Saturday, September 14, 2013

25 Weeks (Sept 14)

This week was really nuts with Dev Bootcamp. Twice I didn't weigh myself. Once I didn't take my daily picture. So far 2 boxes arrived with baby gifts (I think). Well maybe more if Dave moved some. I didn't open anything. I meant to add things I know I'm missing to the registry today but didn't get to it yet. I spent too much time relaxing and playing with pictures. Registries are hard.

Right now I have some pre-pregnancy clothes in the baby room that are also clothes I haven't worn in ages because they are dressy.  I should probably do something with them.  My closet probably has 16 ft of rod space and I think about 3 ft of that are clothes that fit me now. 

I was looking to buy a tank top today at Target to workout in. I have tank tops from Jen but they are real clothes and I don't want to end up ruining them from sweat and I have 1 tank but it's sort of see through. I was just going to buy a cheap tank top not an athletic one just so I have something. While I was just looking for tank tops in the store, Dave wanders around and then comes over with a jacket for me to try on. I've been looking for a jacket forever. The sleeves were even a perfect length. I don't know what kind of magic he pulled because Target has never had sleeves on jackets that fit me before. They only had 2 jackets. Dave said he never saw sleeves that fit so well and I should just wear the jacket all the time.  It's more of an athletic jacket but since it's black it will work for anything.   I thought it was a little tighter in the hips but Dave said that's how it's supposed to fit. I'll try it on later and post a pic. It's still in the bag from Target with my new tank top. The tank top is stripes and I think the thin stripe is black. I have blue athletic shorts that fit and normally wouldn't mix black and blue but at this point I don't care since that tank was on sale for 9 bucks and other tanks were 20. 
Size of baby: Zucchini, 13.6 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 1.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  9.3 lb gain overall. I gained 1.4 in the past week.I was 146.5 on Monday but then a week in insanity at Dev Bootcamp left me at 145.8 on Saturday.

Maternity Clothes:  Same as last week: Pretty much everything. Some T-shirts I sleep in are from elementary school. Then if I wear my Dev Bootcamp shirt then that's not maternity.  If I wore leggings they aren't maternity that I have. But I don't know how to wear leggings with the shoes I have. I want other choices.  Oh I also sleep in non-maternity yoga pants or my shorts from 7th grade. 

Gender: Girl!

Movement: The kicks are a lot stronger each week. I can see my belly move with the kicks sometimes. I wish I could more though. It's fun. 

Sleep: For the past 7 days up to Friday night I averaged 6:16 of sleep a night. The baby didn't wake me up. Coding kept me up late. Then I slept pretty well. 

What I miss: Not having to think if I'm allowed to eat something. Not having to explain why I can't have things like lunch meat or soft cheeses. 

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really. 

Symptoms: Nothing this week besides lightheadedness sometimes. The calf thing hasn't happened since that one day last week.

Best moment this week: Graduating from Dev Bootcamp and having multiple people mention how proud they were of me and my dedication and being able to do it all while pregnant. 

Looking forward to:  More Sleep. A doctor appointment this week if I can come up with questions to ask.  

Exercise:  I didn't bike + walk as much this week since I spent 2 nights with classmates versus coming home.  I also rolled my ankle so that really hurt. It hurt for 3 days. Then after a day of not hurting, I rolled it again AND then 2 hours later skidded on my kitchen floor and then it's back to hurting again.  On Monday evening I did walk to the Ferry and then 20 minutes more after. But all the rest of the trips, I got the car. I tried not to complain to everyone about my ankle since I was already crashing their place, I didn't want them to feel forced to take the Ferry to give me car space because I was complaining. They gave me car space anyway.  I went on the Ferry on Monday even though they said I didn't have to but my group was going on the ferry so I thought it was better that we stick together if we have to talk about things. 

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