Sunday, January 20, 2019

28 Weeks (January)

By the third time around I expect to be huge. I'm still in shock some of my maternity tops don't fit. They are too short. I guess wearing pants below my belly instead of those big maternity jeans might contribute to that. 
I feel like I look pretty similar in all the pregnancies but was rounder in the first.
I have quite the noticeable love handles now. 

We tried to get Miles to sleep in the bunk bed instead of his crib.  It failed Saturday night. Then Friday night we tried again. After 3 hours he was asleep, but then 3 hours later he woke crying and wanted to go to his crib. I have a few months to get him used to a bed.
Size of baby: Iceberg Lettuce, 14.6 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 2.2 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  19 lb gain overall. I gained 2 in the past week. 

Maternity Clothes:  Pretty much all tops.  I wear athletic capris and yoga pants that are not maternity. My hoodie is not maternity and it doesn't zip. 

Movement: I feel movement. The same as it's been but then I notice I can see my belly move a little now. 

Sleep: I am so tired by the time I get to bed. I even didn't write in my one line a day at night a couple nights this week and I have written in it daily since last January 1. I wake up at least once to pee. Poly wakes me up at least once a night pawing at my back because she wants me to face the windows versus facing the middle of the bed and she wants an afghan spread out for her. It's tough to fall back to sleep many times too. 

What I miss: Bending to clean with ease. My belly gets in the way when I reach for things or when I shimmy between things. It's like I forget it's expanding. 

Symptoms: My back has been sore a lot. My sleep is crap. If I'm woken up, I have a tough time falling back to sleep. 3 times this week I was awake for 2 hours in the middle fo the night.  I'm waking up with leg cramps. I'm so so so so so lightheaded this week. 

Best moment this week: I don't even know. I was so over being lightheaded and not being able to function.

Looking forward to: picking out a name. 

Exercise:  I did 3 days in a row of exercise earlier in the week but it was only 15 minutes and I got lightheaded every single time before the end. 

Same this time: My back was sore. I exercised a little every time even though I feel like mine were awful this time. 

Different from last time: I haven't had swollen ankles this time (or last time) but I did the the first time. I painted onesies last time but haven't even though of anything this time.  I didn't even mention being lightheaded in either of the 2 previous 28 week posts.

28 Weeks with Ella
28 Weeks with Miles

Friday, January 18, 2019

Tot Trot (11.4.18)

This was Miles's first Down by the Bay Tot Trot unless you count being baby worn in 2016. This was Ella's third time running it.
The 4 of us got there early and played in the playground before it was time to run.   Ella lined up with Gio near the front.  I lined up with Miles near the back.  They lined up by ages.
Dave took pictures/video of the race. 

Ella ran the entire thing. Near the beginning someone fell and somehow she got kicked in the side. You can see her grabbing her side during the race but she still kept going. After the race she didn't think Miles should have gotten his medal because he didn't run.
Miles liked doing the race with me. He walked most of the time with only a few steps here and there running.  Afterwards if you ask him, he will say he didn't run a race because he says he "walked a race."

With about 20 ft to go to the end, Miles got tired and wanted me to pick him up. I guess the race was a bit long for someone who just turned 2. It was a 0.5k.  I saw Dave taking pictures so then I put Miles down a second after I picked him up.

I spent a good bit of time making instastories and providing video clips with labeling. I can save the story to my phone and you can view it but when it uploads to youtube it zooms in and you miss a lot. I tried to make another video. It has a little bit of duplication at the end but the end clips have some labeling from instagram so I wanted it.

2015 when Ella ran it. (Apparently I didn't post about 2016)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Workout Pants with Pockets

During the summer, I ordered capri pants with a cell phone pocket. Now I can never go back to no pockets. I tend to wear my workout clothes all day because I would run to school then run to pick up Ella later. No sense changing clothes a ton. I didn't run with it in my pocket but then would have my phone with me all day. It was great.  I did run with it in my pocket a few times I ran kid free and it worked great. When I do my workout videos, I don't have my phone in my pocket because I use my phone to record but I assume that would be great, too.  Ever since it became cold I have been on a quest to find workout pants with a pocket.  I am having trouble. I need long length. They either have long length workout pants or pants with a pocket. I found a couple places that carry long length and the long is still too short.  I know someone that bought the 7/8 workout pants and can wear them as real pants.

I ordered a few pairs and my favorite are from amazon. I now own 4 pairs.  I tried another brand on amazon but they were much tighter and not as comfortable. I initially bought a small then when I got pregnant I bought a medium so I could fit into them as I gained weight.

I own two in Bk/Grey, grey (called 09), and then shorts in bk/rose.
The pockets are set a little further to the butt on the gray ones than the other ones. It was harder to get my phone in and out of the pocket while sitting with these ones so I like the other ones better.

I've tried Athleta because they have long length but their long is only 32" and that's too short. That's the inseam of many other regular length pants. I need something like 34" I even used to wear 36" inseam yoga pants. If you see any anywhere with a phone pocket let me know! I want some! But for now I will just long for the slightly warmer temperatures so I can wear my capris. They are the best.

Update: I checked and my current pants are all 35 7/8" - 37". I have a pair that are too short and the inseam is 35" so I guess 34 is also too short.

5.6.18 Roadtrip Day 6 Tulip Festival

5:30 - Ella had a bad dream. Slept with us.
Miles woke up so happy.
 He loved eating cashews.

Me: Did you have a good sleep?
Miles nods.
Miles: Crib. ( points)
Me: In your crib?
Miles (Nods): My crib. 

9:04 I was lightheaded

Brought breakfast to room.
Pack up… We take forever.

Try to make packing cubes, failed.  Load car.
11:35 We try to go to presidential library and it’s not open until noon. We decide not to wait.

Super charger
Ella and Dave went to 5 below.

1:32 left
Muskegon Light House
Tesla GPS said to drive through water!
1:51 parked
Right before we parked Miles said potty then pooped in his diaper.

We walked to the lighthouse using the wagon for the kids.  We walked to 1 of the light houses.

~2:30 back to car
Miles fell asleep
2:52 stopped for 3 of us to go to the bathroom.

3:33 parked in garage for Tulip Time Festival. Miles was still asleep. We wouldn’t even have gone to the Tulip Festival if it weren’t for my aunt suggesting it. I’m glad she did.
We were at the Tulip Festival until 7:30.
We walked a lot. We had a lot of food. We looked at some vendor booths. We went on some rides.  (Miles wasn’t tall enough for all the rides and he was so bummed about that. The rides were expensive to use the tickets.  Ella was 42” to ride some of them and others she didn’t make the 42” cutoff!)
We had even more food.

It got so hot.
Ella got so hungry.
The wagon was way better than carrying a kid.  Both kids got so tired. We probably got sunburned.  Dave said he liked Holland.

I pulled a wagon so much and walked so much that I counted it like a workout.
My left knee started bothering me.  The town was nice and big.
7:50 Ella asleep
7:54 Miles crying saying “Mommy hold me” over and over.

He cried so much.

He sat on my lap at the super charger
When I was closing the door, he stuck it leg out and the door smashed it. Well it more like wedged it in. It took a few seconds to realize what happened and to open the door. He sure cried.

Hotel.  So cold out. “Cold cold cold”
Returning the cart, the kids got a lollipop.
Ella was screaming bad.
Bed time
10:35 Miles finally asleep.
Ella still awake.  Dave asleep. Stomach hurt. Time for my shower.

~11:30 Ella is finally asleep.

2:45 Miles woke up crying. He was too smashed in the corner. I moved him and he went back to sleep.

I already posted my instastories compiled video but if you want to refresh your memory here it is.