Monday, May 11, 2015


I made the mistake of watching a few episodes of The Fosters and staying up until 2:45 AM (or later) and then Ella went and woke up early!  She woke up at 5 AM.  I couldn't get her back in her crib. I tried to bring her to bed to say hi to Dave but it was so dark she got scared.  I finally got her back to sleep near 7 am and then she woke up at 8:30.

We went running with Diana a little after 9 and it was really tough for me. For the first time ever, I walked home from Diana's instead of running home.

After we got home I cleaned a lot. I fed Ella. We played a little. I cleaned until about 1. Then I started getting Ella to nap. Even though I said I was going to get her in the crib from now on (starting on the 25th) I failed and napped too.   She woke up a few times but we were in the chair about 3 total hours. Her room got hot.  Her cheeks were red and her hair was soaked from sweat.

Then we went to Safeway and filled our 5 gallon water jugs.  Gio and Lily came after so she could use some of my cards. She was going to buy cards earlier but I said she could use mine. She'll never come to a class now though because she just got to take some I already made.

They left and I realized Gio forgot something so I went to go after them and I guess it took me too long to realize because I ended up all the way at their house. Ella just ran in to play so I stayed a bit. We were invited in and I declined. Ella didn't.  We ended up staying quite awhile.

I got home and fed Ella a tiny bit then we went to pick up Dave. I said I'd pick him up because it was so hot and he'd die walking.  I was so sweaty from barely walking.   We only got Dave near 7:30.

We got McD's on the way home. I barely got any food and had to share mine with Ella so I got even less.   I bathed Ella and she splashed and got me soaked. I didn't even change my clothes and we got her ready for bed.

Ella only went to bed closer to 8:30. I showered right after.


  1. Those little pink shorts are darling. She's getting so tall.

    1. Thanks.
      She hits her head so much now that she's tall.