Sunday, November 27, 2005

awesome bag

i've been  hunting for a laptop bag for months in stores but cnat' find one that my laptop will fit into because it's one of those stupid widescreen ones. well then i go home and while my mom is hunting for a suit bag (i forget the real name now  that might be in  but that u hang a suit in and then it folds in half or so for travel) she yelled saying we have too many bags int eh cupboard and threw them all on the floor. I found a nice black bag in there.  Perfect for my laptop.  I've never seen ti before.  It looked new.  I think it's more of a breif case (but bag) than a laptop bag but it works.  I took it back to school and used it. It was great.  It didtn have a shoulder strap though.  Then my dad found the shoulder strap on our hooks on our way into the basement. He tried telling me he will sell me the bag for $100. He said this in his joking voice. Then my mom said to wrap it up for me for Christmas.  I only need it now for the rest of the semester. Then my dad said he got it for free for filling out a survey at one point in time (years ago).  It says ANSYS on it so it makes me feel cool.  I just wish i knew how to use this finite elements program. Everytime I hunt for something in stores and can't find it it's always at home.  How weird is that.  After I found the bag I thought of a few more examples but I can't think of them now.  But THIS BAG IS AWESOME.

For all I know I already made a post about this but I figure I didnt' because I haven't posted much lately.

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