Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4.1 - Movies, Shopping

Photo location: Giant Eagle. (The one I like. Not the one that is always crowded.)
Now did anyone else notice the 2 liter on the top shelf that is angled?  It is annoying me.

Pants and Shirt: F21 (3/24/12 $15.80, $4.80)
Cardigan: NY&Co. (11/7/10 - $19.84)
Shoes: Aldo (12/28/11 $80)
Purse: Target (3/30/12 - $12.58)
Earrings: Target 3/30/12 - $4.99/3 for 3 pairs of earrings)
Belt: Target (16.99)

This is the shirt I bought to wear with the pants but I was scared about it.  I was going to wear my scarf but I rushed off without it.

I woke up and did used the computer. I meant to do my race recap but kept being distracted.  Dave made breakfast then it was back to the computer.  Poly got on my lap so she made it really hard to blog. She had 1 of my arms.  Then all of a sudden Dave tells me it is time to get ready.
I could not figure out what to wear so then it took forever.  I got out oa bunch of stuff trying to figure out what to wear. Dave made the final choice.

(Bottom left of picture above shows more colored jeans on TV.  I can't even believe how much I see colored jeans on TV.  Picture to the right of that shows Poly resting on my bag. I took everything out of it digging for something and within minutes she was camped out there. Top right picture shows my new purple shoes.)

We ended up late to the movie.  We went to see Hunger Games. We only missed a tiny bit of the actual movie though.   I liked it. I wanted to know more though. 
Then we walked around Pittsburgh Mills. I was shocked at how many empty stores there were. I was also shocked at the church inside and the medical place inside.  At H&M, I debated a dress but decided to hold off and maybe go back at the end to get it. I did not go back and am glad.

Dave got a hoodie, polo, and t-shirt at JCPenney for a total of $41. Not too bad. The hoodies at Casual Male XL were $54.  He actually wanted a spring/fall coat but a hoodie will have to do.  

I went into the Dress Barn because of a skirt I could see from the entrance. They only had the skirt in size 14 and 16. I saw a few other dresses and the smallest size they had was a 10 in any of them. I almost gave up and was leaving the store and saw this polka dot dress. They had my size! (Or at least had what I guessed was my size.)  I was trying on clothes so I might as well pick a few other things. Well other materials didn't seem to fit right. Some other dresses I liked and they didn't have them in my size so I ended up with only a polka dot dress. I did spend $40 on it. If you bought 2 dressed you'd save $10 but I have learned if I don't love a dress, I won't wear it. (I still have a dress I bought in June 2010 and I have never worn.)

We didn't quite go around the entire mall because we were parked behind the movie theater so we just left 1 exit before the one we entered.  I wonder if I missed any good stores. I just looked at the directory but noticed the stores are still listed that were gone so I can't really use that. Skimming the list it doesn't look like I missed any anyway.

After the mall we went to Steak and Shake.  We went to Giant Eagle on the way home.  By this time my feet really hurt. 

We watched TV when we got home. I blogged. Then we watched more TV. Then I blogged some more.  The day just disappeared. It might seem like I did a lot, but I had so much more that I wanted to do.  

Nobody played any April Fools jokes on me. I'm glad about that.


  1. Darn - I liked both of those dresses. Maybe the black slightly more than the flowered one. That gathered scooped neckline (or whatever a real fashion person would call it) is a flattering look.

    1. I bought the polka dot one. They give it to you in a bag with the hanger out the top so it is in my closet in the bag so I keep forgetting to wear it. Maybe tomorrow.

      I like that neckline too. I don't know what it's called. A real fashion blogger would know what it's called.