Friday, May 29, 2015


Ella woke up at 6 but I got her back to sleep. Well she was on me. This stressed me out because Dave had to get to work at 8. I feared he didn't have his alarm set.  I was also sad I'd have to wake Ella up to leave.  I ended up waking her up right before we had to leave and she just didn't want to wake up. She needed her sleep. She went to sleep so late and has been lately. She doesn't get enough sleep.

I put Ella in the high chair and showered. I gave her chocolate and that lasted less than half the shower then she started whining.
I felt like I spent all morning getting ready to go and not doing anything. I left around 10:30 for my doctor appointment.

I had to get an x-ray so then I was there a bit longer. I had to take Ella with me so that was a little tougher. She walked around the exam room and then just opened the door to leave.

She fell asleep on the way home with 2 minutes left to drive. I almost transported her all the way inside. She just woke up the last 2 inches going down into her crib. Those last few inches always get her.   She started crying and I took her out and nurse and then she fell asleep again. I waited about 10 minutes and then got her in her crib. I ate during her nap.

She barely ate but she did manage to eat a little.
After Ella's nap, I read her so many books that my jaw started hurting.

We went to the park. I tried out a new stroller someone gave us. It's a nicer umbrella stroller than the one we already have.   Someone had this big bubble thing and Ella loved running out and just watching the huge bubbles. The other kids tried to break the bubbled but Ella just observed.

Ella likes to pull toilet paper when I'm not looking.
We went to dinner since Ella would eat free. Service wasn't good though.  Ella and Dave are so cute together. At restaurants I like to watch them more. At home Dave ignores her and watches TV and he doesn't sit at a table waiting for the food like we have to while at a restaurant.

Ella was trying to help take out the recycling

I ask Ella if she's ready for a pat down.