Friday, April 13, 2012

4.8 - Easter

Jacket: NY&Co
Jeans: Express
Shirt: Limited
Shoes: Famous Footwear
I woke up bright and early at 7:20 AM. I was going to go running. Instead I played Solitaire on my iPad for 3 hours. Then I was so behind. I only had time to run 2 miles.  Then I headed to my aunts.
I left there around 9PM.
Busy day.

Jason enjoyed playing games on my iPad. He liked Timmy's phone better because he could walk around with it.
We looked at some photo albums. I took pictures of some of the pictures.  I figured that's quicker than scanning. The quality is worse though.


  1. This blouse is so great! I'd love to also see it in a printed high waisted skirt!

    I love your gorgeous looks! Are you on instagram?

    Btw, enter my giveaway for something Hermès & a gift card ;)

    1. Thanks
      Yes I am. I don't use it often. I always tweet the pictures that I end up taking.

      I don't see how the print would go good with a printed high wasted skirt. But in general I don't like high wasted skirts either. My torso is short enough as it is I need to elongate that.

  2. I really like that shirt, too! What do the sleeves look like? The Limited is one of my favorite stores for work clothes; especially pants. I can't get pants that fit well anywhere else.

    The stones in your backyard look nice!!! I only saw those in the dark before.)

    1. It is sleeveless. I'll take a picture next time to show that.

      I have only tried their pants once but that was years ago when the stiffer material was in style and I hated that material because you have to iron it.