Friday, October 10, 2014


Ella slept in until 7. But since I went to sleep early and didn't pump at night, my chest was going to explode so I woke up before her.

Ella was super pleasant in the morning. We walked Dave to walk a block then started our run. We met Kathryn and Diana. Diana was still getting over being sick! Her son was home sick with a cold so he was in the stroller. I hope I was far enough away that we don't get sick.

As soon as we got home, Ella's complaining started. She was in pain from teething.  I already posted a video after I gave her the Tylenol.   It took about an hour and then she was happy. But in that hour the only times she was content (note I didn't even say happy) were when I was dead lifting her and when I was letting her get into stuff she shouldn't.

Around 12:15, Marie stopped over. I let her borrow a ton of boxes and some packing blankets.  Ella was so excited to see Marie. She was super happy. If I didn't take the video and show it to Marie later, she might not believe how sad Ella was.  But as soon as she left at 12:40, Ella was in freak out mode for a bit.  She finally nursed and stopped crying and went to sleep. But she'd go nuts if I tried to de-latch. So I was there for a bit. Finally I got her to her crib.   She slept almost 3 hours.

She woke up but I didn't hear her, I was just looking at the monitor so I noticed it. Then she sat up so I went in. Well she started crying. I think she was in wake up mode and I messed her up. She fell asleep nursing after that. I stayed in the chair and we both napped 20 minutes!

Then Ella was happy and we were playing. I remembered we had to go buy meatballs though so we headed to Fresh n Easy. I got home and started cooking. Ella kept getting into everything but we managed.
Ella enjoyed dinner too. Pasta with meatballs and fresh bread! As soon as dinner was over, it was time for Ella to go to sleep. We forgot to bathe her yet again. I better do it in the middle of the day tomorrow! (by the time I add pictures to this post it won't be tomorrow but it will be in the past.)


  1. Is she sucking on the vacuum cord? Haha.

    1. Pulling it. And chewing on a piece to her may that we removed since she isn't allowed to chew on them.