Sunday, October 5, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:40.   She wanted a nap early so we attempted that near 8 but she only slept for 10 minutes.  We went running at 9. We ran 3.21 miles then walked about 3 (another person had joined us so I didn't just continue to run).  Then I ran .33 mi home.   Ella napped about 10 minutes during the walk. As soon as I got back, we headed to someone's house to check out some baby clothes. I bought $36 worth. I think things were $2, $3, and $5 but I'm not even sure. Ella now has a little hoodie to wear when we go to PA and she has a few pairs of pants. I got some 12 mo and some 18 mo pants so she has them for later. I got a few dresses too.

On our drive home, Ella fell asleep. I carried her in the car in her carrier and she woke up once we reached her room so her nap was 10 minutes again.  10 minutes doesn't even count for a nap.

We played and ate lunch.  Ella played for over 20 minutes while I did dishes. She was pleasant for at least 20 of those minutes. At the end she was crying.  Then I tried to get her down for a nap. She almost fell asleep immediately on me. She seemed to be out, too, but as soon as I went to move her to the crib, she woke up and started crying.  So she had another 10 minute nap.

I picked her up and got her back to sleep. She slept in her crib for about an hour.   When I got her up, she fell asleep nursing. I kept trying to get her back to sleep knowing that 10 minute naps are no good and an hour isn't long enough for her.  She napped for 45 more minutes waking up every 10-15 minutes though.

Then it was play time for Ella. She was talking up a storm and loving to play. She mainly likes to play with Poly's toys that we got out.

We played a lot and I was talking to my mom. Then we decided to do a google hangout so my mom could see some of Ella's accomplishments. Ella was showing off. She was crawling really fast and pulling herself up to standing so well. It helped that she was crawling towards the laptop and that she was pulling herself up to try to get to the laptop.

Dave got home and they hung out a little.  I fed Ella. She went to sleep.

I spent too long doing nothing on my computer. I planned a card for an upcoming Stampin' Up party. We watched some TV. Then it was time for bed. I stayed up too late playing solitaire though.