Saturday, July 14, 2018


I have had a draft post for ages. Below is all I had written.

Get Ella ready

Safeway. Knee awful


Onesie lollipops. Ice cupcakes.

I guess that's as good as it gets. But here are a ton of pictures and I'll elaborate now even though it's been a long time since it happened.

I happened to take some screen shots of my app. It's how I knew diaper changes and what not. I miss this app so bad. In the top it had predictions for the thing that would happen next. After this app wouldn't work with the new iOS, I did a lot of research and no apps were as good as this. 

Hanging out in bed. I was nursing Miles in bed just before this.  Everyone is moving all around so there aren't pictures without at least a blurry kid. 

 At first I thought this was a picture of the clean-ish closet floor. Then I saw Ella's leg.

Ella was so good to Miles but he just was so little and he'd get overwhelmed.  She tried to comfort him. 

The grocery store is so difficult. Where do you keep your groceries? Oh carry them .... but wait what happens when your knee hurts and you can't handle all the added weight?  Oh you quit the store before you are done and never get to the frozen aisles.

 I'm in the car here with an ice pack on my knee and eating.

 Miles's 1 month well-check.
He doesn't like to be naked.

He felt betrayed after that shot.

There was an accident on 85 north.  There were like 6 cars on the side of the road stopped like getting out looking at damage. I was confused. A little further down I see the car under another. Another car was smoking.  (Also I wonder what app I used to put the spotlight on these pictures?)

Ella is covered in paint. She loves the sensory experience.  The director saw her painting and had to stop and watch her because she loves it so much. 
Ella loves when I pick her up.

I have no memory of what we did with the double stroller. 

This is icing! Stephanie made cupcakes and icing but gave them to us separately. It worked well because Ella wanted a lot of icing so I would just keep re-icing her 1 cupcake so then more cupcakes for me.

Friday, July 13, 2018


A little after 5, Dave woke me up asking where Ella was. Then he checked her room and she wasn't there. Then checked under our bed. She was asleep there. I asked what made him ask me and he said her door was open with the top light on. (Later I learned he already checked her room, woke me, then checked again to double check.)
She was still mostly asleep even after she was out. She fell asleep on me right away. We cuddled into bed.

Miles woke up about 10 minutes later.   He nursed for a bit then we hung out in the living room.

 He was tired and went back to sleep around 7:30. He napped on me. He woke up and we went in and Ella woke up around 8:20.

We hung out and played and Dave went to work. We had breakfast.

Miles was so tired but there were so many delays from Ella that he didn't get back to sleep until 10:30. Ella was just so noisy and wouldn't just be quiet to let him nap.

Miles only briefly napped.  I asked Ella if she wanted to go for a walk and to go to Gio's. She was so excited to go to Ms Gio's and walk with her. She talked about how she'd say "faster, faster, faster" and cheer us on. She was so excited. I never saw her get ready so fast.   Michael fell asleep minutes before we got there so she couldn't go for a walk right then. Gio suggested we go to a park or go somewhere else to walk. Well you can't mention a park to Ella and not go.

Ella had so much fun at the park.  Miles went in a swing for his first time.  We played for a long time. Michael woke up so she joined us at the park. Then we walked.  We went to Safeway and got some food. Ella wanted a donut since I had asked her on our way to Gio's if she wanted to get donuts to take. She didn't then but now donuts were on her mind.   Miles napped for 20 minutes on our walk. I wore him. He was not having the stroller.
It was after 3 PM when we got home. Miles cried the entire time in the car. Ella was so tired but didn't fall asleep.   Then we get home and Ella is too noisy and Miles won't go to sleep. It takes forever. Then he does. Then I have to get her to sleep and it's after 4.  I went to put the gate in and Ella flipped out and that woke Miles up. She stayed in her room and then Miles fell asleep on me. I was going to put him in his crib but I kept falling asleep. I was so stiff and uncomfortable and I'd just fall back to sleep.

It was after 6 when I woke up for good so I hung out on my phone while Miles was on me. He'd wake up and want to nurse or cry. He wanted more sleep. We all had late naps. I woke Ella up after we got up.  Then we played in the living room. He rolls over right away then I get out my camera to record him and he tries but doesn't roll over again... every single time.
Dave got home after 7:30 but since sleeping was so late Miles wasn't ready for bed yet so we hung out a little bit. Ella worked on some puzzles. She was pretty good at her paw patrol one.

Then it was time for Miles to go to sleep. That did not go well. He kept crying and fussing. He eventually went to sleep when I rubbed his head and sang to him. He barely nursed at all!

We ate dinner after he was asleep. I was still eating at 10 PM. Ella and I watched This is Us from a few weeks ago. Ella liked it.
photo booth prep
We didn't start bedtime until 10:20 with Ella. She really didn't want me to leave. It took forever for me to get out of there. Dave was with her a bit and I started blogging. I needed to do the posts from a year ago since I really hate to be a year behind.   Dave left Ella's room and was looking at houses for sale in Pittsburgh.  Before we knew it, it was after midnight. Then I wrote this post and it was 12:20.