Friday, February 6, 2015

December 21-31 Outfits






Starting on Christmas my daily pictures started to suck because my camera stopped working with my remote. At first I thought it was the remote but a new one didn't work either.


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    1. Thanks. I bought that in December sometime at Target. I think that the sleeves are a bit short. I pulled them down for the pic but as soon as I move they are up a few inches.

    2. Mine too. I just bought a sweater. It's a tall. And the reviews commented that thr sleeves were 4-5 inches too long so I thought I had to have it. Perfect sleeve length. Too bad winter is over!

    3. What sweater? Maybe I should buy it too. Winter is nowhere near over in Iowa.

    4. gray from jcp on sale
      in case the link doesn't work it is Liz Claiborne® Long-Sleeve Ribbed High-Low Sweater - Tall they only have 2 colors left and not in allt he sizes. gray or gray stripe. i got solid gray in small tall and it's a little loose.

    5. I only bought the sweater because Dave wanted to spend $20 more to get free shipping. The shipping was about 10 so it was like 10 more dollars not 20. I found that sweater. I would have preferred a color and not gray but when I saw the reviews I went with it. Dave said it will shrink and I'll be mad. I haven't washed it yet. I only wore it 2 hours before it got too hot then 2 hours another day. So I figured it doesn't need to be washed yet.