Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5k (10.18.14)

I ran a 5k with Jen at my old stomping grounds.

Registration was inside and we got to hang out in there a little to stay out of the wind.  I was glad it didn't rain. It had already rained.

I tried to turn on my Garmin to get satellites at 8:53. I'm so glad the race started late because at 9 I still didn't have satellites. At 9:05, my watch was finally working and the race started a few seconds later. I did have my phone with me and had strava ready to go. I wanted mapmyrun as a backup because strava only goes to the tenth of a mile. But I don't even have mapmyrun installed anymore. I need a new watch. I can't handle how it takes forever.

We ran the first split near a 7 min pace. Then the next 3 were 9:08 pace. I was shocked at the consistency.   Near the end of the first mile, I was telling Jen how the hill we were on would be big for in California near me and she said she didn't even notice we were on a hill.

Jen ran 1.5 with me then we split off.  We hit that around 13:30.

My pace slowed a bit but then I was doing math and knew I had to pick it up. I forgot to ask myself if I was running as fast as I could. I did think about telling Jen about it at one point.  Every race I think about how Callie told me her trick where you ask yourself if you are running as fast as you can and if not run faster. Well I've asked myself that every race for years and I never am running my fastest so I always speed up.

The second half seemed a lot faster than the first because of all the math I was doing.

My goal was 28 minutes even though I thought I'd run about 9:30 pace. I only realized later that 9:30 pace was not 28 minutes but a lot worse.

My official finishing time was 27:48. I stopped my watch and it had 27:49. See all results here.
Once I finished, I got water and went to the finish to wait for Jen. I got video and pictures of her finishing.

We got some snacks and debated leaving right away. I knew not many people were in front of me so wondered if we should wait. I was watching going into the turnaround and there weren't many ahead of me. I was counting and got to 8 and there weren't many more. Maybe 30 yards where I didn't look.  I was looking to try to figure out my age group. I didn't think there were many ahead of me but then after I was done, I realized I was old so I wasn't paying attention to the right people.

There weren't many people coming in so I thought it might be done. Jen went and asked for me when awards would start since I was too scared.  She had to ask 2 people and still didn't get an answer.  After a few minutes we started hearing them announcing. We got down as they were doing overall women.  It was quick and they were doing all the women first so that was good.  They were only announcing names and locations so it was really quick.   They got to my age group and said 3rd place and then 2nd place. Neither were me and I said to Jen "Oh I guess I didn't place." As that was happening, they announced first place and it was me! Then he made a comment about how I had to come so far.  As I was going up to get my medal, I mentioned I used to live around there.
I am really glad I stuck around. I would have been so bummed to miss a medal.

We left right after that because Ella was not happy at all at home. She really wanted to nurse and then nap.

My splits were 8:52, 9:13, 8:40 and 1:04. My garmin says 3.14 not 3.1. I thought my first mile was the fastest but I guess I was wrong.


  1. Awesome job! I'm so glad you won your age group. What a great memory of your trip home.

    1. Yea. Too bad there aren't pictures of me running though.