Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Ella thinks she's a baby and tries to get in the carseat that was sitting on the floor.

 We went swimming.
Ella whined a lot until we got out. It was so cold. Many kids were whining in the pool. It was just too cold for them. It was a heated pool and everything.

Monday, October 12, 2015


I got Dave to drink a shakeology. I made chocolate for the first time. I did chocolate with peanut butter and milk. He loved it. He said it tasted like a peanut butter cup. He couldn't believe it was healthy.

Ella and I went running at 9. At 10:30 we went to Gio's so I could watch Lily and she could run to the store.
Ella had some strawberries and tomatoes at Gio's.

I had Ella draw a pretty picture for Dave. (I forgot to show him though.)

We had leftover chicken with bbq sauce and mac n cheese for lunch.  I made Ella put up with me cleaning up after lunch. It was so nice just to have it done. Nothing was 100% though.

Ella napped. I ate and used my computer during nap. I never get as much done as I want to!

Ella helped write a card to mail to a friend!

Dave was so late from work that we got started on dinner without him. I started with mixed veggies.  Ella ate so many. She started eating all the carrots, then green beans, then the rest.  I guess I should time dinner like that more often and then she'd eat healthier.  Once Dave was home I was shocked how much she ate of the mac n cheese and hot dogs.  Dinner was so late that it was practically 8:30 by this time.

We hung out a bit and read and then bedtime. Ella was up until 9:45.  Then Dave and I watched Bachelor in Paradise.  Then I watched Netflix. I wasn't tired at all and kept watching. I was up past 3:30. I finished Breakout Kings. It was a good show but it ended poorly. Then I did some research and it was cancelled after the last show aired and they thought they'd have another season. That's 2 shows on A&E that this happened to me after watching. I need to do some better research. Well I don't want to ruin the show, so maybe I'll just have a friend research for me if I should watch something or not.

This card is for Julie.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Ella and I went to our run in the morning. Dave biked so we actually were not late. It was nice not being the one everyone was waiting for for once.  Ella was eating strawberries and the juice was quite messy.

We were delayed a bit in starting. Then during the run someone was late and I was trying to coordinate with her but then that failed because she made it seem like she was there and she wasn't.

Ella and everyone played so well after.  6 of us ran together and 2 were quite late and just played with us.  At one point Ella ran over to me holding her spare underwear from my bag. I asked her if she had to go but I checked and she had peed. I guess at least she knew she had to be changed.

I zipped home after instead of just dropping the car off because I had to go bathroom and didn't want to walk home after dropping it off having still not gone.  Then I took some stuff out of the car quickly. I was so late. I left it at the end of the driveway (right up against our house).

I dropped the car off and then walked home. It wasn't even a mile walk and it was only noon but Ella sure fell asleep with 1 block to go.  I got her in the house and got the stroller in her room. It wasn't easy because the opening wasn't wide enough for the stroller now that there's a toddler bed.  After all that I was exhausted and wanted food and so much stuff. I totally forgot about the stuff I put outside.

Ella napped and then was miserable. It was a short nap and she was awake before 2.  We ate, played, played outside, etc. I couldn't take her whining and crying.  We then walked to the park. On our way home, I noticed the stuff I left outside was stolen. I was not happy.   Just another thing to make the week awful. (I filled out a police report. It got accepted. There was never a follow-up. They took everything but the box of plastic disposable bibs. 2 yoga mats, many canvas bags, and a laptop)

I made tacos for dinner. Dave took forever so it was quite delayed. Ella was so miserable. I just couldn't handle it anymore.   She was also having a million accidents. She was in a pull-up most of Sunday and so the day after is apparently super miserable.    Everything sucked.

I didn't even want to watch TV after I put Ella to sleep. We started to watch TV in bed but I was falling asleep so we stopped it and I got to sleep. (It was a little after 9 pm.)

Ella the climber