Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ella 10 Month Update

  • Weight: 18 lb 6 oz (on Oct 12) - 46th percentile or 19 lb 0 oz (on Oct 26) - 54th percentile
  • Height: 30.7 inches - 99.8th percentile on Oct 12 and 99.4th on Oct 26  (we measure in cm and it was 78 cm but I converted) (on Oct 26 we also did standing height and got 74.1 cm 83rd percentile) Ella is very uncooperative for measurements and we got the same exact height on both days)
  • Head Circumference: 17.3 inches - 41th percentile (same measurement as last time but so hard to do)
  • Diapers: Size 3 
  • Clothing: Disney 6-9 month, Steelers 6-9 month or Steelers 3-6 month with a onesie extender, Leveret 12-18 mo onesies or 6-12 mo with a onesie extender.  Carter's 12 month dresses and 12 mo onesies. The 12 mo pants are entirely too loose. She's been wearing 12-24 month socks for a while now. There are many shirts that are too wide. The pants are too short for 12 month size. All her pants are Carter's. 
  • Weight/Length percentile: 9%(lying) or 32%(standing)

Ella is more consistently waking up daily near 6:00. I miss sleeping in until 7 or 7:30.
Half the time I run (which ends up being 1/4 the days) she naps around 9 for 15-30 minutes.  Maybe once or twice this month she napped in the morning at home.  She usually takes a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. When her second nap has been extremely short she has napped a third time. When traveling she would have ~3 half hour naps!  Then she goes to sleep at night after nursing and almost always goes into the crib awake. She is now excellent at going to sleep at night and dislikes falling asleep on me. Naps are entirely different story. We got sick this month and since then naps are awful. She never seems to stay asleep for the crib transfer and just won't go to sleep. I've tried CIO but she just never goes to sleep. I've let her nap on me a lot. While traveling after the first day I just didn't even try to transport her since I figured she needed her sleep. Many naps started with her just being on me but she was also what I call sleep eating and she'd freak out if I tried to de-latch.

She is now nursing around 2 hours a day because I'm counting all the sleep eating she's doing. She continues to have pumped milk a few times a week.  Mostly when we leave the house.  She eats food and baby snacks probably 3-5 times a day. She rarely eats purees anymore but I still have a lot so I try to give her some here or there. She eats a lot of foods that we eat. She loves to feed herself.  When we went to restaurants she'd eat the entire time. She'd start with snacks or food we brought and then share our food. She was so behaved.

Sample Schedule:
She still doesn't have a specific nap time or food time yet. It is so hard to plan anything but it is getting easier. She wakes up between 5:45 and 6:30 daily it seems. She used to sleep later. 
She may or may not nap around 9. This is usually during a run but sometimes it is at home. This nap is no more than a half hour and more like 15 minutes. 
She most often naps 12:30-2:30 but she can start her nap as late as 2.  She eats solids when we eat dinner around 6 or 7. She will have solids around 3 some days at home. She has solids around 4 or 5 on Wednesdays when we are at the park. She will have some snacks depending on when we are at the park so that time varies but being on a blanket is consistent for her. 
I've fed her breakfast sometimes but mostly it's baby snacks. 

Sometimes around 5 she naps for a very brief nap on me if she didn't nap enough during the day. (I say on me because this month her naps have been horrible.
Her bedtime routine starts by 7:30 I'd say but usually earlier. It ranges between 7 and 8. We read her not the clock. Sometimes it's earlier but rarely it's later. 

She nurses after she wakes up most of the time and before she goes to sleep again. Her bedtime routine is different. She requires both of us and she cries the entire time we change her diaper and put on her sleep sack. She is no longer swaddled at night. She only stops crying to get Vitamin D. Then I'm in the chair and Dave asks her to find me but they only rotate and she gets excited to see me and nursing is fine. (I guess the crying is only for the initial part of the bedtime routine.)  She either falls asleep on me or is put in the crib after she is done eating. She then puts herself to sleep. I still keep track of how long it takes her.

We were both sick off and on starting September 28 and then starting October 13 we traveled so half the month was unusual so it's difficult to give an adequate example. I think overall this month she napped 3 times more than 2 but last month napped 2 times more than 3. (I say I think because I am basing it off my memory not the data in my app.)
Special Moments:
On September 21, she took about a half step without holding on while walking from the couch to me. 
On September 22, she opened the kitchen cabinets for the first time.  She started rubbing her mouth and making noises. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's a thing. 
On September 24, I swear she said "I love you" to me and then gave me a kiss. 
On September 26, her top left tooth is cutting through and her top right is close. 
On September 27, Ella threw up in the night (first illness).  She has 2 top teeth for sure now. She started saying mama over and over. 
On September 30, I gave her her phone and she said "my phone" when I gave it to her. 
On October 1, she had a stuffy nose. 
On October 2, she definitely had a cold. She had issues breathing and nursing. So she had her second illness the same week as her first!  At one point it sounded like she said "Pap-Pap."
On October 4, she bites me while nursing constantly. She had trouble breathing and as soon as she couldn't breathe, she'd bite. It was not a fun time for either of us.
On October 5, Ella had her first of many dance parties. 
On October 10, we were reading her garden flip book and she pointed to all the words. 
On October 12, she crawled through the pet door in her gate. (We rigged it up after this so she can't do it again.) She also used her walker to walk back and forth across the room.
On October 15, she started to sit differently where she sits on her legs/feet. 
On October 16, she went to her first zoo and started clapping there. She also stood on her own briefly.
On October 18, she stood a few times unsupported but still only very briefly.
On October 19, I put her in the crib asleep at my parents' house. That's the first time she transitioned. (Too bad this was at 2 am)
On October 20, she stood for about 5 seconds unsupported.

Ella traveled by plane for her second trip. We weren't able to take her monthly photos at home this time.
Ella has improved pulling herself to a standing position and she does it like a pro now. She also walks along furniture so well now. 
She has waved more times but not all the time.   She waves as a greeting to Dave often now. Her goodbye wave is quite delayed. I'm not sure if waving has improved this month or not though. 
She does high five more consistently more now but still won't always do it. 
She has continued to help us dress or undress her. We tell her to help get her arm out and she does. She pulls her shirt off after both arms are out and then I try to get her to drop it in the hamper but that doesn't always work. She does try to disrobe sometimes just when we are out though.
She's way more talkative this month. As the month has progressed, I've noticed her trying to repeat some words that we say.
Ella still prefers food she can feed herself to purees. 
She learned to clap a lot and does it often. She gets so excited too. 
She does peek-a-boo a lot (but I can't remember when she started doing this).
She started dancing and does it often now.

Other Tidbits:
She still likes to play a lot! 
She likes to dance. She likes to dance to music videos. She likes to watch them to learn how to dance then do it. We call it jamming and she's always jamming! 
She loves peek-a-boo. She likes to cover her face and you say "Where's Ella?" and then she uncovers her face and you say "There she is" or "There's Ella" and she gets so excited. If you cover your own face with a blanket and say "Where's Mommy?" she will uncover you and get so excited.
She likes to clap! She started clapping a lot on the 16th so it was near the end of the month.
She likes to stand. 
She likes to walk with her walker or while holding onto furniture. She likes to hold onto someones hands and walk around too.
She likes to stick her hand out at someone and have them grab it. Then she does it again. 
She likes to "share" but then takes it away. She isn't so good at letting go so you actually have to grab it.
She likes to take off her socks. She gives a war cry when she's about to get it off.
She seems to really enjoy talking with her hands when she's in the high chair or sometimes in the car. I really wish I knew what she was trying to say because it sounds very similar every time.
She loves to visit her buddies (friends). When we are going out to the car if I tell her we are seeing her buddies she gets all excited.  She gives hugs and kisses to her buddies when leaving too!
She especially likes if she crosses a barrier like getting into the hallway. Then she giggles like she knows something is up.
She gets so excited to get her Vitamin D at the end the night.
She likes to sit by herself and play. She also likes to move from spot to spot to play then sit again.
She likes to be held when she wants to.
She likes to talk and smile at us. 
She likes it when I sing to her which sucks because that cheers her up a lot but songs are hard and I definitely won't sing if anyone else is in the house.
She loves to squeal really loud when she's close to Poly. (This scares Poly away so then Poly doesn't get her fur pulled.)
She loves to grab everything and put it in her mouth. 
She loves when you get out Tylenol. She tries to help get that syringe in her mouth. 
She likes to eat actual food. She much prefers to be able to feed herself over eating purees. 
She likes to swing. She likes to be thrown around. She loves to be dead lifted. I think she likes all things that are like a dare devil.
She likes to accomplish something new and then she gets so excited.

She does not like to be hot!
She doesn't like to be hungry or tired. She doesn't seem to like to go to sleep though.
She definitely hates to get her diaper changed when she's hungry.
She hates her bedtime routine now!
She hates when you take something away from her that she shouldn't have and protests! She cries thinking she'll get it back but I don't cave most of the time.
She hates when I leave her in any way possible. She cries when I go to the other room. This started more when we traveled so I hope it goes away.
She doesn't like to nurse if I'm talking or if anything is going on. 
She doesn't want to nurse during the day without being swaddled if she wants to fall asleep next.
She hates to wake-up to a person that is not me.
She won't go to sleep without nursing first if we are home.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 11 hours 48 minutes  (708 minutes)
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 29 (all but one but we had a red-eye flight that was less than 5 hours in duration) She did wake up once in the middle of the night and it was marked down right at 5 hours so it counts. 
Diapers used (from October 1-19): 5.4 per day (decrease from last month)
Time spent nursing (from October 1-19): 127 minutes (2:07) per day (increase from last month)
Feeding average per day (from October 1-19): 1.3 oz (decrease from last month) (this is just pumped milk)
Time spent sleeping (from September 1-19): 12.6 hours per day  (decrease from last month)
Favorite Toys
Toy Table (She stands at it and it has things to play with on it. I'm not sure what it's called now and too lazy to look it up.)
Books (I count them as toys) 
My camera (not a toy but she thinks it is)
My phone (not a toy but she thinks it is)
My computer mouse (not a toy but she thinks it is)
Cords (not a toy but she thinks it is)
Little music thing (we call it her ipod)
Toy Smart Phone
Everyone else's toys at the park
Toy mailbox (borrowed while at my parents)
(Anything new)

Favorite Songs
All of Me
When You're Happy and You Know it
Almost all songs when Dave sings them to her
Shake it Off
Bang Bang
Songs with a beat!

Favorite Books
Trains go (prefers it when Dave reads it to her)
She likes most books and likes to hold them. She sits longer and I can read her multiple books in a row but I'm not sure if she has other favorites. 
My Update
I'm not sure what to even say anymore. I still have a bigger belly than I used to but I feel like overall I look more like I did before. I was sick this month throwing up for a few hours and then had an upset stomach for a few days. I lost 6 lbs and never gained it all back. 

I repeat what I said last month: I feel like there is so much more. She's always changing but I just can't think of it now sitting here. I need to learn to write these as the month goes on. This month I feel like I missed even more than I thought I might have missed last month.


  1. It really took me a good 10 months after Parker was born before I felt like I looked nearly the same as before I got pregnant. Ella is so close to walking if she is using her walker across the room. I can't believe how big she is. She'll be a year old so soon!

    1. Yea I look nearly the same. All but the belly. And maybe the past 1-2 months I mostly did.

      She uses the walker well but has crap balance. I think she gets crap balance from me.

  2. How do you decide when to put Ella down for a nap?

    I still think (after seeing you in person) that you are being way too critical of yourself. You look really good, Colleen. :)

    1. Well she goes from super playful to cranky all of a sudden then I know it's past naptime. She might be napping at a similar time daily so then I look at the clock. Or we are just getting home or something. I'm awful at it. Also if she's nursing and hasn't slept in a few hours I hope/think she'll fall asleep nursing and then nap so I put her swaddle blanket around her chest before I nurse just in case.

      Well my turquoise shorts still don't button at my belly. I wore them at the beginning of pregnancy so that shows my belly is bigger even though I do weigh 10 lbs less than when I first got pregnant. But thanks.

    2. As a rule of thumb if they're cranky it's beyond when they should have gone to sleep (I know I'm repeating what you said). I have found with Neil (and I know every kid is different) that consistency is key with both naps and bedtime. Daycare helped us establish this but we're pretty consistent about getting him down in his crib at 12:30 and that's what they do at daycare. I can't remember how it was at first, but at this point he goes down and even if he doesn't fall asleep right away, he doesn't fuss and does lay there until he falls asleep. I've been told he's one of the best sleepers at daycare though so maybe I shouldn't be giving advice. (But it's also what they've told me.)

      I think it did take a long time for me to fit back into pre-pregnancy jeans and I don't think my body was ever truly the same even when I was back to pre-pregnancy weight. I guess that's just one of the prices we pay for having these babies. ;) But yeah you look great. Even if you feel different.

    3. See usually we are out at our park dates but also people have commented she goes from perfect to cranky and no in between. Also sometimes she's even fine and then you walk into her room and then she shows her signs of being tired.

      So I can't say about consistency because we were sick then traveled then sick then clock change so everything is out the window the past month.

      I think Ella inherited Dave's sleeping abilities not mine. I would still fall asleep in a car if it were up to me. She fights a car nap and will cry for awhile before falling asleep IF she falls asleep.

      Oh so sometimes Ella sits and falls over more. Then I also know it's nap time. I'm trying to think of more but her balance is worse when she's getting tired!

      Now she has 1-3 naps in a day. 1 nap is no good but it happens frequently anymore. And that 1 nap will be less than an hour! If I'm holding her and put her down and she wants me back versus play then it's nap time. I know there are more things.