Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Miles woke up around 3:30. He was up for a little bit. But then I could not fall back to sleep! I was up until 4:30.

Miles woke up at 7 for the day.  I was cleaning right away.

I ended up having to wake Ella up at 8:30.

 What I packed in Ella's lunch.

The cleaners came at 9 so I had to do a bit of pre-cleaning.  Ella wasn't ready at 9 but shortly after and Dave took her to preschool.

I cleaned a bit and held off Miles for his nap until they were done in his room.  Then he napped on me for a half hour.  We hung out a little bit and did more cleaning.

We called my parents on a google hangout while we hung out in the bed waiting for them to finish cleaning.

We ate lunch.  Miles and I had toast and 3 stuffed peppers.

Then it was nap time.  Miles napped on me. I couldn't manage to get him into his crib. Poly even knocked open the door and climbed on my lap too.

Miles ended up napping 3 hours on me! I napped a little!  It was after 4:30. The day sure flies.

Dave picked up Ella. When they got home, I noticed I left the rest of the stuffed peppers out! :(

Ella got home and was bad throwing stuff.

When she got home, she was hungry. Usually she wants junk or cereal. But this time she got out the bag of cucumber spears and ate those!  Another perk of cut veggies handy!

We hung out.  We played.  We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner.   Miles had crackers and baby food.

Ella was playing with her letters in the tub.  She said she found an A for Aurelia.  Then she wanted an N for Nina but didn't know N. I showed her one on my phone then she found it.  A minute or so later, I notice she has 4 letters in a mesh pouch.  The A, E, N, and W were in there. I asked her about it. She said E for Ella, A for Aurelia, N for Nina, and W for Willow. Then said something about them playing together.

Then it was bath time. Miles got a bath and Ella got a bath.  I put ointments on Miles. i tried to do a little bit of stuff before bedtime.  I helped Ella finish her bath while Miles lied on the floor near Ella.  Miles had had enough before I was even ready.  Then it was bedtime for Miles.  Ella kept disrupting him and waking him back up or at least stopping him from  nursing.  It was after 8 before I was out of his room.   Then I tried to do a few things and failed at everything.  Then it was Ella's bedtime.
Cute little guy after a bath.

Once we did her bedtime routine, while Dave was watching Daniel Tiger with her, I did my knee exercises.

Then I planned the outfits for our photo shoot that I mostly planned before.  Once I did that I tried to do some other event planning.  Before I knew it, it was 11 PM. I don't know how this happens.


 I met my old neighbors to go for a walk.

 I met Gio for lunch.

 Miles surprisingly loved eating my wrap.

 This was Gio's picture. She posted it to instagram or snapchat or something.

I made stuffed peppers for dinner.  (I decided I like stuffed pepper soup better because I use way more peppers.

Just look at this kid in his jacket.

Monday, October 16, 2017


We finally made it out of California and entered Nevada.
We had a pit stop to see the world's tallest thermometer and to stretch our legs.

We went to Pot Liquor in Las Vegas for lunch. It was good. Everyone liked my pulled pork.

We went to the Hoover Dam. We were there too late to go on a tour so Dave was disappointed. But a tour would have been too much with the kids anyway.  Dave spent time reading all the signs and admiring everything. I spent time dealing with Miles, making sure Ella didn’t run off or hide, and being afraid of how high we were.  In the museum, Ella would go up to displays and point at them and talk and say she was a teacher.

We got In N Out for dinner and ate it in the Motel.

Helping get ice.