Monday, February 19, 2018

Miles 17 Months Update

  • Weight: 27 lb 7 oz  - 91st percentile  
  • Height: 35.5" - 99.9th percentile 
  • Head Circumference: 50.2 cm - 98.9th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 37% 
  • Diapers: Size 4
  • Clothing: 18 pants. 18 mo or 2 T T-shirts.  2T-3T socks 
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Teeth: 16
(stats using WHO)

Miles wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30.  Then he takes 1 nap a day. It’s mostly near 12:30. Sometimes it's a little later. He naps 1-2.5 hours daily. We start bedtime at 7:30 PM. He goes to sleep so well and even if he ever wakes up and cries for a second, he puts himself back to sleep.

Miles snacks in the morning upstairs while we are getting Ella ready or has breakfast in the car.  He eats a bigger meal at some point before nap.  He likes to eat right after nap. Then we get Ella and they snack in the car on the way home. They start dinner or snack immediately after getting home. The kids eat while I cook. Then they mostly don’t eat the actual dinner. He’s in his high chair most of the time we are eating. He has some dessert too. Then it’s almost bedtime.  He has a yogurt or yogurt smoothie before going up to bed.
Sample Schedule:
Start bedtime routine pretty close to 7:30.  Routine is Benadryl, diaper change, put him in his scratch sleeves and sleep sack. Put on some ointments but most of the time I don't put on any. Then I read books to him. We read 7 or more every night (and before every nap.) He has some favorites. I leave one arm out of the scratch sleeves so he can turn pages and lift flaps. He takes a book to the crib with him.  He always goes into the crib into the corner with his head on the pillow. I cover him with his 2 afghans and the fleece blanket. Then I turn on his night light elephant and he holds his book. He falls asleep within minutes. He sleeps all night. If I happen to hear him make noise in the night he goes back to sleep himself.  He wakes up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 for the day.  Get Ella ready for school, drop Ella off, and he has a snack in the car. Sometimes he falls asleep on the way home and other times he doesn't nap until 2.
11 lunch
12:30 nap routine starts - We transitioned from nursing to book reading. We read about 6 books before nap and he goes into his crib awake.
1-3 nap
eat, play, hangout, get Ella, eat, play
then 7:30 bedtime routine again

He gets Benadryl before bed at night and before nap.

Special Moments:
On January 11, Miles climbed up on gray couch all by himself. He stood on scale before bath then peed!
On January 12, there was no nursing before bed. I asked if he wanted books or nursing and he chose books. I was going to have that be the last time we nurse so looks like we were done without realizing.
On January 13, Miles blew his nose when I held a Kleenex up.
On January 16, Super long nap. I had to wake him to get Ella.
On January 17, Miles had a fever. He was so cranky. I actually nursed! I guess we weren't done forever.
On January 18, Miles is still sick but medicine helps. New word past few days: cook
On January 20, Miles wanted to eat. So I try offering him cereal or cereal bars. He wasn’t having any of that and tells me to cook.
On January 21, Miles dragged the step stool in the kitchen to climb up on it. Later he fell off couch. Bit tongue. Bloody
On January 22, he's still sick and miserable. Walking into preschool this morning he face planted on the sidewalk. He only scraped himself a little.
On January 23, I noted that the past couple days he learned the new thing of being held and flailing back and arching his back. And almost killing my back
On January 25, he turned on the stove. He threw laptop down stairs to landing.
On January 26, he opened and turned on the fan for cooktop.  He threw wipes packages over to foyer. His first time drinking from water fountain.
On January 27, I walked into living room to Ella and Miles were sitting at the picnic table beside each other playing.
On January 28, Miles did not have a nap because I forgot to put him down. We were busy out shopping then played outside as soon as we got home.
On January 30, he woke up saying "da da da da" so Then Dave went in and got him. He spilt lemonade. Then he went and got a dish towel from drawer and cleaned it up.
On January 31, I took Miles to indoor play place. First time without Ella. He was pretty shy at first and then warmed up and played.
On February 3, he mostly climbed up in the high chair. Just noticed that he has 4 new teeth!
On February 4, at 11:47 PM he woke up and cried and back to sleep himself.
On February 5, I realize Miles has been running the past few days.
On February 6, Miles can kick a ball.
On February 7, he painted his own nails for the first time. Ella painted his toenails first time too.
On February 8, Dave put Miles to bed while I was at PT. It was his first time. He read him 2 books. (He doesn’t read more even though I read 7.)
On February 10, Miles said he wanted to sit on potty. He did and peed. But he had on diaper and pants. He was 34 inches tall standing. He had no nap! We were at my parents and he just didn't nap.

He can climb up on the couches that were a little higher and he couldn't climb on them last month.
He's learned even more body parts.
He started running.
He will sign water, more, all done, milk, and eat.   He doesn't nurse anymore and doesn't drink milk so he doesn't really sign for milk anymore.  He said many words one time but not really again. He has repeated animal names when playing peek-a-boo barn. He's said a lot of things one time like straw but then hasn't said these things enough for me to remember them to count them below. 

New Words
boon (balloon)

Still Saying
Sock  (Sa)
Caa (Clock)
Ba (ball)

Other Tidbits:
He loves to shovel.
He loves books.
He loves to slop in the kitchen sink.
He likes to climb up on everything.
He likes to be independent.
He likes to walk around.
He likes to be held on my left hip.
He likes to eat!
He likes to run over and try to hug Daddy.
He likes to play.
He likes Ella! He misses her when she's at school.
He likes Benadryl.
He likes to help give himself Benadryl and even suck the medicine out of the syringe.
He likes to try to get anything that he should not have.
He likes to play outside.
He likes to ride the horsey.
He loves clocks and always points them out.
He likes to climb the stairs.
He likes to go down the stairs on his butt.

He doesn't like baths.
He doesn't like to sleep anywhere but his crib or his carseat.
He doesn't like anyone but Pap-Pap to feed him with a spoon/fork. (He has to feed himself otherwise.)
He doesn't like attention from people he doesn't know.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 13 hours 54 minutes  (increase)
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 31  
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 31  
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 31  
Diapers used (from January 1-10): 4 per day 
Time spent nursing (from January 1-11): 0:00 per day  
Time spent sleeping (from January 1-11): 13:34 per day (increase)  
Doctor Visits: 0
Illnesses: 2

Favorite Toys
kid chair

Favorite Songs
If You're Happy and You Know it...
Old MacDonald had a farm.

Favorite Books
Brown Bear Brown Bear
Panda Bear Panda Bear
It's Pajama Time
Dear Zoo
the little Paw Patrol books. 
Pretty much all books

Favorite Foods
any sort of meat
yogurt (strawberry banana is probably his favorite but he eats a few) (3-5/day)
yogurt smoothies
fruit snacks

Random Tidbits
He's way more of a trouble maker this month.  He pours Poly's water bowl into her food bowl or vice versa. Or he just dumps them out everywhere. Sometimes when he knows he's doing something wrong he runs to the corner and continues doing it. 

Miles Loves Books (Feb 2018)

Miles loves books. Since we stopped nursing, he's gotten a lot more books read to him.  I'd say on average I read 7 books before nap and 7 books before going to sleep at night.  Then we read a couple books throughout the day.  He also picks up books and sits and "reads" them himself.  I will notice he's awake in his crib in the morning sitting up reading.  At night he falls asleep most of the time hugging his books.  Sometimes he reads in the car. I say sometimes because I don't always give him a book for the car.

I skimmed my pictures the past 2 weeks and didn't find any selfies I took when I read to him before he goes to sleep. I know I've taken some. 

On February 16, I went in after nap. I heard him on the baby monitor but I hadn't looked and I walked in to him reading his book!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 Goals Progress

I made a post with 2018 goals and I thought I would see how I'm doing.

For 2018, here are my exercise goals:
  1. run 72 miles (that's 6 miles a month) with a reach goal of 100 miles * --- I ran 0 miles
  2. complete 4 Beachbody programs - I completed Phase 1 of 80 day obsession 
  3. Exercise in some form 208 times (that's 4x/week) - I exercised 30 times in January 

Random other goals related to exercise -- I haven't done anything there!
  1. Have a photo shoot while running
  2. Have a photo shoot while doing various forms of exercise
  3. Combine random exercise files/videos to one spot on my computer
For inspiriting others, I plan to -- I haven't done any yet but I knew I'd start the year being a part of 3 groups so I consider it good.
  1. Run 6 free challenges
  2. Run 3 month long challenge groups
Ella hurt my back on January 1 so I am pretty impressed with how much I did. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

80 Day Obsession Week 2

Week 2 - January 22- January 28

Day 8

Day 9: Booty
recording is 2/3 the workout.   Miles woke up a little less than 1/3 into it.

Day 10 - I went downstairs to do cardio core. After 25 min I finally got it to play enough after issues. but miles wasn't having it. I could have had it working right away but it wouldn't chrome cast. So I closed it to restart it which usually fixes it. It did not. So then I closed web browser and went to re-login and it would not do it. It wouldn't log in. So much fighting with it. Rebooting computer. Wouldn't log in. Like you click log in and it didn't work. Then eventually I try safari to see and that works. Also in that time I'm downloading it to my phone to see. But miles was losing patience so I was holding him. So I gave up and we came upstairs. I'm mad I just wasted all that time.

Cardio is tough. Coordination was bad on the frog things. I deleted my first video where I couldn’t move  the right way. I just couldn't make my knee open the right way. I have no idea why coordination was so far off today.
I did my PT core exercises at the end. And my abs were working!

Day 11 AAA
We all worked out via zoom call.

I wanted a bonus workout after and was going to do the Bonus workout for Insanity Max 30 that is 15 minutes long but it wouldn't play. So then I did Insanity Plyometrics Cardio Circuit. It was a 40 minute workout. It was GOOD.  It was tough.    I burned 256 calories.  I only burned 132 during 80DO cardio on Wednesday.

Day 12  I was surprised how Miles tolerated the entire long workout. He did bug me some but it wasn't bad. I noticed I was getting better at moves. I also did them with heavier weights.

Day 13
Inch worm killed my back. It still hurts hours later! I’m just not as flexible as I should be and I try to do it anyway and do it wrong so many times. 🙁
My back hasn’t hurt this bad in a week so I think next time I’ll cut out inch worm and do something else that is still a workout. 

Day 14 I didn't do stretch and release. I will add it in because I said I wouldn't miss a workout but I felt like I didn't need it. (I did do it later in week 3)

I just took measurements.
Down 3 inches from the start of this program.
2 of those are in my chest though 😀 I was nursing and just finishing up when I took the before measurements and now I'm not nursing.
My arms are bigger so I actually dropped more than 3 but then had to add in the arms too. Waist is .5 smaller.
Just compared to July . 15 1/2 smaller.

This week the Insanity workout made me more confident in my cardio endurance.  But my food was crap.  I really struggled just having a desire to eat so I barely ate any food. Then I did have some extra not on plan foods like one night I had peanut butter on a few graham crackers. As of that point I had 1 Red, 1 Green, and 3 Yellows. (protein, vegetable, and carb)That's it. So I had 4 teaspoons left but no carbs. But I still ate the graham crackers anyway. Graham crackers aren't even allowed except on refeed days.  My weight went back up near the end of the week. The lack of food is really worse. I just had no desire to eat. One night at dinner I was trying to force myself to eat and just managed a few bites. I hope Week 3 is better.

All pictures taken in the morning. Similar pose.
3 different bras. 2 or 3 different pairs of pants
So comparisons aren't exact.

This shows some improvement after just 1 week of single leg good mornings. My balance was better both weeks on my left leg. My right leg was more like week 1 during week 2. This is hard stuff! I take longer to get into position and complete the move than Autumn and the cast do but I am working on it. Progress!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

80 Day Obsession Phase 1 Results

Phase 1 results. Down 3.5 inches and 3.8 lb. My arms actually increased from all this muscle I'm getting back! I'm not seeing it in these pictures. When I've taken selfies in the mirror in my sports bra, I've noticed more!
What these pictures don't show is that my core is so strong now compared to what it used to be! I never remember my core this strong. I love it!
My measurements are actually worse than a week ago. I barely ate most of the week from stress then yesterday ate a lot finally. Phase 2 will be even better than Phase 1! Nothing like pigging out the day before pictures. 
I also included a collage comparing July to now to show how that difference. (Before July I was even bigger but I just went back that far. Sorry the shorts are different. I used to always use the red shorts then one day I could not find them so I swapped to the tighter black ones.)  I'm surprised how much I've changed since July. Taking pictures every month or every 21 days you don't notice the small changes as much but then compare it to 7 months ago and wow!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Instastories 1-16-18

Every few weeks I use instastories. I kind of like them but just never use them.  Here's a compilation of ones from January 15 and 16.

Monday, February 5, 2018

80 Day Obsession Weeks 1-3

I'm behind with posting. When you make videos everyday it takes longer to compile them.   I made a quick video of weeks 1-3 using Quik so it picked what portions of the video to use.   Here you go!

Also I was looking for a list of all the Cardio Flow exercises and surprised I couldn't find one.  Sometimes I get ahead or behind so I like a list since I don't trust my memory.  I typed one up but might not have the names exactly right because there are no breaks in the workout to get time to type it.

Inch worm
Spider push-ups
Diamond jumps
Duck walk
Step through
Mule kick to frog jump

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ella Misses Daddy

Dave was out of town for work. Ella said she missed him. He was out to dinner so I asked if she wanted to make him a video. She said OK then we started recording and this is what she did/said. I didn't know she was going to be SO sad.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Playing in the Rain Video

Ella and Miles were playing in the rain so I decided to take some pictures and videos. Well they were playing with the snow while it was raining. I never seem to post enough about these kids. They are so cute and fun and I take pictures and videos and then never do anything with them. I really want to try to post more and I just don't get my act together.

January 11, 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

16 Month Comparison

Here are 2 collages. Ella and Miles were both 16 months old in them!

I used to think Ella looked like Dave.  Then I thought Miles looks like Dave.  But I'm not seeing how Ella and Miles look alike.