Friday, May 22, 2015


copying each other
Ella woke up at 4 and I nursed her then she was back to sleep. She was crying a little at 7:30 but I looked at the baby monitor app and she was still lying there so I went back to sleep. At 8 I heard her more and she was crying off and on for awhile. It was low but she was also on her stomach. I get in there and she peed so much she filled her diaper and leaked through her sleeper and on the sheets. Poor Ella.

We partially walked Dave to work. It didn't go well once Dave left. Ella kept wanting to go with him. She'd get out of her car and try to walk the opposite way. She even tried to pull her car backwards too.   It took us 38 minutes to go a little over a mile.

We went running at 10. Then at 11, I drove to meet Kelly to get my 5 day challenge winnings.   We went to Safeway on the way home just to grab 2 things.

Then I cleaned.  We had lunch. For dessert, I shared a cookie with Ella. Then I taught her about dipping cookies in milk. She had a lot of fun and made a HUGE mess.

I got Ella to nap in her crib. I blogged and got 7 posts scheduled!  I cleaned more.

We did a google hangout with my mom for awhile.

We picked Dave up from work and got In N Out for dinner.

Ella definitely didn't want to go to sleep. Things didn't go well. After some crib time and then back out and some playing she finally fell asleep near 10:30!!!
getting her nails cut

Ella was learning to stack and almost getting it right.


  1. Parker's in bed near 10:30 every night!

    1. But what time does he wake up? And he is much older.

    2. Around 7am is his normal wake up time. Then he'll usually nap from 2-5.

    3. Ella's mornings range but I really hate when it's before 6:30 which is about half the time.