Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 Random Goals

My goal used to be 1 blog post a day but now my goal is 1 every other day even though I do wish for 1 a day.  I decided to do a random blog post of some of my random goals that are not fitness related.

In 2018:
  1. 183 blog posts with a reach goal of 250. 
  2. Complete 2 photo books!
Well this sat in draft form for 2 weeks so I guess I'll post it.   I have  2 photo books started but they have many many hours left before I complete them. 

Monday, January 15, 2018


Well Miles is done nursing. On December 20, I started nursing every other day before nap so that was our first nap without nursing day. He was not a fan.   We did that about a week then nursing before nap was totally done.  He was not a fan the first day.

Then I was going to wait a full week.  December 30 was his first day of not nursing before nap officially.  Then I was going to wait a full week to do every other night before bedtime. But then he got a cold. He was so cranky and clingy all day that I didn't want to take nursing away then.

January 8 (unhappy!)
On January 12, he was so miserable, I nursed him in the middle of the day trying to calm him down. He needed to sleep but all he did was cry.  Nursing helped.  Then that night, I asked him if he wanted books or nursing. He chose books.   Then on the 13th, I was going to offer to nurse and do every other day for a week but I decided just to offer reading again and see how he reacted. He was fine.  We just read 5-9 books before I put him in the crib awake and he's fine. He will often shake his head no that he doesn't want to go into the crib. He will go in and maybe cry for 3 seconds and he stops before I'm out of the room.    So now we are done nursing!   I nursed him for 16 months and 2 days!

With reading instead of nursing, now Ella can sit with us on the chair and listen to the stories too.  In the past week, she'd almost joined me every time that she's been home. Sometimes both Miles and Ella want to lift the flaps on the books so then I say I'll read the book twice so they both get turns.

It's so weird that my last time nursing, I did not realize it would be the last time nursing. It was a bonus time that I even felt weird about doing thinking it'd be a slippery slope and he'd want to nurse extra all the time.    The weaning process so was different with Miles than with Ella.

ETA: I nursed on January 17 when Miles was sick and miserable.

Ella 4 Year Update

I think I last did an update when Ella was 2.5.

  • Weight: 33.6 lb (32nd percentile) 
  • Height: 42 inches  (79th percentile) 
  • Clothing: 4T or 5T for length. Size 10 or 11 shoes. 
Ella naps half the time at school and never at home.  I gave up trying to get her to nap in May and it made my day so much easier. 
We try to get her bedtime routine started near 8:30 but usually a bit later.  But it takes forever and she keeps coming out of her room. She draws in there and plays. I'd say she goes to sleep near 11. 

She barely eats anything. She likes yogurt, fruit, french fires, chicken nuggets, and cereal. She will eat some bites of other stuff. Some days she will eat pasta and other days not. Stuff like that.

Sample Schedule:
We wake her up at 8 and get ready for school. We try to be at school at 9 but are usually late.  She eats breakfast in the car.  She eats lunch and afternoon snack at school. When I pick her up she eats on the way home. Then she will eat at home and eat dinner.  Then bedtime stuff starts at 8:30.  I will do potty, brush teeth, change clothes. Then Dave watches Creative Galaxy with her. (Before that it was Daniel Tiger and Tumble Leaf.

In the past few months Dave started working with Ella to teach her to read. They were going pretty well then she stopped wanting to try so Dave stopped teaching her.   Her drawing has gotten better. She can draw some recognizable things like stick figures, rainbows, shapes.

Other Tidbits:
playing with Miles
playing with friends at preschool (She wishes they would come over)
Watch Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Ryan's Toy Review, Ryan's Family Review, Paw Patrol

Going to sleep
Being told to go on a timeout

Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018 Exercise Goals

Ella asked if she could take my picture while I was using the elliptical. I got my phone back and she took 407 pictures.

I often write a goal post at the beginning of the year. Years ago I also had monthly goal posts.  I don't often remember to summarize them at the end of the year though.

For 2018, here are my exercise goals:
  1. run 72 miles (that's 6 miles a month) with a reach goal of 100 miles *
  2. complete 4 Beachbody programs
  3. Exercise in some form 208 times (that's 4x/week)
    I hope I can manage something close to what is above

    Random other goals related to exercise
    1. Have a photo shoot while running
    2. Have a photo shoot while doing various forms of exercise
    3. Combine random exercise files/videos to one spot on my computer
    For inspiriting others, I plan to
    1. Run 6 free challenges
    2. Run 3 month long challenge groups
    This may not seem like a lot but, I am not even sure I will make it.

    What are your goals?

    *I figure in January and February I might get 0 or 2 miles in a month because of the weather but then hope for other months to pick up the slack.

    I wrote these before I injured my back. I'm glad I took into account for some times when I couldn't work out. 

    Saturday, January 13, 2018

    Miles 16 Months Update

    • Weight: 26 lb 11 oz  - 90th percentile  
    • Height: 35" - 99th percentile 
    • Head Circumference: 50 cm - 99.8th percentile
    • Weight/Length Percentile: 36% 
    • Diapers: Size 4
    • Clothing: 18 pants. 18 mo or 2 T T-shirts.  2T-3T socks 
    • Shoe Size: 7
    • Teeth: 12
    (stats using WHO)  Stats taken 1 day late.  That seems to be my going theme lately. The official pictures were 2 days late and there weren't that many so I used phone pics and made a few collages.

    Miles wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30.  Then he takes 1 nap a day. It’s mostly near 12:30. Around Christmas and when Dave was off work, he'd end up with a much later nap because we were out and about. He was a real trooper. He naps 2-2.5 hours daily. We start bedtime at 7:30 PM. Sometimes a bit later. But he’s super clingy and freak out most nights because he gets too tired.
    Miles snacks in the morning upstairs while we are getting Ella ready or has breakfast in the car.  Then we start lunch close to 10:30 sometimes 11, so that we are done eating by 12 or so for nap. He has a yogurt smoothie before nap since he no longer nurses then. He likes to eat right after nap. Then we get Ella and they snack in the car on the way home. They start dinner or snack immediately after getting home. The kids eat while I cook. Then they mostly don’t eat the actual dinner. He’s in his high chair most of the time we are eating. He has some dessert too. Then it’s almost bedtime.  He has a yogurt smoothie before going up to bed. He nurses a little before bed.

    Sample Schedule:
    Start bedtime routine pretty close to 7:30.  Routine is Benadryl, diaper change, put him in his scratch sleeves and sleep sack. Put on some ointments but most of the time I don't put on any. Then I nurse. He almost never falls asleep while nursing and goes into the crib awake. He shakes his head no not wanting to go into the crib. He will either not cry at all or cry for less than a minute before being quiet until he falls asleep.  He sleeps all night. If I happen to hear him make noise in the night he goes back to sleep himself.  He wakes up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 for the day.  Get Ella ready for school, drop Ella off, and he has a snack in the car. Sometimes he falls asleep on the way home and other times he doesn't nap until 2. 
    11 lunch
    12:30 nap routine starts - We transitioned from nursing to book reading. We read about 6 books before nap and he goes into his crib awake.
    1-3 nap
    eat, play, hangout, get Ella, eat, play
    then 7:30 bedtime routine again

    He gets Benadryl before bed at night and before nap.
    Special Moments:
    On December 11, Miles punched me in the nose and made my nose bleed.
    On December 13, he properly went down 5 steps himself
    On December 16, Miles spit up on himself at the hotel. 
    On December 18, Miles sees some old guy from afar. He got excited pointing and said pap-pap.  Later he said grandpa when saying bye to grandpa. 
    On December 20, he knows so many body parts. 
    On December 22, it was Miles's first time to go into the crib for nap without nursing. There was lots of crying.  He cried for 10 minutes then fell asleep after. He woke up sad and crying and wanted to nurse. Dave talked him into a yogurt smoothie.   I was sad I read a book wrong to Miles.  Miles climbed on me, gave me a hug, patted my shoulders, then kissed me on the forehead.  
    On December 24, Miles picked out a shirt and pants for Ella to wear. Except she was already dressed for the day. He climbed up on the brown couch himself for the first time.  He said a new word... poop
    On December 30, he was super upset to not be nursing. 
    On December 31, he climbed up on the leather chair in Ella's room by himself for the first time.   Ella and Miles were fighting over Baby Timmy and Miles said "Timmy." 
    On January 2, Miles didn't want to go into his crib before nap. But then he went in and didn't cry. He's such a big boy!
    On January 5, he nodded for yes. I believe this was his first time. 
    On January 7, I was getting his Benadryl ready and he escaped his room and got down to the landing flawlessly 
    On January 8, he woke up with a cough and a runny nose developed as the day went on.
    On January 9, he woke up at 5 am crying but then put himself back to sleep after just a few seconds of crying.  What a good independent guy.  He drank out of a medicine cup for the first time to take his Tylenol for his cold. 
    He learned how to climb up on the couch this month. He climbs up on a lot of things.
    He's learned even more body parts.
    He walk backwards but he might have done that last month or even the month before.
    He can scoot down the stairs.
    He lifts up his foot to get a sock or shoe on.
    We waves so well now.
    He started getting pickier with eating and also more demanding and won't just go with the flow as much.
    He will pet Poly so nicely and then back up and clap.  He doesn't squeal and chase her around or anything.

    He will sign more, all done, milk, and eat.   He sort of signs for water. 

    New Words
    Cu (cup)

    Still Saying
    Sock  (Sa)
    Caa (Clock)
    Ba (ball)
    Other Tidbits:
    He likes to climb up on everything.
    He likes to be independent.
    He likes to walk around.
    He likes to be held on my left hip.
    He likes to eat!
    He likes to talk.
    He likes to run over and try to hug Daddy.
    He likes to play.
    He likes Ella! He misses her when she's at school.
    He likes Benadryl.
    He likes to help give himself Benadryl and even suck the medicine out of the syringe.
    He likes to try to get anything that he should not have.
    He likes to play outside.
    He likes to ride the horsey.
    He likes to play hide and seek.
    He loves clocks and always points them out.
    He likes to climb the stairs.
    He likes to go down the stairs on his butt.

    He doesn't like baths.
    He doesn't like to sleep anywhere but his crib or his carseat.
    He doesn't like anyone but Pap-Pap to feed him with a spoon/fork. (He has to feed himself otherwise.)
    He doesn't like when people keep trying to feed him when he's full.
    Miles waves appropriately when people leave and also waves to the mailman when he's in his mail truck.
    Fun Facts
    Longest time sleeping: 12 hours 31 minutes  (decrease)
    Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 30  (all but 1 when we traveled)
    Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 30  
    (According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
    Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 30  
    Diapers used (from January 1-10): 4 per day 
    Time spent nursing (from January 1-11): 0:24 per day  
    Time spent sleeping (from January 1-11): 12:53 per day (decrease)  
    Doctor Visits: 1 (15 month well check)
    Illnesses: 1

    Favorite Toys
    popcorn walking thing
    kid chair
    remotes (I keep telling him these are not toys.)

    Favorite Songs
    If You're Happy and You Know it...
    Old MacDonald had a farm.

    Favorite Books
    100 first words
    books with flaps
    books with songs
    Pretty much all books

    Favorite Foods
    any sort of meat
    yogurt (strawberry banana is probably his favorite but he eats a few)
    yogurt smoothies (3-4 a day!)
    fruit snacks
    sour patch kids
    Random Tidbits
    I feel like his carseat isn't adjusted right but I can't seem to get it so the straps are coming out high enough.  He wants to go outside all the time but it's just too cold to deal with it.  I feel like he's developed into a big kid this month but I can't think how to describe it. We removed the date between the kitchen and laundry room. He's pretty good about not touching the food and litter so we decided to get rid of the gate. 

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018

    Ella's 4th Birthday Interview

    I asked Ella a few weeks late since I forgot.
    1. How old are you? 4
    2. Who is your best friend? Sydney
    3. What is your favorite color?  pink
    4. What is your favorite animal? Zebra and I like a pig too.
    5. What is your favorite food? Nothing.  “Carrots” “strawberries” (I thought you like french fries) I really want strawberries
    6. What food do you really dislike? Just strawberries and chips (no you like those. what don’t you like. ) I don’t like any dinner food. I just like dessert.
    7. What is your favorite TV show?  Ryan 
    8. What is your favorite song? Shake it off {She then dances too as she tells me}
    9. What is your favorite book? A Ryan book. We could buy it. 
    10. What is your favorite thing to wear? Dresses and shirts
    11. What makes you happy? dancing
    12. What makes you sad? Rain and storms
    13. What is your favorite toy/game? I like .. uhh...strawberry games. And i can see strawberries dancing around. (Don’t you like paw patrol, or pj masks, or legos) NO!!! I don’t like anything toys.
    14. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
    15. What would you buy if you had $1,000? A new ipad and Miles a new ipad.
    16. Where is your favorite place to go? Store. Wendy’s and McDonald’s
    17. What is your favorite restaurant? Uhhh McDonald’s and Wendy’s 
    18. What is your favorite memory? Kennywood and Idlewild and Mummaw and Pap-Pap’s
    19. What is your favorite stuffed animal? Peppa (you don’t even have a peppa one) I have Peppa at Mummaw and Pap-Pap’s. 
    20. What is your favorite thing to sleep with? A bunny. A bunny hops(but you don’t even sleep with a bunny) we could buy a bunny. A bunny hops. A bunny that drinks milk
    21. What is your favorite fruit? Chips! (That is not a fruit) Strawberries
    22. What is your favorite cereal? Milk. hahahhaha (Ella!) I like apple cereal {Apple cheerios)
    23. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Apple pie… hahahahaha
    24. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chips. hahahaha
    25. What is your favorite dessert? Chips hahahaha
    26. What is your favorite drink? Milk. napkins. Hahaha. That’s not even a drink.
    27. What is your favorite game? The puppies game with the dog bones.
    28. What is your favorite movie? Cars
    29. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in the sun 
    30. What are you really good at? I’m good at snacks. I’m good at doing legos. I’m good at not eating legos. 
    31. Where do you want to go on vacation?  I want to go on a trip. ( on a trip where) On a trip to a museum. 
    32. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? cereal
    33. What do you want to be when you grow up? A daddy. Hahahaha.  A police officer. A silly police officer. And use claws
    34. What is your birthday wish? I wish i was in a museum. \
    35. Who is the president? {shrugs} ( I asked this a day later since I forgot and asked when she was watching an ipad.  I waited a few minutes and asked again she answered in a whisper) Donald Trump

    Monday, January 8, 2018

    Little Quiz

    On facebook a bunch of people have been posting questions they ask their kids without prompting. I asked Ella. I posted them here and on facebook. I asked her these after asking her 40 questions for her birthday interview since I forgot to ask her in December. 

    Ella 4 (1/7/17)

    *What is something I say a lot?
    dada (laughing) Miles 

    *What makes me happy?
    blah blah blah 

    *What makes me sad?
    pushing on you 

    *How tall am I?
    5 can of dollars 

    *What's my favorite thing to do?eat. talk.

    What is my favorite food?

    *What is my favorite drink?
    milk. water

    *If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
    at our home

    *Do you think you could live without me?

    *How do I annoy you?
    put bandaid on you

    *What is my favorite tv show?
    bad shows  hahahaha  bad tv shows

    *What is my favorite music to listen to?
    {She said something but i couldnt' decipher it. something like leshilation and she kept singing and dancing as she said it)

    *What is my job?
    take care of Miles

    *How old am I?

    *What's my favorite color?

    *How much do you love me?
    {She won't answer this one}

    Sunday, January 7, 2018

    21 Day Fix Extreme Week 3

    12/11/17 to 12/17/17


    Pilates with my zoom call crew.  Then I started Upper Fix Extreme. I wanted to get it done. Divya was ready to workout so I stopped that and did T25 Total Body Cardio with her. That was tough!



    12/17 I did more yoga before the video and some after but I stopped trying to record and I didn't compile the 2 clips I had.

    I took pictures of a lot of my food but didn't compile it. I took my final pics before the last day since we traveled. I ate like crap the last few days of it too since we were traveling.

    Friday, January 5, 2018

    2017 Exercise Goals - How I did

    For 2017, I posted about some exercise goals. Here's how I did to the best of my knowledge since I did a bad job keeping track as the year went on:
    1. run 212 miles (that's 12 miles this month and slowly increasing) with a reach goal of 253 miles = 35.27 miles (My knee was bad almost the entire year. Moving didn't help. The weather didn't help. This is sad. If you use mapmyrun data instead of my garmin data it's at least 4 Miles further)
    2. lift weights 52 times (that's 1/week) = >75  (going by memory 9 + 36 + 8 + 7 + 15)
    3. do workout videos 52 times (that's 1x week but more than likely it will be no videos for months then 3-5 / week then none for awhile) = >86 (I did most of these the 2nd half of the year. I mean all the 86 were since July but I did so some videos earlier but it's too much trouble to go back and try to figure it out.
    4. Exercise in some form 208 times (that's 4x/week) = >140 (I didn't really document this but based on fitbit I see I have 126 there then recently I know when I worked out so I could add some in and got to at least 140)
    I'm shocked I did that much with my knee injury and all.

    Random other goals related to exercise
    1. Have a photo shoot while running = sort of by propping my phone up. Still want a real one.
    2. Have a photo shoot while doing various forms of exercise = I've taken many workout videos and can screen shot them for poses
    3. Combine random exercise files/videos to one spot on my computer = didn't even start anything
    I still want to do something with the videos. Also I want a real camera used to take some pics of me. But it's still a win.

    For inspiring others, I plan to
    1. Run 6 free challenges = 2 (Core, Squat) 
    2. Run 2 month long challenge groups = 5  March, August, September, October, November, December (at least. I can't remember if I ran any in January or February) 
    3. Teach a bootcamp class at least 4 times = 0 (My knee was not good enough and then I moved.)
    For inspiring others I only made 1 of the 3 but I went above and beyond on that one so I actually consider this a win. I'd like to get back to teaching a bootcamp but not sure how to do it here. 

    Thursday, January 4, 2018


    My pregnancy starting weight was 126.3. Morning weight was 154.something and I don't remember and it didn't save! I think 154.8
    That's my weight between 31 and 32 weeks pregnant!

    The day started off better than other Tuesdays. I thought wow it's 9 AM and last time I thought at 9 AM that I couldn't believe it was ONLY 9 AM. I had a decent amount of sleep.  I had a few minutes to try to take down the photo booth before Ella woke up. (I had to finish it with her awake!)

    As the day went on, it got tougher. Even before 11 AM I was cleaning up the kitchen a little bit. But then it got awful and Miles was tired and falling asleep but then being perked up by Ella. The kitchen got messy yet again. I only cleaned a little bit but it seems to get messy so fast. That's 2 days in a row that I cleaned off part of the kitchen island and then it gets awful again before Dave even gets home to see it.

    Chessa brought over some dinner for us.

    Miles was trying to fall asleep for 2 hours. He'd be asleep or almost asleep and Ella would be loud or something and he'd wake up on high alert. I was so drained by this point. I was even falling asleep and Ella would tell me "Wake up, Mommy" each time my eyes closed.   Ella's nap got started late because I tried to get Miles down first. That didn't work. I told Ella if she napped we got to go to a Halloween Party. She went right down for her nap! The more tired she gets the more difficult things get with Miles too. I should have just done that earlier with her.

    I got to nursing Miles again and he was actually asleep within 5 minutes of Ella being in her room.

    Then I went and napped. I tried to turn on Mysteries of Laura to fall asleep through but my iPad was dead. I was charging it and it just got enough power to turn on then Netflix didn't work so I went to reload the thing and fell asleep before it loaded!  It did take take awhile to get the iPad to even boot up so I was in bed awhile. I was so cold so being in bed a bit helped warm me up.

    Miles woke up before my timer went off. I got to nurse him in peace. I finished getting ready and got him dressed. Then we woke Ella up. I opened the door and she woke right up. It took a little bit to get her ready to go. I said she had to wear long sleeves or a jacket and she was flipping out.   She went with a jacket. (Which was a better choice since it was actually pretty warm outside so she got to take it off.)  She wore tights under her dress and leg warmers.  (Later she lost a leg warmer.)

    So we didn't have 2 cars at this busy party, we met at the preschool to drive down the road in 1 car.  On the way to preschool Ella sees a big bounce house and says she wants to go to a party with a bounce house like that. I informed her that was the party we were going to. She was so excited.  Then we had to wait for Dave. We were early. I took this opportunity to nurse Miles. I wanted to make sure he was good and full when we were there.  Dave was late meeting us because he forgot to meet us and went straight to the church.

    We had to park far away and walk. Ella was pretty good and even willingly held Dave's hand walking along the street.  When we first got there she wanted to go in the HUGE slide bounce house. Well she gets to the top and is scared. She's calling me. Miles is asleep on me and my knee is so bad I don't even know how I can take off my shoes. Luckily I saw Stephanie and asked if she'd go up to go down with Ella. She was on her way up. Ella saw her coming up and then Ella went down all by herself!

    Then we went to the smaller bounce house. Ella was getting thrown around and knocked over by bigger boys in there but she still loved it. She liked that Dave was tall so she could see him over the sides. I walked and got us hot dogs and then nachos.  I couldn't find drinks that weren't warm drinks.
    I come back and Dave asks me if Ella had 1 leg warmer or 2. Like I'd send her with 1. She lost one in the bounce house obstacle course. Dave sent her in to look for it but she failed. Sadly it was the first time she was ever wearing these cute things.

    Then we went to go play games. Ella wouldn't play though. You had to play to get the 2 pieces of candy.  She would talk but she was down so low we couldn't hear her. Not being able to crouch down really really sucked. I did crouch on the one game she did do and it hurt so bad and I couldn't get up.
    Then she found the playdough table. She loved it and played for a long time.

    I walked and got the car and drove up and got a spot in the church lot so then Dave and Ella could get right in.

    I very much lacked in taking pictures. I never got a picture of Gavin with Ella!

    The entire Drive home Ella asked "Where is Daddy?" She was quite confused he was in his car and behind us driving home. I said we'd be home at the same time and then we were. She was so excited she ran down the driveway to give him a big hug.

    When we got home, Ella wanted food.  When we got to the party she wanted food then was too distracted so she only had 1 bite of hot dog and 1 tortilla chip.  So no wonder she was hungry when we got home.  She ate cereal with Dave and I nursed and got Miles to sleep.  When I come out, she took off her clothes. I ask why and Dave said she said she wanted a bath and he was too tired so he said she had to wait for me. But then he realized it was bed time for her.   I told her it was too late to get a bath and we put on PJs.  Bedtime was still a bit of a slow process but at least she was in bed by 10 with me out of the room and she didn't try to leave her room once!

    Dave and I started watching Blacklist while I snacked.  He fell asleep, I turned it off. Then I went to blog!

    My knee hurt so bad. After I got home, I could barely walk. Walking to the car, I started to have a lot more knee pain than I had been having.  I iced when I got home but it never seems to help. 

    Wednesday, January 3, 2018


    The day just disappeared!

    First of all I couldn't fall asleep so I was up until 5 AM or a little later.  Miles woke near 8 but back to sleep so I didn't have to get up until about 8:20. I got Ella ready and Miles ready. We left for school. We left late and she missed singing.   I went to Giant Eagle for a few quick things on the way home.
    I put everything away and noticed Ella's medicine was still in the measuring cup on the counter.  I forgot to give it to her.
    I went to go work out but Miles was too clingy so then I decided to drive to the school and give her the medicine.  Too bad it's not a quick trip.

    Miles fell asleep on the way home.  I thought I couldn't work out if he was in the garage since I didn't have a monitor. I went to get him to his crib. He was so tired. He nursed. He didn't go to sleep. He cried a bit before going to sleep. He rarely even cries at all.

    I ate since I was starving. I had some snacks before nursing Miles. I grabbed a handful of teddy grahams from his snack cup and then a handful of animal crackers.
    I worked out. I got a bit lightheaded. I only did 22 minutes of the 30 min workout. I was getting clammy and my head was foggy.  I cannot believe how hard Dirty 30 Extreme is.

    I watched the last episode of Switched at Birth so now I'm done with that series.

    I started to decorate a little but decided to save it for Ella.

    I moved the tree from the middle of the foyer to the dining room. That was an easier to spot to put it since I could slide it.
    I started to clean out the car behind Miles's carseat but then went to Ella's side. I got so much trash and 2 bags of various toys and things that need to be put away.  I didn't put them away but at least threw out the trash. I didn't vacuum. I guess I'll wait until I do the rest of the car.
     Miles woke up.  He was not happy when he woke up.
    I fed him lunch. He ate a ton. He was hungry.   He wasn't done until 4:30 and then we went and got Ella.

    Ella likes our candy cane decorations outside but she likes to put my scarves on the candy canes so they look like us!

    I was so lightheaded again that I didn't cook. Plus I couldn't find the recipe I found before. I forgot to pin it. I could look for it but that adds time. I just made a frozen pizza and some chicken nuggets.   While it was cooking Ella put some more ornaments on the tree.  Miles tried but he kept taking them off instead.

     I pigged out.   I kept eating because I was lightheaded.   I still got lightheaded later.
    I gave Miles a bath. He screamed bloody murder again. He always does. We tried a bath in the big tub with me too. That was worse than him in the little tub.  He will not sit. He gets his ankles in and cries.

    While Dave held him he peed on the floor! 
     Ella put on her workout pants. They are so cute on her! She likes that they have pockets.

    I went downstairs to clean up. I was interrupted for bedtime routine then I was back to cleaning up.   Finally I thought it was good enough in the kitchen and headed upstairs. I wasted a ton of time on facebook and wrote this post. Ella kept coming out of her room. She was quite awake. The downfall of napping at school.  At 11 I closed my laptop.