Thursday, April 5, 2012


Running Outfit: Tank from Target in the regular clothes section. Capri yoga pants in the clearance section for $4.48.  I always run with my hair in a ponytail like this. Usually I have a headband but since this was a short run, I didn't dig it out.  Sometimes I want to try braiding my hair for the run. I have yet to do that though.

Happy Hour Outfit: Shirts and Pants from VS. Shoes from Aldo. Necklace from Sears.
I telecommuted. It was nice. I even went for my short run at lunch.  I set up the tripod and took my picture running a little after completing my run.
I wasn't even hungry to actually eat lunch until 2:30 or later.  I was still full from all the sugar puffs the night before.
I went for a walk with Dave after work. (He was being silly in the shadows so I used my phone to take pictures.) Then I headed to On the Border for happy hour with NA-YGN.
After that Dave and I watched TV. I did some blogging during some shows and then I did more upstairs. I was so tired at 9:30 that I almost went to sleep but I used the computer until Dave was ready for bed. For some reason my brain thinks that if he's still up it is too early to go to bed so then I don't even go into bed.

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