Saturday, September 20, 2014

Citrus Lane September 2014

We got our 5th Citrus Lane Box. This box arrived 2 days before Ella turned 9 months old but since I changed her age they thought it was a few days before she turned 10 months old. 

We got to choose what size onesie we wanted this month.
Here's what we got and the pricing
Bodysuit from Tea Collection - $26 (or maybe $26.50. I didn't find the identical one)
Fleet Stacking Boats Bathing Toys from Boon - $9.99 on Amazon
Radish Dish soap from Mrs. Meyers ~$1
Stage 2 Organic Happy Baby Pouch from Happy Family - ~$2.50
Free iPhone App
$25 off $50 from Tea Collection
Give a free box to someone coupon


I like the bath toys. I was just wishing we had some for Ella but hadn't gotten to purchasing them.  Ella even liked playing with them just sitting there.
I know the onesie will be nice. It's way more expensive than I would pay but it's cute. I got it big just in case they ran small.  I like that it's not just a shirt but a onesie but also don't like it. The shirt is so wide that it will make Ella not look as slim and trim as she is. The sizing will work out well to have long sleeves for her in the winter. We barely use long sleeves.

I'm sick of dish soaps and lotions.  The baby food will get used but Ella barely likes purees anymore. I didn't even look into the iphone app.

I think this was on the cheaper side but I still liked it more than other ones.

Sorry I didn't have time to make collages so there are a lot more pictures.

What did you get in your box?


  1. Those boats are fun. Parker would probably like those even now. I think that onesie is adorable.

    1. Ella has since used them in the tub. She liked them.

      This is why I think this box is good. Tr onesie is too big but will be good. The boats are good. Those make it a win.

  2. Lee got the exact same thing! Our daughter turned 10 months on 9/12/14.

    How did you get to choose your onesie size?

    1. On August 26, I got an email telling me to pick my item. The email didn't have the items and you had to click to find out what. In the past I got to pick between a pig on wheels or a turtle on wheels or what pattern I wanted on a wet bag.

  3. Those boats are really neat!!! I do like the water toys they send in these packages. I'm glad this month was better than previous months. (It was for our box, too.)

    No books for you yet, thouigh, right? From the shop our box thing it looks like some boxes might have included a book. (Ours did not.)

    1. We have not gotten a single book and the books that you got are what got me the most interested to sign up for this.