Saturday, September 23, 2017

Family Photos (8.26.17)

When I booked Miles's 1 year cake smash session, I also asked for family photos.
Overall Miles had a bad time and scratched his face bloody and Ella did not want to cooperate and got into trouble.  

A Week of Hard Labor [Legs]

I had time to get 1 more random workout in before I start Core De Force so I decided to try something I'd never done. A week of Hard Labor has a few options and I went with legs. I don't know why since my knee is injured. But it wasn't so bad. Slow and steady and my knee isn't awful. I just couldn't squat as low as I wanted but the coach couldn't seem to either.

I thought I took more videos but apparently I took videos of the breaks and not actually doing it! A chair with wheels wasn't the best for 2 of the moves. I'll get something else for next time.  I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

Since my knee is injured I went with medium and heavy weights instead of medium, heavy, and heavy plus. I just used heavy twice.  Without an injury my "heavy" would have been medium.  I did have to go without a weight at one point because of the injury.

I actually made Recover to drink afterwards. I used my TENS machine too. I love that thing!

Sorry about the poor framing. I didn't waste time trying to get a different setup for the phone.

I did skip the last set once so my workout was a little shorter.

Core De Force Results

I recently completed Shift Shop, took a week off, then did Core De Force.

This time I did not have as many changes as I would have liked.
I only documented my food for 5 days out of 30.  I went back and checked. I worked out 17 of of 26 workouts.  (Week 1: worked out 5 of 6 workouts.  Week 2: 4 of 6 workouts, Week 3: 1 of 6 times, Week 4: 7 of 8 workouts) I cut quite a few short too! Actually it could have been out of 30 workouts but I wasn't counting active recovery.

I did not workout as many days as I should have and quite a few of those days that I did workout I did half a workout. I almost never did a full workout. I at least skipped a minute or 2. I had to modify the moves a lot for my bad knee the entire month. For about half the month my wrist was injured so I also couldn't do push-ups properly.

Some days I wanted to just skip from my injuries but then I did half a workout so that's better than I would have done.

The challenge group I ran didn't have many active participants so then I probably wasn't as motivated.

I ate pretty horribly. If I would have followed the plan, I would have done better. I ate junk food so much more than I did with Shift Shop. I ate way more cake than I have done at any other time in my life. In my head once I started eating junk and ate junk for a few days I was like "what's another day" and kept doing it more. I'm actually surprised I didn't gain weight.  I'm up from what I was at the end of Shift Shop because on the week off I gained 2 back of the 9 I had lost.

Two days after this ended I was a pound lower and was still that pound lower 3 days later too. Too bad this didn't end a few days later then my numbers would have looked better. haha.  Well actually I think I like that the stats weren't that good to show that not following a plan doesn't get you results.

November 16-30 Outfits (2016)

I only got dressed a few times. I left the house a lot more times than that. I semi got dressed and left the house and still my hair was a disaster.    One picture a week is a selfie of me while I'm at PT.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Flashback Friday: Ella and Miles 12 months

Ella and Miles got their picture next to a stuffed animal each month. But I used a polar bear for Miles instead of the one we used for Ella.  I think we got Miles sitting up extra tall here but still his torso is longer and Ella's legs are longer.
Here you can compare me and also the kids.
One more of Ella and Miles.

I thought it was interesting that they both held something and they both were working at their stickers but had them on in some pictures and off in others.  Ella held my brush and Miles held my camera remote.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Core De Force Week 4

This is actually Week 4 + 2 days because I didn't want to just make a post for 2 days.  Core De Force is a 30 day program.

9/11  I did MMA Power because I started Plyo but doing the Learn it & Work It I knew they were all too much for my bad knee.

9/12 I did Power Sculpt.  Well I did the warmup + Round 1. Then I got Miles to sleep. Then I made a phone call. Then I did the warm up + some of round 1 + rounds 2-4 and round 9 + cooldown. My knee hurt so bad that I decided to not repeat the exercises.

9/13 - I did MMA Speed.  On my way downstairs to get my laptop to workout, I missed the last step and stumbled and really hurt my knee even worse. I had to modify  but I still did it.  On some moves that had some punches and then a kick, I skipped the kick. Sometimes I could do it and sometimes not depending on which leg it was.  I almost skipped the workout all together after my stumble but I'm sick of always skipping and super annoyed with how little I'm actually doing.

 9/14 I did 7 rounds of Dynamic Strength. (There are 12 rounds.) My knee hurt a lot by the end. My wrist didn't hurt that much at all. I almost considered not going to the doctors since it's a lot better.  I forgot how much I liked this workout.

9/15 Rest

9/16 MMA Shred (Skipped 2 min of it)

So I'm not actually following the schedule. I just alternate between a speed one and a strength one. Since most days I can't even finish a workout I haven't added on the core ones in awhile.

Today I did MMA Shred. I only skipped 2 minutes worth knowing the double kicking just did not work for my knee last time. Instead of the jump squats I did squats I was supposed to do at PT. I tried so hard to squat evenly and I was still favoring my right side.
👍🏻 I had fun the entire workout
 Ella was happy about the workout
 I only skipped 2 minutes of it.
 I got to use my TENS machine after
👎🏻 I had so skip part of workout (but happy it was only 2 min and not more)
Ella did interrupt me a few times.

 9/18 MMA Power + 3 min plank
MMA Power + 3 min plank (instead of + core kinetics)  This might be my longest workout in awhile. Going slowly and modifying are helping a lot. I'm getting stronger even with my various injuries. 💪🏻
👍🏻 I did all the rounds + cooldown
I only modified once and did squats.
I did this while still recovering from my cold.
I used little weights from tae bow while punching for some extra oomph to my workout
👎🏻 I was trying to do the 4 min plank from PT but with the side leg lifts that I could never do but Ella came and climbed on me and it messed me up and then I just did 3 minutes and it was a struggle.

 9/19 MMA PLYO + 4 min plank

My food was not what I wanted at all. The end of the challenge I was sick and could barely handle momming yet alone cooking. I didn't make it to the store to even be able to cook.


When I made the collage I totally forgot there was a taco picture
9/14/17  I also had five guys (no picture)



9/17 dinner because shrimp was ordered by mistake

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Core de Force Week 3

September 4-10
I ate horribly. I was busy getting ready for Miles's party and cleaning so I never wanted to cook. I definitely didn't get my vegetables in and and then I'd eat a lot of junk food.   Then I pigged out at the party too. I also ate 6 cupcakes on September 9. I had 2 on September 10.

This shouldn't even count as a week. But instead of starting over or redoing, I'm just going to end when I should and then do round 2.

9/6 - I put on workout clothes but then after serious thought decided for another rest day.

Workout done
Almost recorded it all
Skidded on a lego once
Did forearm plank with eg lift instead at one point because of my wrists
Also when recording I thought wow this camera makes my legs look skinny. I didn't think it was making me all look skinny because my gut looked worse. Maybe the white shorts are slimming.
(Now that that week 4 is over, I can't think back enough. I think I only worked out 1 time. I tripped over Miles's high chair and hurt my ankle.  I also had a sore wrist.)

(Now that that week 4 is over, I can't think back enough. I think I only worked out 1 time. I tripped over Miles's high chair and hurt my ankle.  I also had a sore wrist.

I am so bummed about being injured.

 I skimmed all my photos and barley had any food pictures so I just put some of the unique ones here.
 This was just one container of cupcakes but I ate this many throughout the week so I figured I'd include it.
I've noticed when you lose weight a little or get better at workouts, you focus more and eat even better or workout even harder. But then when you have a setback in some way you just do everything else worse. It's tough.

November 1-15 Outfits (2016)

I don't really take daily pictures like I used to. I miss it.  Nothing like almost never getting dressed.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ella at LACP

Ella's preschool had a shutterfly account and would post pictures sometimes weekly and sometimes they'd miss a month or so.  I finally went through them for the past year and saved ones with Ella.  Here are a few that have Ella without showing other kids.

They were painting with the wheels of the cars.  Then a few kids including Ella decided to add hand prints to the paper. (That picture had other kids so I didn't post it.)
 Potluck night and Dave made it into a picture.
 It was so hot they were playing with spray bottles.

10-12-16 Ella sorting







They used a salad spinner to spin toys and then they used it to make art work and paint.

11-14-16 - Hand print Turkey

11-16-16 - Making Stone Soup





 Celebrating Dr Seuss's Birthday.

Ella Sharing

Saying Goodbye with Nina

Making Easter Basket

April - Dying Eggs