Monday, April 16, 2012

3.30 - Busy

Pants and both tanks: F21, shoes: Aldo, Jacket: NY&Co
I keep second guessing sizing up. The pants are too big in the butt. Look at them in the back. That's freshly washed and how they look. I didn't even sit down in the yet.  After a few hours they got even worse.
I spent the morning cleaning  and then blogging.   Dave and I headed out to lunch. Before we left Poly sure put on her cute face (on the ottoman on her red bag).  She was really cute.  She didn't convince us to stay home though.  We headed to Aviva for lunch.  We were not sure where to go and had somewhere else in mind then we went there.  It was a good choice.  Dave ordered meatballs for appetizer and I liked them.  I never eat meatballs. I sure liked them though.   I had even ordered spaghetti and meatballs for my meal and planned to give Dave my meatballs and maybe only eat one by breaking it all up. Instead of that, I asked for more bread and only ate the meatballs.

We went to Target after. I bought a new purse, purple shoes, earrings, and a necklace.

On my way home I got a work phone call and ended up working for an hour.
I cleaned more and blogged more. While cleaning I ended up making a bigger mess.
worked for an hour

I went to the track with Dave. I did a walk/run interval with him. I ran 1 lap without him while he walked so I could get some extra distance to help contribute to getting a new maximum mileage for the month. I even started my Garmin while walking from the car because I knew all the mileage would add up to help me out.  Dave has been doing a pretty good job at running.  He just needs to double that to be able to do the 5k in the middle of May.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched TV after that.  We watched American Idol, Modern Marvels, Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and Rachel Maddow.  Then I blogged until late to catch up on old posts.


  1. This might be my favorite outfit of yours, ever. PERFECT for spring and you look amazing!

    1. Thanks. I guess I shouldn't have been scared of the yellow pants.