Thursday, March 15, 2012

1.41 mi (3.14)

I went out to run at lunch. I was only going to do a mile. I set out to run at a 9:00 pace. After my 3rd split (that I hit right at 2:15), I realized that I needed to run an 8:30 pace because last time I ran the loop at home I said that next time I ran it, I'd have a goal of 8:30. So of course I had to speed up to make up the time. Luckily I was playing Bonus Seconds* and could redo my goal and figure do it right. 

I ran 1.53 mi last time with the same route as this time with 1 exception. Last time I looped around Horizon Court and then on Ambassador Lane. This time I ran down my street and then on Ambassador. I turned around early on Ambassador this time because a lady was having trouble controlling her dog at the end so I turned around earlier to make it easier on her. 

I didn't end up picking up my pace until .75 miles in. I did have some bonus seconds but my 4th .25 split was 1:54 so that helped things out.  If you look at the  pace chart you can tell that I ran faster starting a little over halfway through. You can also see the spot that I turned around. I hate turning around because of the data. 

After I ran and stopped my timer, I was well ahead of my 8:30 goal. Go me. I couldn't have kept it up much longer but at least I did it for what I set out to do. So much for an easy mile in 9 minutes. I should have been resting for my knee.  It ended up being more effort on speed than it should have.  When I came inside, Dave asked what I just did and I said said how I ran. He told me I wasn't allowed. I'm so bad at this rest thing.
After I was done running I ran inside and got my camera. I set up the timer and got some pictures of me running. None are even that good but what do you expect from self photography while running in harsh sun just in front of my house.
I got some pictures of me from an angle. Next time I'll try straight on. I won't really be able to pull off from the side but maybe if I run on the other side of the street. My neighbors probably think I'm the weirdest person.
Some of these pictures I thought were the same until I analyzed my ponytail.
I wonder what my most flattering running outfit is.  Most of the time I don't even match. I have these teal/greenish shorts and I wear them with whatever tank top is on top.

What do you think would be a good athletic picture? I need some ideas.

*Bonus Seconds is the game I play. As I run each .25 I get my split. Before I run I set a goal. The goal was 9 minute miles so 2:15 was my goal.  Therefore if I finished a .25 lap in 2:12, I would get 3 bonus seconds.  The next lap, I may get 2;16 so I would have to subtract one of my bonus seconds from the previous lap.  You hate to end up with negative. Those are penalty seconds in my book.  This game makes running so much more fun. People told me not to do it in the marathon. I tried to not do it and it sucked so I started doing it. Sometimes if you get so many bonus seconds, you just start over.  Or if you are running a 2.5 mile loop twice, I start it over at the 2.5 mile mark. I also run with my goal changing. The first 5 miles may be a 9 minute pace but then I switch to a 9:30 pace so my goal splits change but I may or may not start over.   Does anyone else play weird games like this when they run? (My watch has a pace feature that I don't use. One time I decided to check it out. I had 22 bonus seconds and I clicked the button and it told me I was 22 seconds ahead of pace. I trusted the watch after that.  Funny I didn't say I trusted my own math. I knew my own math was good.)


  1. When I bike I play mind games. I figure out at the speed I'm going how long it will take me to get a mile and then I try to beat it. Not quite what you're talking about here but similar. (It scrolls through every half minute and I figure out how many tenths of a mile I need to go by the time it scrolls back around.)

    And you taught me this a little bit with running although so far I've never actually counted the seconds- more adjusted my pace based on whether I'm above or below my goal time for the split.

    1. I do something similar on the exercise bike. At PT last year they had me do 10 minutes on the exercise bike and everyday I had to go further than the previous day for my own mind games. I'd be sweating when I was done.

  2. And I should clarify, that's on the stationary bike. When I bike outside I don't have any data to look at.