Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3.22 - Cards

Shirt and pants: Express
Necklace: Kohl's
Shoes: Famous Footwear
I got to work early.  I often think I can get there early so I can get enough work done by a decent hour. It never happens.  I forgot my lunch at home too.

I went to Toastmasters for the third time. My stomach growled the entire time though.

I had meetings and was a little loopy at them. I was just too drained and could barely talk right. Sometimes I'd mix up my words.  At one point someone asked me to repeat what I just said and not only couldn't I repeat what I just said, but I couldn't even remember the topic of conversation.

I finally left work at 5. I should have left at 4:00.  I had to stop at McGuinnis Sisters on the way home to buy snacks for my Stampin' Up party.  I didn't even get to clean the house.  I didn't even have time for dinner.
Cards from class
My Stampin' Up class was to start at 6. The first people showed up at 6:15.  I was stressing.  1 person didn't show.  More stress.
Instruction sheets look like this but with all the cards.
The party was a fun time though.   I was so tired by the end.  Sometimes I just felt too stressed about work that I had issues explaining the techniques we were using.

After the party, I finally had dinner and watched TV with Dave.  It was 10 PM and I had Beefaroni.

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