Wednesday, May 6, 2015


 As part of my 5 day challenge, I actually made breakfast.
We went to Rancho San Antonio for the first time.  We walked about a mile then hung out at the farm. Then walked a mile back. It was posted on a mom meetup and there were 4 of us there even though Advik didn't seem to make it into many pictures of mine.

Ella was quite the climber.

 I looked everywhere for Ella's shopping cart and found it in the shower.

 I went to Target and got Ella a kid chair!
 She loved it and sat in it in the parking lot.

 We went to Jersey Joe's for Christmas

Trying out her new chair


  1. You do so many fun things with Ella!

    1. I try. Lots of times I feel bad because we don't do fun things and I just run and push her in a stroller.