Monday, March 9, 2015


Riding the horsey
I had trouble sleeping. I was worried about Poly. Also at one point she was sleeping between my legs and I wanted to roll over but I didn't want to disturb her so I suffered. I woke up near 6:30 and realized Ella was not in her crib. My mom got her when she heard her cry.  My app was off. I forgot to turn it back on before I went to sleep!  She hadn't been up for that long though and didn't get to a loud cry. I was in the bathroom and Dave did say he thought he heard Ella crying when I got back out.

At 10, I went to the grocery store. Well I went to Fresh n Easy and Safeway. I went alone. Ella was with my parents. It was so weird going places without her.   I was gone 45 minutes. I had issues finding a few things so that's why it took so long.

Ella napped from close to 12:30 to 3:30!  So the second time I left the house (yes a second time), she slept the entire time.

Poly had her vet appointment at 2.  Around 1:42, I decided to start leaving even though google maps said the place was 6 minutes away!  Well then I could not find Poly. I recruited my parents to help. We even opened Ella's door and tried calling for her. I looked everywhere again. Finally I went into Ella's room and searched and found her in the one cubby hole in the built in shelving. Ella slept through the entire thing! I can't believe Ella slept through it.

I got to the vets a few minutes late. I was there over an hour and with people most of the time.  So last night we noticed she kept trying to pee but not pee. She also hadn't bugged for dinner and then I realized she not only didn't eat any of her food that day but none the day before. I just kind of thought she was too busy with company but then we thought it through more.  This is why we took her to the vet.  They described a few things it could be but the reason they said is the most common is stress. Changing her routine could cause it and house guests definitely disrupt. Then the vet mentioned loud noises and Ella squeals and screams so loud when she sees her.  They mentioned changed in anything and she's had a decent amount of changes so that's why they thought it was more likely stress and not the other reasons. But we can watch and see. We can still get some tests done too.

While we were there Poly was pretty good. She did refuse to get her temperature taken so they skipped it.  Poly was really good with the vet and she said she sprayed her hands with this relaxing stuff before coming in.

I did get 2 medicines that we have to give to Poly. One is a capsule that you have to open and put half the powder on food  and then the other half the next time. We have to do this 3 times a day along with squirting some syringe of medicine in her mouth 3x a day.

This is Poly's first ever sick vet visit.

I got home and maybe 15 min later Ella woke up. She slept for 3 hours.

We had a lot of fun playing.

I went to pick Dave up from work so I left the house for a third time without Ella!

I made fajitas for dinner. Well Ella made me hold her so then some others helped!

Ella got a bath after dinner then wanted to go to bed.  I watched some TV but was pretty tired so I went to bed to blog and went to sleep a little bit later.

I actually fell asleep in bed with my laptop and only realized an hour later. I put the laptop away but was later informed that I never turned off my light.

 Early in the day, Ella fell. Then she cried hard. I couldn't even figure out what she hit but she cut skin right above/around her eye. It was hard to get a picture but you can see the redness in the pictures.


  1. Poor Poly :( I hope everything is okay? Also poor Ella with her eye getting hurt. At least the day went well and your parents were able to help out. Ella's shopping cart is cute.

    1. I may not have even written about it. But her lack of peeling was stress related. She got better. Robin foen Ella's squealing and Poly getting back to her routine helped wonders.

    2. I'm glad she's doing better.