Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Ella slept in a bit. It's funny 6:30 is sleeping in.  Beth and I decided not to run so we stayed home. I was hoping Ella would get a morning nap. I feel like she's been exhausted.  Ella napped over an hour.

Then at 1:45 she napped again. But this time only 45 minutes and she was sleep eating the entire time.

Ella tried to walk today. She'd let go of the couch and try to walk but fall down. She'd get right back up and try again. She did this 3 times in a row then I helped her.

We went to the park for the meetup group. We finally weren't insanely late. I was still the last one there.  Ella was so pleasant there. She tries to steal everyone else's food.  Then we get in the car to go home and she cries like crazy. It's so close to home but there were so many trains that we sat at the light a good 3 minutes because of numerous trains.

When we got home, I put in pizza. Ella and I shared some but she kept rubbing her eyes. She was ready for bed. She fell asleep on me but then I switched sides so she'd nurse again and then she fell asleep a bit later. I'm not exactly sure when she fell asleep because I fell asleep in the chair before she did.

I got her to bed and then finished my pizza. I planned the 4th card for my upcoming card class but I had a lot of issues. None of the ones I was thinking about seemed like they'd be awesome so I just was avoiding them and thought forever. Dave got home and we watched West Wing while I finished prepping.  Then we watched a 2nd West Wing. Finally Big Brother was on and we watched that. It was on so late.   After doing a little bit of this and that it was time for bed.


  1. That pink hat is cute. Ella sure likes the swings.

    1. That hat is one that my mom made. The biggest. But little baby heads grow so fast!

      She does love swings.