Monday, May 11, 2015

Los Altos Hills Pathways 10k

I ran the Los Altos Hills Pathways 10k. They had a 5k or 10k option. I thought about doing the 5k when I registered but then my friend said we should just do the 10k. I was thinking of doing the 5k since most people do the 10k and then maybe I'd place in my age group for the 5k.
It was a very hilly course.
Beth picked me up and we carpooled. That was so nice. I loved not having to drive and also just being there with her instead of trying to find each other.

I told myself I'd run with her at least 4 miles and then decide to go fast to finish. We were going to run the entire thing together but she sprained her ankle a week earlier and had it taped and had a brace. A doctor and 2 chiropractors told her not to run it!

The hills were pretty steep. The really long uphill involved a lot of walking. A small portion of the downhill was steep and that also involved walking and almost stopping on my part.

I wore my heart rate monitor and on the bad hill I looked at it AFTER I started walking and my heart rate was 188 and 189 at those times. Mostly I don't look at the heart rate because then I can't see the total time and the split pace.

Official results were posted within hours of the race so I loved that.  I came in 9th out of 23 in my age group. If I was 2 years younger they only had 8 in that age group.

My official time was 1:03:57 but it took 15 or more seconds to cross the start line so that's why my watch is off. They didn't do a chip start time.

Overall my watch said I ran 6.21 miles which surprised me because my watch said 2.15 at the 2 mile marker. I guess they were a little off.

I really did not like the huge uphill in the last quarter mile.

I'm in some of the race photos that they posted.  The photos of me running posted here are from them.
These pictures were at a hill near the end. I think we had about a half mile to go here.

I had to get a selfie of us after the race. We got the race banner in the background but you can barely see it.
My medal. I read later in an email that medals were for finishers 18 and under. They just handed it to me at the end so I didn't know.
 Just look at that heart rate, pace, and elevation all together.

Here they are one above the other. 
Here's the map according to my garmin. If you asked me how we ran, I would have only been able to tell you we ran on some trail then road then trail then road and trail and maybe more repeating of that. I wouldn't even be able to tell you where it started. It sure was nice not having to know where to go. I love that Beth drove.


  1. Nice job! How did Beth finish with her ankle?

    1. She finished about a minute after me and said it wasn't even her ankle holding her back the most. It was just that the hills sucked so we were both dying from that.