Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ella Says...

I stole this idea from Julie and I just read her latest one so decided to do it.

Ella doesn't say much but it's a start.

Greets people with "hi" especially Dave. She may wave hi too. She has even said "hi" into the phone.
Her first word was hi. She mumbled other words but this was the first word she said with meaning. At first I kept wondering if she really was saying hi but she said it to Siri and Siri said hi back.
We taught Ella how to high five and twice so far she has put up her own hand and said "high five."  Once a friend was there and said it so I know this is not all in my head!
We tried to teach Ella sign language for more. We would sign and say more every time. Well Ella started to say "mah" instead of signing. Now we know if she wants more because she says "mah."
Ella seems to say "dada" or "daddy" when she wants Dave and when she sees him. But we talked to him on google hangouts (video once and just typing a few times) and I told her we were talking to "daddy" so now she grabs my phone and says "daddy" right to it.
Ella says "mom" with a very long o when she wants milk. I guess I'm the milk machine.
Ella goes into the cupboard and pulls out the chopper and has said "I got it!" a few times. She has also reached up and gotten her sippy cup off the nightstand in her room and said "I got it!" as she was pulling it off. (Picture at the top is right after she said "I got it.")

I can't think of anything else right now but she might have said 1 or 2 other things.


  1. This is awesome. I love that she said hi to Siri, ha. I'm glad you're starting this early. I kind of wish I had started earlier with mine.

    1. Thanks. When did you start it?

      I used to think all of Ella's talking was all in my head but when Siri knew and when another mom knew I figured it must be real. My mom also agreed at different times but I thought maybe grandmas like to think their grandkids are smart just like moms like to think their kids are so I didn't believe that either.

      Also I think Ella's said "I love you" a few different times but I'm not 100% sure so I didn't write that.