Monday, August 1, 2016

35 Weeks (7.31.16)

Well bad back pain started this week. More issues sleeping happened this week. Being insanely busy with the Toddler Carnival Happened this week didn't help.  I also rolled my ankle Friday night so that was really bothering me all day Saturday.  I stopped wearing my wedding rings this week because twice at night my fingers were swollen enough that they would be stuck on so I decided to just stop wearing them.
 Two pictures from last time and 3 from this time. Comparisons are hard.
2 pics from last time and 2 from this time.

Size of baby: Honeydew, 18.2 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 5.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  36.5. lb gain overall. I gained 3.0 in the past week. I'm so busy and and constantly on the go. I hit 10,000 steps by noon on Saturday. Yet I still gain at roughly 3 lbs/week like I did with Ella.

Maternity Clothes:  Same as always but after reading 34 weeks pregnant post with Ella last week, I pulled out the shirt Timmy gave me to sleep in and sure liked that.

Movement: The movement is NUTS. I get such bad sciatica pain. I see my belly go a few inches from a leg or an arm or something. There is just so much movement if I lie on the side that he doesn't want me to lie on.

Sleep:  It has been pretty bad. Sciatica pain for a few days made it really hurt to try to sleep and get up to pee in the night. Then Poly disrupts my sleep. Ella doesn't like to sleep. And carnival planning had me up until 2 2 nights in a row and up early.

What I miss: Running, exercise, being pain free, eating lunch meat, being able to function like a normal human

various angles
Symptoms: Sciatica pain, groin pain, slightly swollen ankles after being on my feet all day, low back pain, shortness of breath sometimes, trouble eating because of baby pressure, and probably more.
Update to add: I keep forgetting to mention my plantar fasciitis is so bad from all the weight gain.

Best moment this week: Toddler Carnival (separate post later)

Looking forward to:  getting the dresser and crib set up!

Exercise:  I was too busy carnival planning to exercise but was getting lots of steps. Also I think I quit exercising because just in general the groin pain after is not worth it especially now since the sciatica pain is so bad at times.

Same this time: I have no idea. I think I had a little trouble sleeping last time and some back pain but those issues are worse this time.

Different from last time: Just so many symptoms this time around. Not being ready for the baby for anything this time. Even being too tired to elaborate on the post this time. A few days ago I thought I should have paragraphs at the top but then just forget what to say and even doze off writing this a day late.


  1. Those last few weeks are the worst. Hang in there!

    1. They are rough but I think it's worse with the lack of sleep that's going on over here.