Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 for 30 Winter Edition: Day 1 (February 1)

I started off wild and crazy for me. I wore bright tights to work. They are purple. People told me they were purple. They look pink in these pictures though.
Shirt: Express
Sweater: Express
Skirt: F21
Boots: Famous Footwear
Tights: Target
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

This outfit is so far out of my comfort zone, it still scares me and I wore it all day.

What didn't work (and never will) is that the skirt has an exposed zipper. I hate that. But today's shirts were so long that they covered it, so that was good.
My purple tights looked pink but that might have been better since my necklace is pink.  I went with brights today.
I had a few emails with Kendi today. Her list of remixers are up and there are over 800 participating this time around.  Also, in case you are wondering, Kendi loves my tights. She also asked if this is a new Colleen. Ha. I told her this is a scared Colleen branching out.
This is a scared Colleen branching out.

I'm wearing boots. I only did that like twice at work before this year. Now it is common.
I am wearing colorful tights. A very new thing for me
I don't match the tights I contrast them. Matching tights is new but today is way new.
I have on a printed skirt... that is rare
I have on a skirt with a stupid exposed zipper... seems popular but I can't stand it.

I'm BRANCHING out like crazy

Even the shirt under my sweater is a new thing.
Then her last email to me was:

Colleen! This is more than branching out -- this is a whole new person!!
A shirt under your sweater? You have gone mad. I'm glad you're branching out. Scaring yourself is good for you. 

Scaring myself is probably not as good for me as you might think. Well maybe it is because I think the days I scare myself are the days I burn a lot more calories and calorie burn = good for me.

What do you think of my outfit? I think it is a bad way to start my challenge. I'm supposed to get better as it goes on but I think I've already peaked.
This morning I turned around for 10 seconds and turn back to use my computer and find this. Poly is a cutey. BTW right now she is right in front of my keyboard. My right arm is over her body and my left arm is under her paws and head. She is just too cute.

I had a meeting today that lasted so long that I had to move conference rooms twice.  I have been mentioning for awhile that I could help someone do the powerpoint and then today they take me up on it. It was the very last day and I had plans this evening so now I am very tired. I just finished.

Tonight, there was a Stampin' Up Party at Lindsay's. It was a little hectic with 2 tables in 2 rooms, but we made it work.  I am just so exhausted from it. I can't wait until I load my gowear fit numbers to see how many calories I burned during it.  The last time there was a hectic party, the calorie burn remained my max for a good 3 or 4 months.

Today I added some navigation buttons to the top of my page. I still have to write a few pages. I can't wait to make my running one. I just won't have any time for at least a week.

Also did anyone notice I have no gold in my remix. How am I to wear black and gold this weekend? Also Thursday and Friday are black and gold days at work. Too bad my Steelers Jersey never arrived that my dad ordered for me.


  1. I love the New Colleen! I love color and tights and I think this looks super cute on you. Well done, and way to kick things off!

    I'm still choosing my 30 items so I'm behind already. Eek!

  2. You can throw in some gold jewelry. ;)

    This might be my very favorite outfit of yours EVER. Seriously, EVER!!! I love the bright pops of color, love those two colors together, love that skirt, love everything. You look awesome! I'm glad you branched out!

  3. Chrissy thanks. I think it it super hard to match the tights and clothes with the proper colors. I always like bright but I feel like some of my bright things clashed.

    Well I still have 17 days from Dec and Jan that I didn't post about that I want to.

  4. Melissa, I thought of gold jewelry but I never wear any. I think I have gold earrings from middle school and a gold necklace somewhere and that is it.
    I would have Sunday be my freestyle day if I had a jersey but I don't.

  5. Love those contrasting colors :). I have those same tights and everytime someone asks me what color they are I say "pinkish purplish" haha. Very cute outfit!

    Spare Change Living

  6. great outfit! also, i think you could cheat JUST for the weekend!

  7. Keep on keepin' on, girl! You look incredible in all of these colors. I agree with Kendi- scare yourself a little. It's so much fun! Once you've stepped out of your comfort zone, it's less scary to do it in the future, and it's less fun to box yourself back into it. I am SO impressed, lady. Keep it up!

  8. See, when you start the 30x30 like this, it's all downhill. I love your bright tights and contrasting sweater and that skirt is gorgeous - of course, I'm a big fan of exposed zippers, so I'm biased. ;)

  9. I am brand new to your blog so I didn't know the "old Colleen" but I think the new you is pretty fantastic! You started off on a high note and that is a great way to start the challenge because it will challenge you to live up to your start!! You can do it :)

  10. hey there
    found you thru Kendi
    i don't know what your usual style is, but you look great here
    exposed zippers are fab, your mix of colors is fab as well.
    keep up your boldness!

  11. Allison, how do you wear these tights? I'd love to see pictures or links where you styled them? I am not sure what to do. I also have red and green from Target. I don't know how to style them well enough.

  12. Two birds: I was thinking of wearing my 30 for 30 and then using black and gold things as accessories. I put terrible towels over a skirt to be a pretend skirt when I was in 6th grade. But I don't have spare terrible towels. I have 2.. we need those. My friend says she has 30. Too bad I didn't ask her to borrow some.

  13. Kimberly, Each time I go out of my comfort zone, I get used to that and have to branch out further and further. I think it started with red shoes a year ago but possibly started earlier. I wonder what will be next.

  14. @Frances Joy, why do you like an exposed zipper? Maybe if I had some reasoning, I would be convinced.

    @ A La Mode et Plus! - scroll through the blog or go to outfits at the top and scroll through the months to see the old me. It is more boring. I hope I can live up to it. I specifically chose pieces in this challenge that weren't "easy" for me to mix. We will see how this goes.

    @ Silvergirl - I find a ton of blogs through KEndi (through the 30 for 30 or when people just comment on her blog). She is the reason why my google reader is too full that I can't keep up. Why is it that you like exposed zippers? I can't figure it out and I'd like to know so that maybe I can stop hating them. And thanks for the compliments. I can really use them because I am pretty much scared all day in my bold outfits.

  15. Wow - that is a really interesting outfit. I can't get over how adding the necklace helps tie the tights in with everything.

    (I never fully appreciated accessories until the last couple years.)

  16. Callie, I also didn't appreciate accessories until recently.