Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sleep Training - Miles

We started sleep training because Miles went from sleeping 8-10 hour stretches to only 4 hour stretches. And lots of times 2 or less. This was a very different reason than we decided to sleep train Ella. He mainly falls asleep nursing but he would fall asleep in the swing too. Ella would only fall asleep on me. Ella was taking decent naps and his are crap.  They are so short.   Miles is not even 5 months and Ella was over 6 months when we started.

I made the same summary table as last time except I did add the column about what time I started nursing. He suggested it last time and I never added it.
Night 1:  I almost didn't do sleep training. He fell asleep on me once Ella left the room. But then he woke up 33 minutes later. I nursed him for a few minutes and he fell back to sleep. He was still asleep as I was transferring him to the crib but then he woke up as I put him down. I figured that was as good a time as any to put him down.  I then looked up the intervals to use. I couldn't remember much. I told Dave I had to research first. Of course he thought I didn't.  As I was watching the monitor and doing my checks, I was trying to look up when the book says to do naps and when the book says to do middle of the night wakings. He cried for 45 minutes. Then took an additional 20 minutes to fall asleep. So from crib to sleep it took 1:05.

Night 2: Miles was partially asleep on me but went into the crib awake. He cried for less than 3 minutes and was asleep in 18 minutes. His crying was right after I did a check! I only did 1 check.  But then he woke up an hour later and then woke up again 2 hours later!
Most days I didn't even check on him because he was quiet so soon.  I didn't take notes all the time! There were quite a few middle of the night put back in crib that I didn't write down.

In general I feel like he actually took to going in the crib awake a lot more than Ella did. Sometimes I'm holding him and he's jerking towards the crib. He wants me to put him in.  I meant to document more naps and nights but I didn't get to document as much as I did with Ella.  I have some notes in my notebook but I"m not even typing it here.  I know a few of the nights it took longer for him to fall asleep at night were days he was whining on me already.


A mysterious cat wants to be in our garage.  I posted about this, another cat, and a dog back in March.

Dave was trying out his new bike.
I went back to our old place and went to move the empty TV box by the curb. It sounded like glass. Instead of just ignoring it, I went and looked. Well the movers broke things and hid them.  So they broke the Obama poster frame and instead of telling us, they wrinkled up the poster and broke the frame further to hide their mistake. Now the poster is ruined!

So growing up I never saw a house get tented for termites. I see it more around here. I decided to take a picture.
Here's another picture of the dog that just ran into our yard. (link at the top about the cat also talks about this)

Lynn made us dinner as part of the meal train.

After I picked Ella up from school, we went to the Dollar Tree to buy some more stuff for the Easter Egg Hunt.

We picked Dave up and Ella had to play with the bike tool area.
We were eating the dinner. It was my first time having tofu. Dave loved the crust on top. He said he'd eat the whole thing!
Ella washing her hands.

October 16-31 Outfits (2016)

The long sleeve shirts were only worn for an hour or so when I'd leave the house.

Since my belly is a bit bigger the tunic is a bit shorter than it used to be. I didn't like it as much. Oh well.

All the long sleeve shirts were maternity shirts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


9:15 PM (13th). Tired. In bed. Start new Netflix
2 am still up watching and finally get up to pump a little
Go back to watching. 3something Miles wakes. In with him until after 4. In bed. Not asleep yet. Ella falls out of bed.

Dave wakes from a dead sleep and said Ella fell out of bed. No idea how he heard that. I barely did and was awake. He ran in quicker then me! (HE did!) I comfort her. Almost asleep in 2 min. Then she says she wants me.

Fast forward an hour after and she's still awake.

I finally give up and go to my bed. 5:15. She comes and wakes me twice. Bandaid issues with bandaids she insists she needs. (She doesn't)

I'm finally asleep. And 2.5 hours later awake

Darn Netflix.

I got Ella to school.  She didn't want me to leave. I showed her teacher pictures from her race this weekend. Everyone wanted to see. The teacher seemed impressed and then Ella was more OK that I was leaving.

I immediately went to Target. I nursed in the parking lot then went in. I had to baby wear him because I needed cart space. That did not go well. He did not like the Ergo. He had fallen asleep nursing in the car so I thought it'd be great and he'd sleep in the Ergo. I was wrong.
Numerous times I was holding him with 2 hands and unable to push a cart. Eventually I was able to get the Ergo on without the infant insert. I used one hand on him so he still had my touch and could shop with the other hand. He slept until the checkout when I kept reaching in the cart.

I ate cookies on the way home. Miles was good so I put him in the swing and put thing away and spent a few minutes cleaning. Then got him to nap but he would only nap while I was holding him so then that sucked. I would try to get him in the crib and that would fail.

I didn't get to eat my lunch until 4 PM.  I did laundry and folded that before eating. I was heating my soup and he woke up. Of course. So then I nursed him back to sleep and got him to the crib and only had to reheat my food a little bit.

He finally slept well and I had to wake him up to go pick up Ella. I hate when I have to do that. Preschool was a madhouse. Ella was just having a temper tantrum when I got there. She was doing a puzzle and someone wanted to help. Ella did not want anyone else to do it. Ella, Miles, and I then did the puzzle and Ella got happy. It was a tough puzzle. Ella did it. She was about to do it again and I noticed she needed a kleenex. I got up to get it and a girl went over to my chair to do the puzzle too. Ella didn't want that and went to hit her in the head with the board! I got there in time that it just barely even touched the girl if it even did. Oh Ella.

Later Ella was hugging and holding Miles. It was all good until Ella hugged him harder. He started to get unhappy so I went to take him back and told her this. She got mad and scratched his face. She made him bleed!

Ella was scared leaving school. She was afraid of the dark
Dave got KFC for dinner.

I took longer to get Miles to sleep. Ella kept waking him up. She had to go potty but wouldn't get Daddy's help. She kept talking about how she wanted me and finally I go to put him in the crib and she is banging the door and it wakes him up.
Ella and I hung out in bed.   Ella took some pictures of herself!


Another night Ella slept with us.

Traffic was horrible!
 Ella had gymnastics class.

A symbol of my day. Ella flipped her potty off when it was full of poop!

We went to the old house to get more stuff and walk in and there's a cat in there!!! I already did a post about that.

I timed it so Ella would fall asleep on the way home and she did.

Poly always hangs out with me when I lie down.

After nap we played on the play structure outside.

This was a picture of Ella but look at the packing materials in a box on the right. Then the toppers for our bookshelves on the left.

We were at the bike sop so Ella had to check out the little bikes. She said she wanted one.  Dave got his new e-bike.