Monday, September 8, 2014


Ella woke up at 6 again. She woke up at 7:30 within the past week so then that's what I want all the time. 6:30 used to be her normal but we are also trying to shift her bedtime to earlier.
I think Ella needs a longer nightgown. As soon as she moves it's above her diaper. You can barely get it to her knees before she wiggles. It's size 0-6 months. I've seen a pic of another baby in one and it was past the ankles.

I tried to get her to nap around 7 since she likes to nap an hour after waking up. She was asleep for 10 minutes and then construction started behind our house and woke her up. She got to play with Dave though and I swear that's her favorite part of the day. He spent time on his phone instead of with her for a bit and I gave him a hard time. Then at 8:25 when he still wasn't dressed he told me that he wanted to leave at 8:15 for work. Oops.

I skipped my run since my legs were fatigued from running with Beth on the 30th.

Ella's naps were all screwed up. She just wouldn't nap but was tired. The construction messed her up again.

At 10 she finally went to sleep and napped for 3.5 hours!
We played and she was so pleasant.  Then 2 hours after she woke up she got a bit fussy. She was tired and hungry but after she ate she wouldn't sleep.  Then another attempt 20 minutes later had her fall asleep but only if she was doing her sleep eating routine. She'd wake up if I tried to stop that. I did attempt to get her in her crib and she freaked out. So that was a cancelled nap. Also Ella was teething so I knew that could cause some of her problems. I gave her tylenol and while pushing the syringe, she moved my hand and it ended up going in her eye. What a fun time we had. She was a trooper letting me clean it out.

I made tuna noodle casserole for dinner. I was 20 minutes late with it because of Ella but at least I got it made. I forgot to put pepper in it though.

It was challenging to feed Ella and eat. I wish I had cucumber or banana for her so she could work at it herself.

We started her bedtime routine early since she was looking so tired. She even cried a little while nursing. It did not go well.

I'm typing this at 8:10 and realized I could have run in the evening. Too bad I didn't start typing this sooner! Now it's too close to dusk.


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    1. She would barely stay put so most of my pics are blurry. At least I got some. I need a bigger basket e Ella

    2. For Ella. On my phone it won't let me edit typos. It just stops letting me type. It's weird.