Thursday, October 23, 2014


I ran with the neighbors in the morning. I ran 3.21 miles then we walked about 3 miles. Then  I ran .33 mi home. Ella was napping for part of the walk which is why I continued.

Ella was tired but wouldn't sleep. I put her in her crib anyway. She took 17 minutes to fall asleep. I'd say that's not bad for her not being put in the crib awake for naps before.

During Ella's nap, I recreated some old photos to compare how my belly looks now.

I went to the craft store and Trader Joe's to prepare for onesie panting. Ella loved Trader Joe's.  Then she got tired. She wasn't manageable at home. So I walked to meet Dave. He was walking home. He said it was time to head out. I left after that. 15 minutes later, he still hadn't left. I walked almost the entire way to work and I walked so slow. As soon as Ella saw Dave, she fell asleep. She had a short nap on the walk back home.

Ella flipped her toy

Dave was teaching Ella it was OK to fall


  1. Ella could be in a Trader Joe's ad. Look how she loves her daddy, and look how her hair is suddenly growing.

    1. After I took the first picture I rotated the cup so you could see the store name thinking it looked cooler that way.
      she does love him and when he teaches her something she sure learns a lot better