Friday, April 6, 2012


Shoes: Target (3/30/12 8.98 originally 29.99)  -- Really wore my Aldo wedges though.
Pants: VS
Shirt: Limited
Cardigan: Express

Well since I stayed up too late, I was tired in the morning. I hit snooze forever. I got to work at 8am.  I took my daily picture in my new purple shoes but then after further analyzing, I realized the shade of purple was wrong so I changed into black shoes. Therefore my daily picture is WRONG!

I felt so behind at work. I started to think about all the work I had to do and my stomach started getting upset. I accidentally ate half a box of Cheese Nips at 10:30 AM.

We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  I enjoy their milkshakes. I got a chicken sandwich this time and it was good. Jen agreed. We were both surprised how good the chicken was.

After lunch I was so thirsty. I drank 2 20 oz cups of water. In a normal day, I drink between 0 and 4 oz at work. I'm the worst at drinking.

I went to the gym after work but I wanted to skip.  I did 10 minutes on the bike, foam roller, abs, stretching, and weights for my legs.
I went to McGuinnis Sisters on my way home.  I bought cinnamon rolls and muffins for breakfast. I bought Ciabatta bread to go with lunch meat for lunch. I bought chicken, potatoes, and pineapple for dinner.  Then I ordered sandwiches for dinner right then.  Tuesday = Telecommuting and now Tuesday != Pizza. Yay for my planning. (We had frozen vegetables in the freezer we just bought to also include in dinner).  I bought enough chicken to include Wednesday too. I hope that works out.  I do not want pizza! I am so sick of pizza.

My tuna sandwich was good but Dave did not like his Philly cheese steak.  It was on bread so that was the first mistake.

We watched TV until 8:50. Then we used the computers for a tiny bit. Then it was time to watch Rachel Maddow.  I stayed downstairs after it was over just to finish typing a blog post I was on and then read a few blogs.  Then it was off to bed.  I went into bed at 10:45. Pretty good for me.  I did read twitter and catch up in bed.  How many other people hide under the covers so the iphone light doesn't wake up their husband?  Then I read a bunch of facebook until I fell asleep reading.

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