Friday, September 14, 2018

Miles 24 Month Update

  • Weight: 31 lb 10 oz  - 93rd percentile  
  • Height:  38.25"  - >99.9th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 50.7 cm - 96th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 48%
  • Diapers: Size 5 (and size 4)
  • Clothing: 2T pants or shorts. 3T T-shirts (for length).  4T-5T socks 
  • Shoe Size: 8 I guess. He will only wear his size 8 9 crocs
  • Teeth: 18 (I'm assuming. I haven't counted)
I took his measurements 1 day late.  (stats using WHO)

Oh sleep is so annoying. If I start nap a little late, then at least he will fall asleep.  He doesn't nap long.  Then at night he only sleeps about 8.5 hours every night. He's had a few extremely exhausted no nap days earlier in the month when he slept 11 and one magic one he slept 13 but it is not the norm. He likes to wake up before 6 am and demand food. 

Miles will wake up and immediately demand food. He will try to demand food when nap time or bedtime is taking while. He will be picky about what he wants and flip out. He likes his food.  He still will not drink milk. He mostly eats in a right height chair.  He gets upset if another kid sits in his chair.

Sample Schedule:
8:00 PM - start bedtime routine, diaper, benedryl, books, sit in chair until he falls asleep.
Asleep by 10
6:00 - wakes up
snacks and TV
Take Ella to school
nap (usually start routine near 2 and falls asleep near 3 but sometimes even later)
sleeps 1-2 hours for nap
(cries a lot and is clingy after nap!)
get Ella, eat, play

Special Moments
On August 13 to 14, Miles had a horrible nights sleep. He was wheezing or maybe coughing a lot. He had a scratchy voice in the morning.
On August 16, Miles worked on buckling top buckle in car seat himself. He needed minor help to get his shirt out of the way.
On August 24, at 7:20 PM, Miles told me it was time for bed. We went upstairs, read and stuff and songs. Then he said he wanted to go in his crib at 7:55.
On August 25, Miles negotiated 3 min not 2 for bike riding. I was impressed.
On August 26, Miles had his first, second, and third attempt at egg cracking. It was not so good but he got better.
On September 1, Miles counted to 8 but missed 6.
On September 3, Miles pulled a kitchen chair over on himself and broke the chair with his face.
On September 4, Miles put lipstick on for the first time. He put in on his cheeks. Miles's first day at LACP.
On September 7, Miles has a little runny nose. Miles's first day at MVPNS.

Miles started preschool. I've noticed Miles started hitting back after Ella hits him. He can count to 8. He knows his shapes. He says his favorite color is purple.

He uses many word sentences. Like 6 word sentences are pretty short for him. Multiple adults are impressed with how much he says and how well he speaks. 

Other Tidbits:
He is recently addicted to Daniel Tiger books and then Daniel Tiger on TV.
He loves to go in the stroller (versus the car)
He likes to be independent.
He likes to eat!
He likes Ella!
He likes the park.
He loves friends.
He likes to play outside.
He likes to take a shower.
He likes to eat the icing out of oreos and give Dave the cookie part.

I spoiled him so now he hates going into the crib awake and he wants to fall asleep on me. He also hates being transferred to the crib.
He still doesn't really like a bath.
He hates being left with anyone but me.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 13 hours 7 minutes  (increase)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: all
Diapers used (from September 1-14): 3 per day   
Time spent sleeping (from September 1-14): 11:03 per day (increase)  
Doctor Visits: 0
Illnesses: 2

Favorite Toys
Favorite Songs
I don't know. He tells me not to sing now.

Favorite Books
Daniel Tiger Books
Favorite Foods
any sort of meat
yogurt smoothie
fruit by the foot

Random Tidbits
Miles likes his crocs so much that he sleeps in them.

I never took official pictures of Miles so I included some from the 10th and 11th.

Kids Say ... (August 2018)

More quotes.  They seem to mostly be Miles quotes but Ella has good and smart ones too yet I guess I forget to document them.


So cute. Said he’s "resting with daddy" and “watching tv with daddy”


Talking about a tea party Lily is having

I asked Ella,  "Do you know what a tea party is?"

Ella said, "It has cups, and a tea pot, and even food"


Omg. Ella is asking me to run. I said I’m tired and sore so going to drive. Then she adds “running makes you pee though” and “running makes you pee your pants “ 😂😂


Miles see Abree today and he’s obsessed
Beth says to Miles. “Do you want a little brother or sister?”
Miles: just baby Abree.


Me: Ella why are you naked?
Ella: I like being naked


Miles says "it doesn't fit mommy."  I put on his bike helmet.


Me: Miles what happened to your socks?
Miles: Ella took them off.

He’s giggling up a storm.


“Put your phone back” so I better put it away. At park with Miles.


Ijust saw miles's goldfish from earlier and I looked and it was not empty. I said "Miles you didn't finish your goldfish" he looked at me and touched the bag and said "I'm sorry mommy. I will finish my goldfish"


I just asked Ella if she showed her gymnastics leotard at show and tell at school. (She was going to take it and Aurelia was going to take the same one)
Ella: No I just shared my hard drive.
Me: Ella did everyone know what a hard drive was?
Ella: No, but they do now.


Miles just came running to me. I asked what was wrong.

Miles: I scared
Me: Why are you scared?
Miles: Kitty saw me


Me: Ella can you believe everyone says you are so tall?
Ella: No. I'm only 4 and a half so I can't be tall.


So we are at outback for dinner. The waiter comes over to greet us and Miles tells him “I like food.” The waiter loved it.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kids Say... (July 2018)

Some more quotes from the kids.

Miles: Don’t put diaper on me.
He’s wearing undies and didn’t want me to swap it.


I changed Miles into a diaper .

Miles: I want undies.
Me: Miles we are leaving the house. You need to wear a diaper.
Miles: I want undies right now.

Goes over and gets undies and gives them to me.


I‘m super lightheaded all day and yesterday.
I ate my food
Miles poured some of his into my empty bowl and said "gave you a little more"

Miles keeps offering me more food. Such a nice boy

7-10 -18

Miles: For you
Giving me apple jacks

Me: Thank you. That is so nice.
Miles: Eat it


Miles: Can’t see her.
He covered mummaw's face with a slipper on google hangout.


I need to get video some day of Dave bringing Ella home. Ella walks in then sees Miles and gets so excited and says "Miles." Then Miles gets super excited and says “Miles”. Ella tells him " you have to say “Ella”." so he does. And they run toward each other.


“Don’t take the butter” as he stole butter after pushing step stool over to get to it


Miles walks over and spits out cheese

Me: Miles you spit out food in a napkin or on a plate.
Miles: No spit out food on your leg.


Sometimes I start tickling Miles's back thinking it'd be nice and he'd like it like Ella and he says "don't tickle back, mommy"

I typed that above to my mom so decided to tickle his back to see if he’d like it.

He said "don't tickle my back mommy" then said "Ella likes tickle back."


Miles gets my attention saying “I need medicine.”

I look over and see his sock is bloody. He was using his socked foot to rub behind his knee. It was so itchy and he made it bleed.


Miles stands up

Me: Miles why are you up?
Miles: Go get something mommy

After some encouraging he got me up

Me: Miles what do you want to get?
Miles: Something from mommy’s room.

We head upstairs but he didn’t seem to want anything


Standing for a diaper change
I tell him he’s a big boy.
“Hold shirt” and holds his shirt to make it easier for me. Wow such a big boy


We are at the park and the kids keep me doing stuff.
Me: You know if you kids didn’t keep me so busy I could invite your friends to join us.
Ella: Can you invite Arya. I really like her and Sara?

10 minutes later “where’s Arya? “

(They didn’t even text back in that time since it’s normal busy dinner time.)



Miles: Buy it for me.
Me: OK I'll buy you raisins.
Miles: Oh Thank you Mommy!
He was so excited that a lady in the aisle laughed and said how cute he was. 


Sunday, September 2, 2018


I started a new subscription that included facebook, instagram, and favorites on my phone.  I just got 20 books to start my order and be caught up.
I've gotten 18 books and 20 books before. Now I added 20 to that and only about a month behind. My 21st book will be closed soon.  I still get Groovebooks monthly and send them to my dad. Now books are $10. They used to be $8 a couple years ago when I started.  I also ordered 1 set when they had their 20% off 2 years ago. I've been waiting for my order to get 20% off and I got it with.  So I saved $40.  I have a code if you want to sign up then you can get $10 off.
The quality is good.   I like that you can keep the captions from facebook and instagram.  I tend to go through and edit longer descriptions so they are not printed on a second page.  Now with instagram changes I make collages less and would just post 5 pictures at a time. So as I go through I sometimes split up the caption to go with each picture so it wasn't all just with the first picture.   I figured I'd do this instead of photobooks but I still want to do some photo books. 
One thing is when I have instagram photos go to facebook then there are 2 of the picture in my series and I have to delete one. I just don't always post one photo to the other so I wanted to make sure I include them from both locations.

Here is an example of a time I kept a long caption and it shows up on the next page. I always make sure a spread like this is on the same page and I don't have to flip a page for the caption.
The other ones I got over a year ago.
How do you keep up with printing pictures? Do you keep up with photobooks? Do you scrapbook? Do you just put photos in an album?

Saturday, September 1, 2018

1SE August 2018

I did less of roll the dice this month. I had one day without any videos. I had another couple with only vertical videos. I need to work on this.  I take videos vertical for instagram and then horizontal for this.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

5.1.18 Roadtrip Day 1

It took 6 hours to pack and load the car. Dave went to the supercharger during this time so we didn’t have to go with everyone right away.

 2:36: We finally left and were on our way!

Went from 1500 to Leuhm’s to turnpike in Irwin.   Dave wanted beef jerky so that’s why we drove a few minutes out of the way to go to the candy store. Oh we also stopped and got some food at Arby’s.

 3:30 Miles called for Pap-Pap
5:30 Super charger

7:03 Beach.

Miles loves it.  Miles loves finding the rocks to give to Dave for him to skip them.

Ella made angels in the sand.

The kids did not want to leave the beach but we had to eat dinner and get to a hotel. 
 7:50 driving away and Miles loves it and crying for it.

We went to Sara’s, a busy place near the beach. Jen met us there. We got curly fries and hot dogs.
Miles was so cute but then you could tell he was so tired.

At the hotel there was crying. Miles was just too tired. We had to wait for pack n play before he could go to sleep.

Miles asleep at 10:34. Ella is eating. My computer won’t work. I'm rusty at road trip stuff. I forgot to bring in water bottles to be able to fill up.
Ella slept in the closet instead of sleeping on the sleeper couch.
When we were parked in the lot and booking the hotel Ella asked us to hurry and then said she was peeing in her carseat a little or starting to pee or something like that. I hurried and got the travel potty. She kept saying to hurry so I knew she could not wait for us to walk halfway around the building into it and then to the bathroom wherever that was. We were parked at the Tesla charger by a side door but since we hadn’t checked in yet we did not have a room key to get in that door. The travel potty to the rescue.