Monday, September 16, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Last Day

Friday was my last day of Dev Bootcamp.  I was purely exhausted.  From 9-10 AM, we did our normal Friday routine with sharing group.  From 11-12 we did final group presentation. At 12:30 we got lunch then listened to a presentation from KISSmetrics. Right after that Zee talked to us about our LinkedIn profiles. We spent a little bit of time on that then headed to the park with our cohort. We were there about a half hour and I'm not even sure if there's a name for what we did. It was sort of team building but not really. It was more of sharing and each person got to hear what others thought was special about them.
Then we went back to DBC and had our graduation ceremony.  As soon as that was over, we headed to Murphy's for a graduation party.

Final presentations were really impressive.

 Fabián, Clay, and I presented the app that we had a week to build. We were the group of 3 and that stressed me out because other groups had 4 and I have the longest commute by far. But I survived.
The app is called LiveTogether, and it aims to solve many of the problems that arise from roommates living together such as tracking chores, grocery lists, and expenses.

I'm impressed that we accomplished so much in so little time. And impressed with how nice my group was the entire time. I even stayed with them 2 nights to cut down on my commute.
We got so many compliments from people in the other cohorts.

After the graduation ceremony people from other cohorts came over to congratulate us and give us hugs. We also hugged each other congratulations. There were so many hugs.