Thursday, October 16, 2014


I showered in the morning and got dressed in people clothes but then never left the house.

Each morning I read Ella 2-4 books.

Ella likes to pull things closer to her. She loves pulling the diaper station to her. I let her to see what she'd do then she pulled the wipes off and pulled out the bulb syringe.

Ella sure loves to drink from a straw but she gets so much on her shirt. This is better than at first whens he would choke on the water though.

Ella was so pleasant all day. Well until she decided she needed food right then and there. I tried to nurse her before I cooked dinner and she wouldn't have any parts of it but then once it was done then she needed to eat!

She went to sleep at 7:30 for the night.

I ended up watching some TV with Dave then I watched 2 shows without him. I was not tired at all and stayed up until 12:30.

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