Thursday, March 5, 2015

8.15 Date

Ella slept in until 8 AM!  She got up about a minute after I did. She was such a pleasant baby that we decided to go to Google for breakfast.

After we got home, I got a step stool and changed some onesies that were on the wall. She currently fits into Gerber size 12 mo so I had to get those down.

Then Ella napped.  She napped for 2 hours and I used my computer and cleaned up most of the time. Time really flew.

When she woke up, we played a bit then went to the park. It was the Spanish Speaking Play group. I was surprised how much Spanish I understood. And I was surprised how little Spanish I could speak. Even when I was saying it in my head, it just wasn't flowing off the tongue as well.

We got home and played a little bit. Since it was hot, I offered to pick Dave up from work. Ella was cranky in the car. We hit every light red.  She seemed tired but was mainly just hungry.
After we got home there was eating, trying to go to sleep, playing, then repeat.

At 8, Ella was still awake!  At 8:15, we left to go out to an anniversary dinner. Brenna and Dan came to watch Ella. They were supposed to have it easy and she was supposed to be asleep. This was not the case. She still was up when we got home at 9:35.

We had Thai food. It was so spicy my nose was running but not too spicy to eat. I liked it.

After we got home, I nursed Ella and she fell right to sleep. It was hours past her bedtime so I figured she'd fall right to sleep.

I used my computer a bit after.


  1. I swear kids can sense when we have plans and mess things up. ha. My nose runs when I eat spicy food too!