Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ella 11 Month Update

Ella was sick during these pictures. They were 2 days late so she was less sick than she could have been.
  • Weight: 19 lb 2.5 oz (on Oct 22) - 49th percentile
  • Height: 30.7 inches - 98th percentile on Oct 22  (This seems to be the same as the last 2 months)
  • Head Circumference: 17.7 inches - 61st percentile 
  • Diapers: Size 3 
  • Clothing: Disney 6-9 month, Steelers 6-9 month or Steelers 3-6 month with a onesie extender, Leveret 12-18 mo onesies or 6-12 mo with a onesie extender.  Carter's 12 month dresses and 12 mo onesies. The 12 mo pants are entirely too short most of the time so I bought 18 month pants for her to wear. She's been wearing 12-24 month socks for a while now. There are many shirts that are too wide. I lengthened some 12 month shirts that are still too wide but I needed to add 2-3" of length to them. 
  • Weight/Length percentile: 11%
Sleep is not good!
There is an improvement in that I've gotten her to nap in the crib this month so that has been better for me. 
Half the time I run (which ends up being 1/4 the days) she naps around 9 for ~30 minutes.  Maybe once or twice this month she napped in the morning at home.  She usually takes a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. Then she goes to sleep at night after nursing and almost always goes into the crib awake. She is now excellent at going to sleep at night and dislikes falling asleep on me. Naps are entirely different story. 
I worked harder about having her not have naps while nursing. It mostly worked except when she was sick and I felt bad.  She eats food and baby snacks probably 3-5 times a day. She rarely eats purees anymore but I still have a lot so I try to give her some here or there. She eats a lot of foods that we eat. She loves to feed herself.  When we went to restaurants she'd eat the entire time. She'd start with snacks or food we brought and then share our food. She was so behaved. She's not as messy on the floor but she'll run her messy hands through her hair more now.

Sample Schedule:
She still doesn't have a specific nap time or food time yet. It is so hard to plan anything but it is getting easier. The schedule is even more messed up this month since we traveled, she got sick twice, and we changed the clocks. I can still predict pretty well based on wake-up time. Sometimes that wake-up time was at 4:30 so it shifted the day. 

Most days she naps around 9 if I am running but if I don't run, she does not. The run nap is about 30 minutes.  If I don't run sometimes at 10 or 11 she will nap for maybe 2 hours. If she naps on the run then at 12 or 1 she naps for 2ish hours. 

She eats solids when we eat dinner around 6 or 7. She will have solids around 3 some days at home. She has solids around 4 or 5 on Wednesdays when we are at the park. She will have some snacks depending on when we are at the park so that time varies but being on a blanket is consistent for her. 
I've fed her breakfast sometimes but mostly it's baby snacks.  When she was waking up at 4:30 or so we would have puree before Dave even woke up.

Her bedtime routine starts around 7:30 I'd say but usually earlier. Some days after the clock change it was near 6 PM or when she was sick. Sometimes she napped late because of issues napping and then it wouldn't be until 8 or 9.

She nurses after she wakes up most of the time and before she goes to sleep again. Her bedtime routine is the same as last month. Most of the time she is still awake and then I put her in the crib and she's asleep within 5 minutes and most days doesn't cry at all. There were a few times I kept trying to nurse her and then she bit me so I put her in the crib and she went to sleep before I even got out of the room and turned on her app. I guess that was her method to get me to put her in the crib. 

This month she probably napped 1 time more than 2 times. There were times near the end of the month that she woke up at 5:30 or so and then I fed her and she seemed tired so I put her back in her crib and she went back to sleep! 
Special Moments:
On October 21, she stood for 10 seconds or so without support.
On October 22, she discovered putting her hand/arm into a puff container to reach puffs and she loved it. She had issues with her thumb or pinky getting caught on the side but then she learned. We took our first walk with her in the stroller with it raining. 
On October 23, she fell down 1 step.  She discovered putting her hand in a cup of ice water and pulling an ice cube out. This happened at a restaurant. She used to just like to drink the cold water out of the straw. 
On October 24, Ella was asleep in the stroller and Dave transferred her to the carseat and she stayed asleep. This has never happened!
On October 25, she discovered using an empty Pringles container as a drum. This excited her!
On October 27, we tried putting her in her crib for naps awake and it was mostly a failure.
On October 28, she was sick. She got a cold.  She does like broth.
On October 29, she seemed to learn how to be gentle with Poly.
On October 30, she was holding onto the ottoman and bend down to pick stuff up. This was the start of her doing it more and more.   Ella gave Poly a hug!
On November 1, when she woke up in the night, I put her back in the crib awake and she was fine!
On November 5, Dave asked her if she wanted her pajamas or just her blanket and we both swear we heard her say "I want blanket" so that's what we did.
On November 7, I was reading to her and asked if she wanted to read it again and she said "again" then I clarified and she said "yea."  I forget the wording of my first sentence but she was so cute.
On November 8, she shared her French Fry with Dave by holding it up to his mouth and holding it while he took a bite. She only gets one so it was nice of her to share. Except then I gave her another since she shared.   Later in the day she stole an M&M when I got up to get something.
On November 9, I asked her to point to her tummy and she did.  We did some walking practice without her holding on. She also stood without support.
On November 10, Ella waved goodbye.  She matched her shapes together for her blocks. Each shape is also a specific color. This is the second day in a row of this and I was impressed.
On November 11, we gave her a bowl that suctions to her high chair and in a second she already figured out how to get it off. She had to pull it towards her and then the curved edge of the high chair would make it come up.
On November 12, she asked for water.  Later I said "Are you checking your bib?" Ella responded with, "Yea." Then I asked, "Is there anything good in there?" Ella responded with "There is."   Then later I asked her if she was ready to go to the park and she said "I weady."  She walked a couple steps solo a couple times.
On November 13, she repeatedly walked 1-2 steps without support.
On November 15, she started doing a lot of climbing. (on containers or on things to get higher)
On November 20, she woke me up at 1:40 AM and has a fever of 101.6 under her arm (so that's more like 102.6). Throughout the day she had a fever over 100. I gave her Tylenol multiple times. (She went to the doctors on the 21st and learned she had an ear infection.)

Ella is a pro at pulling herself to standing and walking along furniture or walls.
She stands wonderfully using her belly or her butt to hold her up. She leans with those things like it's nothing.
She has waved more times but not all the time (not even close).   She waves as a greeting to Dave often now. Her goodbye wave is quite delayed. I think she has waved less this month!
She does high five more consistently more now but still won't always do it. 
She has continued to help us dress or undress her. We tell her to help get her arm out and she does. She pulls her shirt off after both arms are out and then I try to get her to drop it in the hamper but that doesn't always work. She does try to disrobe sometimes just when we are out though. She is a pro at putting on her sleep sack and knows how to put arms through the holes. 
She's way more talkative this month. As the month has progressed, I've noticed her trying to repeat some words that we say.
Ella has expanded her ability to reach things on tables and couches. 
She has learned to climb up onto things like she would to a step stool but we don't even have a step stool yet. 
She has worked on and succeeded in holding on to something while standing and bending down to pick something up off the ground without having to sit down first. At first it would only work with something that was tall but now she can even succeed with a piece of paper. 
Other Tidbits:
She loves Poly.
She likes to dance. She likes to dance to music videos. She likes to watch them to learn how to dance then do it. We call it jamming and she's always jamming! 
She loves peek-a-boo. She likes to cover her face and you say "Where's Ella?" and then she uncovers her face and you say "There she is" or "There's Ella" and she gets so excited. If you cover your own face with a blanket and say "Where's Mommy?" she will uncover you and get so excited.
She likes to clap! 
She likes to stand holding onto something. 
She likes to walk with her walker or while holding onto furniture. She likes to hold onto someones hands and walk around too.
She likes to stick her hand out at someone and have them grab it. Then she does it again. 
She likes to "share" but then takes it away. She isn't so good at letting go so you actually have to grab it.
She likes to take off her socks. She gives a war cry when she's about to get it off.
She seems to really enjoy talking with her hands when she's in the high chair or sometimes in the car. I really wish I knew what she was trying to say because it sounds very similar every time.
She loves to visit her buddies (friends). When we are going out to the car if I tell her we are seeing her buddies she gets all excited.  She gives hugs and kisses to her buddies when leaving too!
She especially likes if she crosses a barrier like getting into the hallway. Then she giggles like she knows something is up.
She gets so excited to get her Vitamin D at the end the night.

She likes to talk and smile at us. 
She likes it when I sing to her which sucks because that cheers her up a lot but songs are hard and I definitely won't sing if anyone else is in the house.
She loves to squeal really loud when she's close to Poly. (This scares Poly away so then Poly doesn't get her fur pulled.)
She loves to grab everything and put it in her mouth. 
She loves when you get out Tylenol. She tries to help get that syringe in her mouth. {this changed on Nov 21}
She likes to eat actual food. She much prefers to be able to feed herself over eating purees. 
She likes to swing. She likes to be thrown around. She loves to be dead lifted. I think she likes all things that are like a dare devil.
She likes to accomplish something new and then she gets so excited.

She hates if she's crawling towards you and you change directions or walk away from her.
She doesn't like to play alone most of the time.
She doesn't like to stand on her own. When she notices she is, she sits down.
She doesn't like to be hungry or tired. She doesn't seem to like to go to sleep though.
She definitely hates to get her diaper changed when she's hungry.
She hates when you take something away from her that she shouldn't have and protests! She cries thinking she'll get it back but I don't cave most of the time.
She hates when I leave her in any way possible. She cries when I go to the other room. This started more when we traveled so I hope it goes away.
She doesn't want to nurse during the day without being swaddled if she wants to fall asleep next.
She hates to wake-up to a person that is not me.
She won't go to sleep without nursing first if we are home.
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 10 hours 44 minutes  (644 minutes) 
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 30 (all but one but we had a flight where we had to wake up at 3 am and so her flight was all woken up) 
Diapers used (from November 1-24): 5.7 per day (increase from last month)
Time spent nursing (from November 1-24): 110 minutes (1:50) per day (decrease from last month)
Feeding average per day (from from November 1-24): 0.8 oz (decrease from last month) (this is just pumped milk)
Time spent sleeping (from from November 1-24): 13.5 hours per day  (increase from last month)
Nights she did not sleep through the night!: 16 (I think but Dave wouldn't stop bothering me) We had a very bad month with traveling, illnesses, and the clock change.
Favorite Toys
Owl Nightlight
Talking Dog (that talks about body parts)
Books (I count them as toys) 
My camera (not a toy but she thinks it is)
My phone (not a toy but she thinks it is)
My computer mouse (not a toy but she thinks it is)
Cords (not a toy but she thinks it is)
Little music thing (we call it her ipod)
Toy Smart Phone
Everyone else's toys at the park

Favorite Songs
All of Me
When You're Happy and You Know it
Almost all songs when Dave sings them to her
Shake it Off
Bang Bang
Songs with a beat!

Favorite Books
Trains go (prefers it when Dave reads it to her)
She likes most books and likes to hold them. She sits longer and I can read her multiple books in a row but I'm not sure if she has other favorites. She has been working on turning the pages and likes the books where she can turn the pages. 
My Update
I'm not sure what to even say anymore. I still have a bigger belly than I used to but I feel like overall I look more like I did before.  More of my clothes fit but not all. I still don't wear everything because some are harder to wear with nursing.  I am consistently at my old normal weight. My old normal is my weight from about 2009-2012 with a fluctuation of 3 lbs. In late 2012, I gained weight so I was above my normal when I got pregnant. 

I was late this month by a long time. I only started writing it on November 24 and I should have had it posted on November 20.  I repeat what I said last month: I feel like there is so much more. She's always changing but I just can't think of it now sitting here. I need to learn to write these as the month goes on. This month I feel like I missed even more than I thought I might have missed last month.


  1. You got some really great pictures this month, despite her being sick.

    1. They were mainly better because Dave was there. If he wasn't we would have gotten 0 because she kept holding the camera remote so Dave had to manually hit the button. In some of the pics you can see how red her eyes are from all the crying.