Sunday, September 8, 2013

24 Weeks (Sept 7)

Today Dave is painting the nursery. Well by the time I get back home and add my weekly picture it'll probably be done. I have no idea what color was picked. I don't know who is helping him paint except Sachi.

Invitations went out for the baby shower. I didn't finish the registries yet. Well Dave didn't. I put him in charge but I'm pretty sure I'd be stuck and not sure what to add too. There are too many options. I don't have time for another week so I hope some people wait to try to shop if they are going into Babies R Us. That registry is really lacking. The Amazon one is better. There isn't a car seat on there yet but besides that I'm not even sure what we are missing yet. I only looked briefly the other day to make sure we didn't have duplicates like I didn't want a baby tub on both or a stroller on both since we don't actually want 2. Jen even helped out and sent me emails with stuff she has and likes and I sent those to Dave and I don't think he went through those emails yet. I can't believe I'll be in PA in 5 weeks.

Dev Bootcamp + Pregnancy are a tough combination. Yesterday someone was talking to me and I asked them if it was the beginning or the end of the week. I really didn't know. I'm surprised how bad my concept of time is off now. It's pretty shocking. At least Dev Bootcamp is done in a week because I can't wait to start talking baby stuff with people instead of not being able to have time to talk to people.   Yesterday at Dev Bootcamp, I learned someone has a 2 month old baby girl. He showed me some pictures. Throughout the day I just wanted to stop what I was doing and take a break and ask him some baby stuff and have him show me pictures just so I could get more in a baby mood and less in a coding mood. But I did not do that.
Size of baby: Grapefruit, 11.8 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 1.3 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  7.9 lb gain overall. I gained 2.1 in the past week. I was .8 higher for 3 days in a row but then dropped. Also the 2.1 is deceiving because I also gained more last week then lost a bit with the stomach illness.

Maternity Clothes:  Pretty much everything. Some T-shirts I sleep in are from elementary school. Then if I wear my Dev Bootcamp shirt then that's not maternity.  If I wore leggings they aren't maternity that I have. But I don't know how to wear leggings with the shoes I have. I want other choices.  Oh I also sleep in non-maternity yoga pants or my shorts from 7th grade. 

Gender: Girl!

Movement: The kicks are a lot stronger this week. 

Sleep: Finally this is different.  I am actually not sleeping well because of the baby. I haven't figure out why but I woke up a few times at 4 am and from then on had difficulty sleeping. It was like I was uncomfortable but not sure how. Or well it was more like I was not comfortable but wasn't really uncomfortable. Then once my calves were hurting in the night and I didn't know why and thought it was weird. When I woke up, I posted this weirdness on facebook and so many moms out there said the same thing happened to them when they were pregnant.  I've had more trouble sleeping on the train lately even though I feel exhausted.  I'm a much lighter sleeper than I used to be so now when Dave turns over and brushes me with a pillow or his arm then I wake up. I used to only wake up if he actually rolled over onto me. 

What I miss: I think this has been the same with not really much but dealing with lightheadness. 

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really. Well now I don't want pizza but that's not baby related that's because I had it 5 of 6 meals earlier this week. 

Symptoms: The calf thing I mentioned earlier. Not sleeping well. Being really tired. Getting lightheaded easily. If I wasn't so tired, I bet I would think of a few other symptoms.  

Best moment this week: Being able to feel my stomach and feel the kicks.  

Looking forward to:  The same as last week except now it's down to in 1 week and a couple days. Last week: Getting more sleep in 3 weeks. What Dave does to the nursery. Finalizing a name.  Showing even more so people still aren't shocked when I mention I'm pregnant. I guess the threshold for a guy to think you are pregnant is looking really pregnant. 
 Cleaning up this mess of a house as soon as DBC is done. Around the sink and in the shower are getting so gross. 

Exercise:  The same as it has been. Biking to and from the train station. Then walking to the train station in SF from class. I think I did take the bus one day out of 5. I miss exercising that isn't commute based. I really want to go to a gym again. 
Different views and also shows how the sun impacted my pictures


  1. I love how methodically you're documenting this pregnancy business. I think it's so much more interesting to me than documenting running because it's completely foreign and new. I'm going to try to remember these categories (or just bookmark your entries) for if I ever decide to get knocked up.

    1. I didn't make up the categories. I copied them from Jen but have seen them on about 8 other blogs. Some other had additional categories like wedding rings on or off and stretch marks but that seems boring. I feel like taking out categories now since it's obvious I'm in maternity clothes and also the girl part will be the same.

      Oh I added the category of exercise.

  2. Send me a link to your registry! Or rather send it when you're done with it.

  3. Someone told me that she got your invitation and went to Babies R Us yesterday. She hadn't been there for years. I have a feeling that many people will prefer to go there so that they can see the things in person, even if they decide to have it shipped.

    1. Maybe for your generation. My generation doesn't like to leave the house.

      Also prices are better and products are better on Amazon.