Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ella 15 Month Update

  • Weight: 21 lb 2 oz  (50th percentile for WHO and 24th percentile for CDC)
  • Height: 33.25 inches (32.75 inches standing) (99.5th percentile for WHO and 99.3th percentile for CDC)
  • Head Circumference: 46 cm (66th percentile for WHO and 61th percentile for CDC)
  • Diapers: Size 3 
  • Total Teeth: 8 (I think. haven't checked in awhile)
  • Clothing: Carter's  9 and 12 month dresses and 12 mo or 18 mo tops. For pants she wears 18 month pants. I put her in some 12 mo shorts and they fall down off her diaper. She's been wearing 12-24 month socks for a while now but they seem like they are getting small. Some shirts are still too wide. Some are too short too.   She's wearing 12 mo and 18 month Gerber onesies. We prefer t-shirts. She is wearing some painted t-shirts even though they are too big.  One is 24 mo and 2 are size 3 (website says they run small)
  • Weight/Length percentile: 5% (WHO) or 0.5% (CDC)

Sleep has been really messed up again.  She was still sick at the beginning of the month and then she got sick again.  Just based on a guess and not looking at data, that Ella has napped on me 3/4 of the month or more. She rarely naps in her crib. She had 2 car naps after I resorted to driving her around and 1 nap in her stroller.  On me she has been napping almost 3 hours. She'd wake up then nurse again for a minute and then back to sleep but I'm stuck in the chair and can't do anything!

She is nursing less but she is also eating less food. She refuses food all the time. She even refuses her favorites. She never refuses dipping things in ketchup. 

Sample Schedule:
Ideally she wakes up in the morning and naps at 1 then goes to sleep at 7:30.  That rarely happens. She always nurses right when she wakes up in the morning and right before nap and right before bed at night. 

About half the month Ella was sick and about half the time she did not sleep through the night.
She napped on me and I could never get her to the crib. I would try then have to nurse again to get her back to sleep.

She eats a cereal bar or some form of cereal when we run.  She eats dinner usually between 6 and 7. All other meals vary.

Special Moments:
On February 24, Ella was really good at eating a cheeseburger.
On February 27, Ella rode the horsey at the park herself. Then she went down the slide herself. I sat her at the top and she went down and stopped at the bottom herself. 
On February 28 at 11 PM, she woke up crying and standing in her crib and went back to sleep herself. She has gone back to sleep herself but this is the first time I saw her standing and go back to sleep without my having to go in. 
On March 1, she had a fever and we gave Tylenol. Later in the day I was gone and Ella fell asleep on Dave!!!
On March 4, I showed her how to blow a kiss and then she did. (Oops forgot to do this ever again so she only did it this once.)
On March 5, it was her 3rd day in a row waking up from her nap with a dry diaper.  Later I asked her if she wanted to go to the park and she said "yup yup" (repeating) and walked to the door.
On March 6, she said nose and pointed to nose. Then said "aye" and pointed to her eye.  Another nap and another dry diaper.
On March 7, she wanted to sit on her potty. She sat on it in her clothes and peed.
On March 8 she said fish and duck.
On March 10 she had a bad park time. She fell down the big slide as I was getting in. It's fast and windy. She didn't seem phased.  Then later she got cut right by her eye from someone's sand toy. 
On March 11, she had a fever. She kept taking out the thermometer too early.  Later I asked her if she felt good or bad and she said "bad."
On March 12 she was burning up overnight and even with Tylenol. It was such a bad time that after a couple hours and attempts to get her back in her crib Dave brought her to bed and we hung out like it wasn't the middle of the night. After a long time she fell asleep on me while I was sitting up. (It was close to 6 AM.)  Later she went to the doctors with me then had her own appointment. She had an ear and throat infection. 
March 13 was also bad for sleep. Then she threw up her morning amoxicillin. She had about 8 throw ups. Not fun.
On March 14, she was actually really good with her medicine.
On March 15, it was another awful night sleeping.  She did pick up a tissue and then reach way up to put it in the trash. While eating she couldn't reach the ketchup in the bottom of the container so she used her spoon.  She's a problem solver.
On March 16, I got her back in her crib in the middle of the night and I got her to nap in her crib. That shouldn't be a milestone but based on the week prior it was.
On March 17, she helped me make brownies for the first time.
On March 18, she used the door handle to open the mud room door. It was a handle and not a knob. 
On March 20, I decided to quit documenting the food she eats. Since I'm still trying to wean, I will continue with milk and nursing.

She has waved more times but not all the time.   It's odd how she can learn other things in 2 minutes but doesn't have waving down. This has been a work in progress for months.
She tries a lot more to dress and undress herself.
She will also bring me her coat when she really wants to go outside. She has learned she gets a coat on when she goes out so she wants to start that process. 
She is learning to understand more and more words. 
She's better at body parts and knows more of them.  She does head, ear, nose, foot, belly button, tummy, and leg. 
She is close to learning how to put her shoes on. She knows to loosen the strap but doesn't quite line it up right.
She can climb up onto some couches without help.
She can get down from the bed or chairs without help.
Last month she learned to cheers but then we forgot to do it. Now she wants to cheers all the time. Sometimes she says "ches" for cheers.
is actually drinking cow's milk instead of mostly spitting it out.
Ella learned to not bother the receiver and we got rid of the gates this month. A few time outs were involved. 
We've used timeouts and she has learned different things throughout the month.

Other Tidbits:
Ella loves to lean in for a kiss. 
She likes to push buttons. (Actual buttons but also likes to push my buttons. ha)
She loves Poly.
She loves to accomplish something new.
She likes to dance. She likes to dance to music videos. She likes to just watch music videos. 
She likes to "share" but then takes it away. She isn't so good at letting go so you actually have to grab it.
She loves to visit her buddies (friends). When we are going out to the car if I tell her we are seeing her buddies she gets all excited.  She gives hugs and kisses to her buddies when leaving too!
She likes to talk and smile at us. 
She likes to swing. She likes to be thrown around. I think she likes all things that are like a dare devil. She also loves the slide.
She likes to drink out of all the other babies' cups. Even if her cup is similar, she wants whatever isn't hers. 
She likes to ride on your shoulders. She also likes to be held upside down. 
Ella likes to get things when you ask her to. 
She REALLY loves books. She loves to be read to and loves to flip through the pages herself. 
She likes to "read" while getting her diaper changed. 
When eating, Ella likes to take her cup and stick it beside her in the chair. She loves pulling it back out to eat from it. Also if she doesn't like something, she moves it to the corner cupholder circle on the high chair tray.
She loves to do google+ hangouts and especially likes it when she gets to hold the phone herself. 

She hates when we close a gate. If we are on the same side as her or if we are on the opposite side, she hates it just the same.
She HATES being put in the pack n play when I shower.
She hates wanting to stay at the park when we have to leave.
She hates seeing her car and not going in it.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 11 hours 33 minutes  (693 minutes) 
Diapers used (from March 1-20): 5.4 per day (decrease from last month)
Time spent nursing (from March 1-20): 112 minutes (1:52) per day (increase from last month because of being sick and also napping and nursing a bit)
Feeding average per day (from March 1-20): 0.9 oz (more cow's milk than pumped. I estimate what she drinks. I just pour in and pour it out when she's done)
Time spent sleeping (from March 1-20): 13.1 hours per day 
Nights she did not sleep through the night!: 14
Doctor visits: 1 (sick visit)

Favorite Toys
New shopping cart
new car she rides to get to the park
new stroller she uses to push a doll
iPad (actual)
Batman car
Anything that is a container to take stuff out of and put stuff in
Owl Nightlight
iPod (ok it's a music toy)
Singing Dog
Books (I count them as toys) 
My phone (not a toy but she thinks it is)
Toy Smart Phone
Shopping cart
Toy food
Scrappy Cat

Favorite Songs
If You're Happy and You Know It
Shake It Off
Bang Bang

Favorite Books
She loves ALL books. Some books she just likes to hear 4 times in a row.

Favorite Foods
Peanut Butter Cups 
Yogurt Bites

New Words (new category so not all might be new)

Still Saying
mom (very long o)

Visit to a farm

I'm sick. My finger is still in a splint. There is probably more but I can't think.

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  1. What a cute little dress. She's getting so big. Hopefully she's done being sick for a while and you guys can get back on a schedule again.