Monday, July 25, 2016

34 Weeks (July 24)

I need to do a baby poll and see what people think for birth date, weight, hair color, eye color, and whatever else is on those things.

We bought the dresser... it's still in the boxes though.

I was beyond exhausted this week. Monday was clean for 3+ hours so that the house wasn't a total disaster for the cleaners + carnival planning meeting. I was just so busy. Tuesday was the Tot Trot and the last day of Biggest Loser. The Tot Trot had a lot of prep to get it down well. Biggest Loser involved taking measurements, entering them, figuring out a winner.  Oh Tuesday was also a multiple hour carnival planning meeting. Wednesday was a social planning meeting + doctor appointment + trip to Ikea.  Thursday was T-shirt painting at my house. So I had to have everything clean, shirts prepped, and deal with Ella and kids and showing people how to paint.  I was pretty much checked out by this point!  Friday involved a lot of carnival prep and cleaning up and I forget what else. Saturday was the social and since I was on set-up but then couldn't leave until break down since I had many of my own supplies there I didn't get home until 2. Then I had my shower. I was LATE for it because Dave took Ella for a ride so I could get dressed and he stopped for food and took forever.
Last Sunday I had a Stampin' Up class here. This Sunday I had my maternity photo shoot. I'm not sure which Sunday I'm supposed to include on this week! Exhausted I tell you! Ella also going to sleep after 11 makes things tough. I'm still exhausted.   I will have a separate post about the amazing shower and games!
Maybe this is why the week seemed to make me beyond exhausted!

 I keep thinking I'm huge now then look at old pics and think I just must not be able to remember.

Ella took some of my photos this week. She photobombed one set. Also rotated the camera accidentally and then got me in the mirror.

Size of baby: Cantaloupe, 17.7 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 5 pounds.  The app always spelled cantaloupe wrong so now I don't like it as much. At the ultrasound this week the baby measured 5 lb 6 oz but then there's a high + or - after that since they say they aren't that accurate. I hope he's smaller!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  33.5 lb gain overall. I lost 0.8 in the past week.  I know I'm above the weight gain since I was last time by a lot but I can't even get the app to allow me to enter my weight. I don't know what my problem is with it/me. I clearly did it last week.  Last time I said the app told me 19-28 was the average weight gain. This time it says "normal range" and says 8-16.  I finally figured out how to get in.

Maternity Clothes:  maternity tops, maternity shorts. Athletic pants, yoga pants, carpis are all non maternity. Tops are too dang short. I've been sleeping in the shirts that are too short and I hate it.  My hoodie won't zip now but I still wear it. The maternity hoodie I have doesn't have pockets.

Gender: Boy

Movement: There is a lot more movement and now seeing my belly move is a lot more visible.  It's different to feel butt and not head like I felt with Ella. 

Sleep:  I wish Ella slept more. It'd sure help me. I wake up a few times to pee. The cat wakes me up. Sometimes Ella wakes me up. 

What I miss: Running. Everything else that I miss is so much lower that it's not even worth mentioning. I want to RUN!

Aversions: Maybe the idea of planning food. I just can't think of what to make or cook to meal plan and I was doing so well with meal planning and it was helping with actually having food.  Now I just can't even think of anything I'd want. But once I have food if Dave came up with an idea, I want to eat and do eat it.

Symptoms: My back hurts pretty often from poor posture. Sometimes things trigger sciatica pain and then that sucks the rest of the day. I was actually lightheaded quite a few times this week. My legs are cramping up at night and it sucks. 

Best moment this week: my shower!!!!

Looking forward to:  Setting up the crib and dresser. Ahh we are so behind and in so much pain we're never going to get this done. (If Dave stands for 20 min (or walks for 20 min) his leg goes numb. He's in a lot of pain from his sciatica too.)

Exercise:  I didn't exercise unless you count running the tot trot with Ella.

Same this time: Both times I complained about shirts being too short. Last time I mentioned sleeping in the shirt my brother got me. I forgot about that and I will be sleeping in it tonight now. It's in my drawer.

Different from last time: My back hurting and being lightheaded seem to be symptoms both times. I didn't have sciatica pain last time though.

Monday, July 18, 2016

33 Weeks (July 17)

 I feel huge a lot lately. And it looks like I got huge.
I took measurements and can't believe my hips are ~5 inches bigger than they used to be! I made a collage of before I was pregnant pics and then pictures of now. Look at the difference.

I started researching what people put in hospital bags. I can't really remember anything except I packed stuff that I never used.

Three days in a row this week I drank over 80 oz of water. I don't think I ever hit that high before. I usually struggle to hit my goal of 64 oz.
I made some graphs with the weight with this pregnancy and my weight with Ella. Using google sheets is tricky and not pretty but you get the idea.
On multiple occasions when I'm sleeping my right calf will cramp up. But more often than that my right thigh locks up when my leg is straight. I have to physically use my hand to bend the leg a little to get it to go back to normal.
Side profile I thought I looked huge but this slight angle I don't look huge!

Size of baby: Pineapple, 17.2 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 4.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  34.3 lb gain overall. I gained 4.2 lb in the past week. I can't even believe I gained that much. I finally realized an app I thought disappeared on my phone was still there but on a different screen. So now I got to enter my weight and got to see normal weight gain is 8-16 lbs at this point. Oops.

Maternity Clothes:  The same as it's been. Still wearing non maternity PJ pants and athletic pants. The tops are maternity and some are too short to go over this belly.

Movement: The movement is fairly quick so I don't even think to tell people about it when it happens because if they tried to feel it, it's gone already. But there is lots of movement. Times I see the covers or things on me move from the movement.

Sleep:  Since I drank so much water this week, I woke up more times than normal to pee. Then Poly would wake me up a few times too. One night I just slept horribly because Ella was sleeping in big girl undies (her choice) and I just kept having nightmares about her peeing the bed or something.  I've been so tired. Ella barely sleeps. Dave has been asleep more than half the times this week by the time she went to sleep. And then she wakes me up not him.  She goes to sleep near midnight and wakes up near 8:30 but with some days 6:30. 

What I miss: Running, Crossing my legs, lunchmeat, getting up off the ground easily.

Aversions: Pretty much all food. Well not really an aversion because once it's in front of me I'd eat but coming up with what to cook has been awful because nothing sounds good.

Symptoms: Back pain, sciatica issues, groin pain, acid burps, leg cramps while sleeping.

Best moment this week: Teaching bootcamp on Friday. Earlier in the week finally having a discussion about baby names. We didn't finalize one but I feel like we might be closer. 

Looking forward to:  My shower (in a week) and joint sprinkle (in 1.5 months), buying the dresser, getting black out curtains, figuring out how to get the rocking chair from Ella's room to the baby's room and replacing it with something. 

Exercise:  I did push-ups a few times. I went for a walk (I think). I went in the pool. I taught bootcamp.

Same this time: I can't even think of anything.

Different from last time: Last time I was quite sick and my sicknesses were all earlier on this pregnancy. I never had sciatica pain with Ella.


 That's Ella's bucket with some of her Easter candy in it.

 Ella's favorite part of the blocks is dumping them all out.

 I spent a lot of time cleaning. I sat down briefly and Poly cuddled all up on me.

Here are some pictures I took. They are not exactly "after" photos. Some were just in process that I took to text as I was cleaning to show my process. But then I didn't take final photos.

Ella's room took a lot of work!

Ella tucked her doll into her wagon.

Then the doll had to eat in the other high chair.
Jamming with no clothes on but sunglasses on!

I'm impressed Ella could hold herself up like this.
My brother sent me a picture of how fat he is. I thought it was funny that I was also wearing yellow so I took a picture and made a collage. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and he's just gutty!

So I was having issues with my google photos so Dave did a ticket (or whatever they are called) about my issues.  They didn't fix anything yet but noted that I have a lot of photos. They mentioned I have over 700k photos and more than 12k albums.  I'd have even more if I didn't lose almost all my pictures from 2005-2008 when a hard drive died.


Ella woke up at 5:13 crying. I cuddled her and she fell asleep on me. She'd cough and cry a bit here or there. I could tell she was getting sick.  When she woke up for good I asked her if something hurt. She nodded. I asked where and she lifted up her chin and pointed at her throat. Then she kept insisting she needed a bandaid. I asked her if she wanted to go to the doctor and she said yes.
I was coughing up a storm so had Dave make it. He didn't want to. He asked her if she wanted to go to the dentist and wanted to go here or there and she nodded for all of them. But I said to make it. I wasn't sure if she has what I have how to treat it with her.
We dropped Dave off at work and headed to a 9:50 appointment.
Ella was such a big girl getting on the scale, standing to be measured, and going to the room.
Then she put the oxygen thing on her finger so well. She even got her temperature taken in her mouth. (I think they should have done arm because 95.1 didn't seem right!)
The nurse gave her stickers she was so good. When the cupboard was open she asked for a lollipop. I asked how she even knew some were in there. I certainly didn't know. So then she got 2 lollipops, too.
The doctor came in and checked her ears and listened to her chest. Both were fine.  He looked in her throat. She did a good job saying "Ahh" that he was impressed.  He said Ella did not have any spots like I had but her throat was a tiny bit red.  He said it's likely she'll get what I have just because I have it.  I think I'll check her throat though to see. Hope it's not worse tomorrow!
We got donuts on the way home. I asked her how many she wanted and she said 2.  Then she wanted to eat them in the store.  She of course wanted two right then. She had 2 out but at least only ate 1.    She had fun saying hi or hello to everyone who came in. Some people said bye to her as they left. She liked it. She'd wave to them too.  This girl misses getting out of the house.

She wanted to go to the park. Luckily the park she wanted to go to was the one in our backyard. Then she wants to explore and find the snails. This makes my life more difficult since we don't have the pool fence up yet.

We went inside finally after a lot of making her go in. Then I offered her a donut for lunch. (The one she had at breakfast but didn't eat.)  She flipped out because she wanted 2!  Finally I gave in and gave her 2 because my head hurt from all my coughing.   She ate maybe 3/4 a donut but ate a tad from both.  We did a few things then called my dad on a hangout. She asked. I said 5 minutes then nap. So they talked 5 minutes. Her mood got so happy.  We went to the car for a ride to fall asleep. She was asleep within 10 minutes. (I did make her a deal that she naps and transfers to her bed and sleeps and then we go to the park. I think this helps her fall asleep better.)

This was all I wrote initially...
Poly cuddled with me during Ella's nap.
After Ella's nap, we played in the park in the backyard.

Near 8 PM we had food but no pictures after that so no idea what happened.