Sunday, September 14, 2014

10k Race (9.13)

Well I finally ran a race. I ran a 10k even though there was a 5k option and I haven't ran that far since April 7, 2013.  This race was very different. It was for a friend's church. It was only females running. There was a 10k run, 5k run, and 5k walk. There was no race fee! There was no official timing. There were aid stations.  There were more people than I expected doing it but then there were fewer people doing the 10k. Once the 10k split off form the 5k, we barely saw any racers.

I ran with Beth the entire time. Our goal was 60 minutes. We didn't want to start out too fast so we tried to be closer to 9:30-10 min miles and not faster.  At the beginning a few people passed us then I don't think anyone did until around mile 4.
Zoomed in iphone pic but I am there!
At about 4 miles in, we saw Dave. He was waving. Then we caught up and got to say hi to Ella.
Photo by Chris Pedersen
Photo by Chris Pedersen
I started dying more around 4.5 miles. I couldn't be my  normal chatter box.  Then at 5.9 mi Beth decided to start her kick and she had a lot left in her so she pulled ahead then I slowed down. She ended up finishing 21 seconds in front of me.  Well there was someone there with a stop watch saying her time was 57:50 and he told me mine was 58:11. I stopped my Garmin about a second late but I guess there were 2 other seconds somewhere in there.
At the finish Marie got video of me running in. Also they had a photographer there taking pictures. He got video of me and a picture. While watching Marie's video on my phone I took a few screen captures then cropped them. I like them!
I have been saying I need more races and this reinforces that. I loved that it was close and that it was small. In two weeks there's another race about as far away. I want to do it but don't think I can pull it off based on other plans that weekend.

I'm glad Beth talked me into the 10k. Marie was doing the 5k and I was going to do that too but Beth said we should go more.  I'm pretty impressed with our times. I like how consistent we were.  Marie also beat her goal time.  We all talked about how much easier it was to run without strollers.