Thursday, March 12, 2015

Broken Finger

On February 22, Ella was about to spill a drink. Dave was closer to her but I know he doesn't move quickly so my mom speed went into effect. I was sitting on the floor and lunged forward. While reaching to get to the cup, my hand hit the couch really really hard. 

I curled into the fetal position grabbing my finger.  Ella came over and laughed. :(

I googled jammed fingers and buddy taped my pointer to my middle finger, I iced practically all day. I took ibuprofen too. 

It hurt a lot.  My lowest knuckle was swollen. (The hand to finger knuckle.) 

That hurt for a few days but then I realized how tender my actual bone was and not just the joints. I kept it taped.  I tried to not tape it 2 evenings and said that was a big mistake.  

I talked to other people about it an they said if I went to the doctors they'd just say to do what I was doing. I agreed with that. 

It still hurt so I thought maybe I sprained it.  Ella kept grabbing my finger and it'd hurt a lot.  I kept bumping it. I kept doing everything I always do around the house.  So for 2 reasons I finally made a doctor appointment.  I thought I'd like an official diagnosis so I could quit saying I jammed it.I also thought maybe an official diagnosis would make Dave do more around the house. 

I was going to post this much of the story thinking it was the story but good thing I was a slacker because it's not done.

Finally I made a doctor appointment. Then I had to call and reschedule forgetting I didn't have a car that day.

I finally went on March 12 to a 7:40 AM doctor appointment. I actually took Ella hoping to give her my appointment since she had a fever and I was guessing and ear infection.  They wouldn't let me give it to her because that specific doctor doesn't see kids. They had a PA opening at 9:50 so I took that. I thought I'd have to go home and come back. Boy was I wrong. 

At 8:10, the nurse popped her head back in saying the doctor was running late and he'd be there in 5-10 min.  I was his first appointment of the day!!!  When he finally shows up he doesn't apologize at all. He spends about a minute with me and sends me over for an x-ray. I have to wait there.  Then I go back over and let the, know that I'm ready for the doctor. We wait forever!  I even check with the receptionists that he's aware I'm there.  They say he knows and they are just waiting for an open room. After that point and before I got called in, I saw 4 people get called back.   Ella has really had it by this point. 

Finally I'm called back.  He pulls up my x-ray. He notes the radiologist didn't have time to look yet but he will look.  He tells me it's not broken. Then tells me not to even buddy wrap it anymore.  Basically says to do nothing. I told him it hurts too bad to not wrap it so I'll continue to wrap it. I talk more about how that's not even enough. Then he reluctantly tells me to put some anti-inflammatory creams on it a few times a day. 

It's 2 hours later by this point so I just check in for Ella's appointment 20 min early!

At 2 PM, I went Walgreen's for Ella's prescription and I bought myself a splint.  
After I'm home, I notice a voice mail. It's a nurse from the doctor's office. She said the radiologist looked at my x-ray and said I "may have a faint break in the finger bone" and recommends keeping the splint on for the next 2 weeks.  BTW I mentioned buying a splint but they didn't know I bought one. 

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  1. Time for a new doctor. Geez! Good for you for taking charge and taking care of yourself properly.