Tuesday, May 26, 2015

4.3 Passover

Ella was in a cute romper so I took some nice pictures of her outside. Well I used my nice camera but not sure how nice the pictures actually were.

We spent 45 minute splaying with cars and trucks. Ella is not limited to what toys she can play with. I love that she plays with cars. Some people consider those boy toys but they are just toys!

Ella napped late.   This actually helped so that we could stay out later.

I cooked roasted potatoes to take to Matt's.

We were a little late because Ella's nap was so late.

We went to Passover dinner at Matt's. It was quite elaborate. We took a booster seat for Ella and I'm so glad we did. Ella tried new foods. She threw the fish over her shoulder. She really didn't like it.  Matt had a 15 page packet about Passover. It was all interesting.  I'm surprised how elaborate it was considering he doesn't actually do anything religious normally.

We stayed so late we didn't start Ella's bedtime routine until 9:35. I'm so glad she napped late!  She ended up staying up until 10:20.

There are a lot of pictures and I had troubles even limiting it down to this.

One of Dave's coworkers took some nice pictures on his good camera.  You can see some shots are similar to ones I took above but the quality is so much nicer.

When Dave paid attentino to Ella they were the center of attention. But if he was just talking and I was paying attention to Ella, nobody really paid that much attention to her.


  1. Good job on the photos. I like the one of her feet on the grass.

    1. Thanks. Sometimes I love the feet one and other times I think it's sikky. Glad someone else liked it.