and planned for my Stampin' Up party.  Her 2nd nap started at 7PM. By 6:30 I was really tired. I needed a little break.

Dave got home minutes after she fell asleep.

She woke up after about a half hour. We hung out and ate dinner and such.  She went back to sleep around 9:30.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This was almost 4 months ago. I didn't write about the day as it happened. Just enjoy the pictures. 

Ella and I had a photo shoot outside.

Ella's favorite page. She wants to eat the food.