Thursday, September 4, 2014


Ella and I did the same old stuff.

I took some pictures of a friend's baby. Gia is 1 week younger than Ella.  A week earlier a professional photographer took pictures of Gia and she didn't smile once.  Ella needed a nap and was almost asleep when she showed up so Ella didn't cooperate for pictures with both of them together.  I got a picture just as Gia was throwing up but Puja probably doesn't want that picture shared so I didn't but I thought it was pretty impressive.  I'm jealous of all Gia's hair.  I used my old lens and new lens for these pictures. I didn't edit any or they might even have looked better.


  1. Ella is big compared to Gia. But Gia has so much hair!

    1. I just saw them today and Gia has SO MUCH hair. Gia still seemed little compared to Ella. Their weight is only about a half pound different though.