Saturday, May 10, 2014

5-8 Photos

I had a little photo shoot with Ella. Then I played in Photoshop Elements since she took a long nap.  Here are some that I took. It wasn't bright when I started but the sun was coming out so her eyes weren't as wide as they could have been. Also, when she starts smiling big her eyes get smaller.  Which one is your favorite?
I used Pioneer Woman actions but then would undo to only use 1/3 of what her action was doing. 
Do you edit photos? What do you do? Do you have favorite actions?
Ella was trying to roll over while I was taking her pictures. She loves to roll anymore. She had some trouble since she was on a bean bag and kept sinking in.
Look at her cute feet. She crossed her legs like that herself.
I got a few good smiles but don't like putting her off center even though that's usually good. I think I'll recrop a few if I find time.
You can see the purple bean bag in a lot of these. I did clone out little patches but didn't fix it on all of them.
Ella is a cute sitter on the bean bag. I can't wait until she can sit on her own.
She's just chilling. No big deal.  We were probably outside for less than 5 minutes. I just took a lot of pictures in a short time.

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