Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Ella woke up and I heard her cry in real life versus the app. The app never registered a sound. I have no idea how long she was crying but am guessing not long since I woke up shortly before debating if I should wake up. But I still feel bad since I'm not sure how long she was up.
I got my stitches out.  I have to diligently wear sunscreen for the next 6 months. For the next month, I have to dab it to dry it after the shower instead of rubbing it. I was told I can do some exercises like running but still 1 more week for yoga, Pilates, or weight lifting. There is a small chance the cyst will come back. He said it's very low like 1 in 1000 but that made the chances seem high to me.

Ella napped the entire time I was at the doctor's office.

When she woke up we played and she ate some cucumber.

During Ella's second nap, I tried on some clothes in my closet. I packed away a ton of maternity clothes but I kept some out. I tried them on and think they can work. I might end up too scared to wear them since they are maternity clothes though. We shall see. Too bad it's so hot because 5 pairs of jeans fit again.

That's all I wrote but that's good enough for me. All pics are below since they don't specifically pertain to what I wrote about.


  1. Wow July 3rd. That was a bit ago. I remember wanting to keep out some maternity stuff too. I actually did (I think a couple of sweaters) for awhile.

    1. I still hve May and June posts written where I never inserted pics.

  2. We'll since July 3, I have worn one. But a few are too long to go with shorts so I may wear them with jeans. We shall see.