Friday, August 19, 2016

Ella's First Day Photos

The hospital took photos of Ella. They call they First Day Photos. They took them on her third day since we were there for 3. I never did a post back then about them and figured with baby 2 coming so close, I would do a post.
I bought the photos so I got all 30 but it kind of sucked to not really get 30 because you get 1 in color and one in black and white.

I can never get enough pictures. I'm glad we got these even if I wasn't fully happy with them.  I remember Dave went home to sleep and I had him bring clothes back for me to wear for this. I had a going home outfit but not a photographing outfit.


  1. Aww these are so sweet. She's changed so much!

    1. She has!

      Can you believe I never did a post with these!?