Sunday, October 26, 2014


Ella woke up a little after 7. She was fussy and wouldn't nap. She didn't nap until around 10 when she was in the running stroller. I walked 1.5 miles after I ran and she slept during that time but as soon as I hit the driveway, she woke up.
Then she was off and on fussy. She would cry at the drop of a hat but she would also play for a bit until the sudden crying. I thought maybe she needed a change of scenery so we went to a meetup.

We were only there a little since the one other mom was almost ready to leave when we got there. Ella did get to experience her first water feature.  She was pleasant at the park. Then she wasn't and repeat the crying at the drop of a hat.

 She napped just after we got home but only while she was doing some sleep eating. She'd wake up as soon as I removed my boob. Fun times.  Her nap duration with that was about 30 minutes. This is a far cry from her normal 2 hour nap. Also her first nap was in a stroller where she doesn't sleep as well as in her crib. Oh what a day.  I did eventually get her back to sleep for about another 20 minutes but we were in the same boat.  I'd finally think I had her but moving her to the crib she woke up and would just cry.

Since she wasn't sleeping, I decided we would actually join Dave at the social TGIF at work. I wore her in the Bjorn. There were different food lines.  Ella was so happy. She was getting heavy and we were standing near a chair so I decided to sit. It was even a bar height chair. Well Ella did not like that and then got scared and started to cry. We were facing Dave but I think since we were lower, she couldn't see him in the same way.  Dave took her and held her and we moved to somewhere quieter to soothe her. Then we left. She was fine. I dropped Dave off at his building and then he said buy to Ella through the window that was partially rolled down. As soon as he turned around to walk away she started crying and she cried the entire way home.

Once we were home she'd cry at the drop of a hat. It could be while playing or while nursing.  We were invited to go swimming but Ella was in no mood for that.   After a little, a neighbor said she was on a walk and invited me. I didn't have walking shoes on but decided Ella might like the fresh hair.   I got to her house and she got to my house. I guess we walked different ways.  So then we met in the middle.  We walked 1.5 miles. Both our kids fell asleep.  I very cautiously brought Ella into the house and put the stroller in her room. She slept in the stroller. Her nap was 1 hour long.  She didn't nap once in her crib!

Dave got home from work as I got back from my walk. He was exhausted and immediately got in bed in front of the fan.  Lately he's pretty worthless after he bikes home. I don't know why.  But it sure makes it annoying for me because I want some relief after he gets home. Especially on days where Ella is difficult.
I discovered all her fussiness was from teething. Well I discovered that she was teething earlier but didn't blame everything on that. She had a good time eating cheerio's but wasn't a huge fan of the purees. Then all of a sudden she was beyond done.  (My dinner was only half eaten at this time!) We gave her Tylenol. We knew it'd be a bad night otherwise.  I nursed her and comforted her in her rocker for 1.5 hours. The medicine kicked in and she was so pleasant but wanted to play.  It was way past her bedtime though so we didn't allow playing.

After Ella was asleep, Dave and I watched House of Cards (s1e7 I think) and Big Brother. Dave wanted to watch another House of Cards but I said it was bedtime. Then we go into bed and he turns on Bacon Donuts stream and falls asleep within 5 minutes!  I knew it was too late for TV.  We even started late.