Wednesday, August 3, 2016

MNI Candy Making (8.1.16)

I hosted my 2nd candy making MNI. The first one had 5 people and so did this one.  We got started a little late. 2 friends started building the dresser for the baby but once a third showed up we got to making candies. There were 10 signed up as of in the morning but a few got sick and had to cancel and not sure why the others cancelled. Five is a perfect number for everyone to have a job to do though.
The 2nd collage are pictures from Angie's camera. We never got out my good camera. And my lens must be dirty based on how awful most of my pictures turned out.
Ella was being a helper.

Candy making.  We used a double boiler and my melting pot.   Ella was with us a little then went to her room to watch her iPad then came out later and joined us.

Ella's bangs are slicked back because she was helping do dishes then touched her hair with her wet hands. Ella was helping stir the chocolates.

 Then I had to pose with her too.

rice krispies + white chocolate

Nobody remembered to bring containers to take some  home with them so they all used plates. The plates were smaller than containers would have been so I ended up with more than I normally would have and they ended up with less.

We made many varieties.  I made rice krispies treats before everyone arrived. Then we put chocolate on part and peanut butter on the other part.  I toasted coconut in the oven. We used those for coconut clusters. Later they rolled white chocolate with peanuts then rolled the balls in coconut. They made peanut and chocolate balls and chocolate covered strawberries. We did pretzel clusters with white chocolate and peanut butter. We did rice krispies with white chocolate and peanut butter. We did some solid chocolate dinosaur molds with chocolate and white chocolate. Ariella covered some popcorn in white chocolate. (I didn't try those.)  That might be all the variations we did but maybe not. It's hard to keep track.  I didn't have oreos so we didn't do cookies n cream bark.

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  1. This seriously makes me want chocolate and candy!